Robotic Love – (part 5)


Hey guys, Avni here!! Today was a very long day for me so possibly this one will be short, Sorry 
Dev- Before saying, I need to ask…
Sona- Yaar dara rahe ho, don’t pause just tell me
Dev- How did you feel when Natasha gave you that dare?
Sona- Hmm… All I was thinking was whether you will stop me or not?
Dev- What if I did not?
Sona- Then… then this would have happened *kisses dev*
Dev- *Dead shocked*

Sona- *Breaks the kiss, looks down and says*: IwantedtodothatbutyoustoppedNatasha
Dev-wait what
Sona- I wanted to do that but you stopped Natasha, im sorry
Dev- why are you sorry?
Sona- Because we don’t have any relation like that and I just out of the blue…
Dev- Aree… actually you know what im very angry at you!
Sona- Im sorry *Tears rolls down her right cheek*
Dev- *kisses her left cheek* I wanted to do this for 5 years now and I wanted to it first, but you
Dev- Btw why did you not tell me?
Sona- It took me so much courage to this and you… *turns around with her back towards dev now*
Dev- *confused, but automatically goes towards sona and bear hugs her from the back* “ do I still have to say that, that I love you?
Sona- You do? *turns around excited*
Dev- So then I kissed you for nothing?
Sona- Maybe…
-Smiling silence-

Dev-I never thought I will say this when this happens but now that it is, im hungry!!
Sona- 😀 Bhukhad!! Chalo!
-Oh ya in the whole confession time there were dim blue lights now the lights are completely gone!!-
Dev- What!!
Sona- Happened!!
Dev- You don’t know what happened?
Sona- *hugs dev* Why will I cut the lights completely, you know im scared of the dark… right?
Dev-*Hugs back* Ya I know, but who did this?
-A shadow comes forth clapping-
Shadow- DEV!!
Suddenly dev feels a push and pull- Push on his left side and pull on his right something like having someone who is hugging him being pulled away and someone hugging him on the other side
Dev- Who are you? Sona? Where are you!!! MANAGER!! Turn the lights on… what is this!!
-dev feels a hand on his stomach-
Shadow- Dev!! Why are you getting angry?? I know that im the person you love!!
Dev-SHUT UP!! There is only one person I love and I know that you are not that person!! Who are you and where is my sona?
Shadow- *Claps her hands twice*
Sorry guys, first of all im late and second I know that this is horribly short… Im not supposed to but in my defense I had my French national level exam in the morning, then I had my PTM after that I had to go to the doc and she said that I would need surgery so harsh day for me, Promise to give a longer one tomorrow and possibly 2 to cover up, Until then who can that “shadow” be? Share in the comments till then love dove!!

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  1. Nice.

  2. Hey….anvi!☺️ First of all best of luck for ur surgery…secondly the episode was awesome ????☺️??. Finally both confessed and I think the shadow is of ……….that girl Sarah….??

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Maleeha..Sarah is a character of my ff.. Our Love Story- Devakshi Love..not hers…

      1. Oh sorry…. I mixed it ??

    2. Jiya_Ani happens when you read a bunch of ffs…

      1. Yeah….u r right ??

  3. Manya

    Hey Avni interesting episode ?

  4. really awsm…

  5. Wow superb episode
    Ahh suspense I can’t handle plz post as soon as possible please

  6. Jiya_Ani

    Loved it Avnu????

  7. Sharica

    Nice epi?

  8. Awesome one

  9. Sakthi

    Awesome episode avni

  10. Esme

    Aweeeeeeeeeesome episode. You rock!!! I just love robots….the way they walk…the way they talk but Devakshi as a robot !!! Wow…
    Surgery??? What happened to you dear Avni??? Avni darling….get well soon.

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