Robotic Love (part 4)


Sona was getting ready, she was wearing a dark blue beaded gown with lace on the shoulder area :

At the same time Dev was looking for clothes, he was not prepared and plus it was such a formal restaurant so it made sense to not dress formal, At last he decided to wear a dark blue shirt and beige pants:

it was 6:30 and sona was doing her makeup while dev was at a store, correction- Jewelry store he was so confused about what he should buy and if he should buy anything at all!!
Dev- Bhaiya thodi help kariye ( Hi please help me a bit)
Shopkeeper- Haan boliye, kya chahiye?( Yes, what do you need)
Dev- Wohi to nahi pata!! ( That is what I don’t know!!)
Shopkeeper- Kya? Achaa ye batahye ki kis ke liye lena hai? ( What? Ok tell me who you are buying it for)
Dev- Dost ke liye ( For a friend)
Shopkeeper- Dost ke liye ya girlfriend ke liye? ( for a friend or girlfriend)
Dev- Wo dost…( Friend)
Shopkeeper- Ok, so ye rings hai, ise aap dechiye tab tak me aur lata hu ( Ok so these are rings you look at these, until then I will get more)
Dev- Ok, what should I get…? Diamond? No… Wait let me call mom no dad
Dev-* Dev calls his dad* Hello papa?
Abhishek- Ya dev
Dev- Papa can I ask a personal question?
Abhishek- How personal
Dev- It’s about love
Abhishek- Of course!!
Dev- If I like a girl then what should I buy for her?
Abhishek- Who is the girl, depends
Dev- …
Abhishek- Sona?
Abhishek- I have also been in love, I know how to see if someone is in that phase
Dev- Hmmm
Abhishek- For sona, she is a very simple, so buy chocolate or flowers
Dev- Papa she is allergic to both, im in a jewelry store right now so bracelet?
Abhishek- Ya, tum to bade samajdar ho mujse kyu pucha? (Ya, you are so smart then why did you ask me?)
Dev- Experience
Abhishek-  Good luck
Dev- Thank you papa * Cuts the call *
Fast forward- Dev buys the bracelet and goes to Sona’s house-Bracelet:
Dev- * calls sona*
Sona- Bolo?
Dev- I have been waiting for 2 minutes where you are, we are getting late
Sona- Coming!! * With that she cuts the call and walks out
Dev- *stunned, shocked literally could not breathe*
Sona-*Gets into the car* Looking good!
Dev-* coughs* You are looking… stunning!!
Sona- Aisa hai kya that when you are dressed formally you get your manners back? ( Is it that when…)
Dev-*confused look* No…
Sona-  Chalo
Dev-*Starts driving*
-Awkard silence in the car-
Sona- Soo?
Dev- Hmm, what
Sona- nothing
-They reach-
Manager- welcome mam, welcome sir… I hope you have a good time
Devakshi look at each other
Dev- Tumne ye pura restaurant sirf ek bat ke liye book nahi kiya hoga, kya baat hai? (You would have not booked the whole restaurant for one thing what happened?
Before Sona can speak everything goes dark and she is cut by a video (it was planned by her) In the video it shows all the photos she has clicked in so many years and in the end there is a clip of her
Sona- Thank you, thank you for everything dev… for every exam time calming sessions and for listening to me ranting about my enemies *she is teary eyed* Thank you for… being in my life!!
*Light comes back*
*Here dev stands in that position in which he was when sona said “Kya aap mujhe hug karenge mr.dixit”*
* sona smiles and approaches him like she did when she was trying to talk to him about god and joining that havan and he gets angry but then he is happy because sona was calling his mum, mum*
– While they are hugging opens the box in which the bracelet was there and as soon as they separate he makes her wear it-
Sona- what is this? It’s beautiful!!
Dev- My thank you!! But…
Sona- But??
Dev- I need to tell you something?
Sona- What? Bolo Na!! (What!? Say)
Thank you how did you like it? What do you thing Dev has to talk about? Stay tuned!! Till then Love dove

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  1. Manya

    Awesome waiting for confession?❣❤️????????

  2. Awesome

  3. Nice but too short. Next time post a longer one dear

  4. Awesome????? but to short dear???. Plzzz try to post long one next time. Post soon Egarlyyy waitingggg what would dev has to say i think ?they’ll change d topic ?its my opinion /guess. Lets see what happens ????

  5. The episode was awessssssome but the link for bracelet is not working, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee provide it again in the next episode or separately to me

  6. Aaru

    Episode was awesome..N d bracelet was soo elegant..

  7. Aaru

    Guys, if u could not see d bracelet, coz d link didn’t work, here u go..

  8. Rj12

    ff was really amazing?
    waiting for the next part

  9. Sakthi

    Nice episode..dress,bracelet was super..

  10. Hey Kya suspense main chair diya ???. Episode was awesome an I ??☺️?????

  11. Hey Kya suspense main choor diya ???. Episode was awesome an I ??☺️?????

  12. Hey Kya suspense main choor diya ???. Episode was awesome ??☺️?????

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