Robotic Love (part 3)


Hey guys im back!! Im sorry if my FF is turning out a bit boring but hang on to see if I can do something, (I have no confidence what so ever): P Let get onto the ff

Precap- Devakshi and friends were playing TDOS, and sona got a dare

Sona- Natasha… Yaar please ( Natasha Please)
Natasha- You never say no to dares sona then what about now? Come on and anyway you are lucky we have been waiting for a chance like this and you are rejecting it!
Dev- * Gives the angriest look ever to Natasha* *Glimpse at sona for one second* Natasha I don’t want to play, I have better things to do and so does everyone else, come sona…
Sona- * Obeys as dev says, when she catches up with dev* Thank you
Dev- For what
Sona- Bacha liya, you knew that I felt uncomfortable, right? ( You saved me :D)
Dev- No, I thought that it would be your dream also … *Shoulder bump* I felt uncomfortable… Jada tar suna nahi hai ki best friends each other Ko… you know kiss karte hai ( No I thought that it would be your dream also…* shoulder bump* I felt Uncomfortable… I have not heard often that best friends you know kiss each other)
Sona- * angry look* Hmm, tumhara kya subject hai abhi? Friends, ( * Angry look * What’s your subject right now?)
Dev- Wow!! What a topic change, thoda to obvious nahi karti, Waise chemistry ( Wow, what a topic change, you could have made it less obvious, anyway chemistry
Sona- Ms. Anju?
Dev- ya, t…
Sona- Worst teacher…
Devakshi- EVER, Ha-ha
Dev- By the way, you get any HW yet?
Sona- No not really except for math which I will surely make an excuse for, I mean seriously why do questions again and again if you understand the topic, practice? If we all know that even practice does not make us perfect then why?
Dev- Tera Bashan khatam? I was asking whether you want to meet after school ( you done giving your “speech”? )
Sona- We are neighbors… we are best friends, we meet every day, what is so special today?
Dev- not a Starbucks meet I mean more formal you know the 8oclock pick up stuff
Sona- Dev?
Dev- Sona?
Sona- You have so many girls after you…
Dev-… ya
Sona- and you still are so nervous to ask someone out? Yaar ye to trial hai but future mai Tera kya hoga? ( This was a trial, but what will happen in future?)
Dev- … but…
Sona- * gets a phone call* SHIT! Talk to you later dev, 5 o clock call you fir Bata Na theek hai (runs off) (Talk to you later dev, 5 o clock call you then tell me )
Dev- Amazing, she is right about one thing, Tera kya hoga? 5 months se prepare kar rahe ho fir bhi, trial hi samajhti hai!! ( She is right about one thing, what will happen to me? I have been preparing for 5 months, still she thinks of it as a trial)
Natasha the great- Yaar im sorry dev… please Na Yaar (more manaufying) ( im sorry please don’t mind )
Dev- * was not listening to a word she said* how do you ask a girl out?
Natasha- WHAT?
Dev- Ya, I have been trying for 5 months now but sona always thinks that it’s a trial for another girl!!
*Natasha and dev talk while at Sona’s place* 4:45
Sona- * on a call* “ok 7:30, we will be there, keep the place ready… it’s for a very special person… the arrangements should be according to the plan I have given you
Person on the other side: Don’t worry mam, we will do everything according to you
Sona- Good, thank you bye * Cuts the call, now it’s 4:57 * I have to call dev!!
Sona-* Calls dev* Pick up its important
Dev- Hello, Hi sona!! Bahut punctual bangayi hai tu!! ( You have gotton very punctual!!)
Sona- Ha-ha ya ya, so what I was saying was that aaj koi plan Hai kya? ( Ha-ha ya ya, I was asking whether you have any plans today)
Dev- Nahi me to free hi beheta Hu * Dev in his mind (im never free or alone cause you are always with me)* ( I never do anything)
Sona- Aisa nahi Hai but firbhi no plan Na ( Its not like that, but today you have any plans)
Dev- No, koi kaam tha kya, everything alright? ( no, have any work, is everything alright)
Sona- Ya, I just wanted to talk to you… face to face, we have not had those serious BFF talks in a while and I just wanted to share some stuff!!
Dev- Ok, so Starbucks? 7?
Sona- No Algerious 7:30…
Dev- Algerious!! Seriously? Sona you are underestimating the restaurant you can’t just go and sit there it takes weeks of planning
Sona- Im not that dumb!! I know…
Dev- So for a BFF talk you booked there?
Sona- Will you come or not? I can take Adi also!! * teasing voice* (Sona and Adi are pretty good friends but dev and Adi are not (Adi is really handsome so dev is just kind of possessive because you know why))
Dev- NO!!! Im coming!! And I will pick you up also, I will be at your doorstep at 7 and ya I want to see anyone but bhutni!! ( I don’t want to see a witch)
Sona- Haww how mean dev!! Today I will look like someone who… who.. Who is better than your crush!! Waise who is your crush
Dev- * you * * trying to change the topic * I will be there, * Cuts the call*
Sona- Wait…
Devakshi- *Sigh at their respective place* Today I will say it!!

Precap- Surprise!!
So guys how did you like it? On doc this is 4 pages long ( without translation) I hope that is long!! I was thinking to keep the reservation secret but then I knew that people are very smart here they would figure out so I added a bit more!! Hope you like it Wait for the next one!!! Till then, you know what… love dove 😉

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    Hey darlooo…amazing year such a cutie pie love story.. Is this Adi ur one??..??
    Just asking?
    I am loving it and yup sorry yar I wasn’t able to comment on last epi but that was awesome dude.. And aise dare TG mujhe aaj tak nahi mile…

    1. Avni14

      I kind of knew that you will ask me that 🙂 But no, Its not that Adi and thank you!!

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    Oh noo.. Devakshi ka kiss nhi ho paya..but still I’m luving your episodes..

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