Robotic Love- (Part 20)

*Lights switch on and sona stops and a voice echos through the garden*
Voice- An hour ago a girl told me that she will leave me, forever. All I want to say to that girl; My girl is:

Starts singing-
Tu jo nazron ke saamne kal hoga nahi
Tujhko dekhe bin main marna jaun kahi
Tu jo nazron ke saamne kal hoga nahi
Tujhko dekhe bin main marna jaun kahi
Tujhko bhool jaun kaise
Maane na manaun kaise
Tu bata.. *Sona turns*

(Dev continues to sing)
At the end- *Sona is watching with her eyes filled*
Dev- The girl im talking about is the love of my life, I do many stupid things that hurt her but I promise if she says yes for one thing I will do stupid things in her love… When I was little my mother asked me what my dreams were and I had no idea cause all I saw was a shadow of a little girl… as I grew up my dreams became clearer, the girl was real and was my best friend… I followed her everywhere thinking that if I was not with her I will stop breathing, she once asked me why I followed her everywhere and I simply said that I am listening to my mom she says follow your dreams so I am… For the past 1 hour it feels like my life has been taken away from me cause my gf became my ex… and she forgot that I have never dated anyone because I was thinking of ways I can impress her *Smirk to sona*
Sona- *Smile*
Dev- Can you please come on stage, like please
Sona- fine *starts walking*
Dev- Wait!! *Jumps off stage*
Sona- Dev!!
Dev- Owwyyyyy!! *Cute and funny way*
Sona- Lag gayi na
Dev- r u still mad at me?
Sona- *Turns around* ya *cute*
Dev- Oh oo… *hugs her from behind and whispers in her ear* I have something that can make you laugh
Sona- What, duffer
Dev- Knock knock
Sona- Who’s there?
Dev- Marry
Sona- Marry who?
Dev- Marry me
Sona- come in
Dev- what?
Sona- Now that I know who you are I can let you in
Dev- but… who am i?
Sona- Marry me
Dev- Ya, so will you?
Sona- So you are trying to say Will you marry me?
Dev- ya
Sona- *Wide smile and gets on one knee* Mr. Dev Dixit will you be the peanut butter to my jelly
Dev- Only if you become the black to my coffee
Sona- Agreed
Dev- I love you
Sona- Hmm… me too, im very loveable you know?
Dev- Oh, I know *chuckle*
Crowd- wooooooooooo
Sona- chale
Dev- Chalo
*They get “lost” in the crowd.

The next morning
Ishwari- Abhishek, aaj hum khe dete hai dono ko
Abhishek- Haan jitne jaldi dono tayaar ho jaye utna achaa
Dev- *Coming down the stairs* good morning ma good morning papa *takes blessings*
Ishwari- *Messes with his hair* good morning
Abhishek- Tune kabse tel nahi lagaya?
Dev- approx. 3 weeks
Mama ji- Dekho, tumhe pata hai, jab mein tumhare umar ka tha me hamesha chapte hue balo ke saath rehta tha
Ishwari- Aaj nahi par is hapte mein malish kar dungi
Dev- Par ma
Abhishek- Sush… kuch par var nahi bal bahut rukhe hogaye hai, aise ghode par bhetega?
Dev- *starts to turn red* Theek hai…
Mamiji- Now should we take breakfast (I purposely wrote that wrong)
*They have breakfast*
Dev- Ma, aaj mein aur sonakshi kahin jaa rahe hai *phone rings* Hello, who is this?
Caller- Dev… kitna wait kiya maine… tum kaha the?
Dev- um, may I know who this is?
Caller- Baby… You will know… everything, after all you are mine
Dev- *little angry* Please miss, don’t baby me… I have a fiancée now tell me who you are?
Caller- Oh sweetheart I can make you leave your fiancée and fall for me in seconds love
Dev- *Very angry* STOP IT!! I don’t even know why im talking to you, cut the call and never call me again!! *cuts*
Abhishek- Dev… kya hua?
Dev- Pata nahi papa… konsi *deep breath* aurat… ka phone tha
Abhishek- Chodo, galat no hoga…
Dev- Haan to mein kya khe raha tha, aaj mein aur sona *phone rings* HELLO!! Maine kaha na ki mein nahi baat karna chahta!! Aap ko ek baar samaj nahi aata!! Mere pass ek bahut achi fiancée hai aur mein unko nahi choduga!! Aap samajgayi?
Sona- Ye kab kaha?
Dev- Sona? Sorry, wo…
Sona- aree, I know… its ok
Dev- aur subhe subhe
Sona- well other than the fact that im standing at your doorstep there is nothing
Dev- *turns around* Oh HI!!! *goes to her and hugs her really tight*
Sona- Ma…
Dev- Its ok *whispers*
Sona- at least cut the phone
Dev- Its ok *whispers*
Sona- Papa, mamaji
Dev- Its ok *whispers*
Sona- I will kill you
Dev- Its ok *whispers*
Sona- earthquake aaya
Dev- Its ok *Whispers*
Sona- Dev… *30 second pause* dev, im pregnant
Dev- Its oooooo what!!! *really loud from now* WHAT WHAT WHATWHATWHAT!!!! *starts roaming around the house* OMG!! I CAN NOT BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!
Sona- Don’t don’t, im not
Dev- oh
Sona- *laughs* good morning ma good morning papa *takes blessings*

Ishwari- Good morning beta
Abhishek- did you eat breakfast?
Sona- wo papa…
Mamaji- Wo kya beta eat with us na
Sona- Wo mamaji
Dev- you have not kept a fast have you?
Sona- um… no, but I have to go for a test… I cannot eat anything
Dev- *runs to her* SONA!!! What happened? Why did you not tell me?
Sona- Wo dev, I was not feeling well so I thought…
Dev- But sona!! Why did you not tell me? When is the appointment? I will take you…
Sona- in 30 minutes
Dev- Ya, im coming you sit I will just take a shower and come
Sona- ok…

Thnx guys… What do you think will happen… something serious? Sorry if it was not that romantic… Love dove

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