Robotic Love (part 2)


Hi!! Im back, thank you so much for all the comments (guess what im typing this in school!!)

Precap- RD and RS were downloading and repeating the first 14 years of their life where there was just friendship no love shove (except on dev’s side, he had a crush ;)) but now it’s time

Episode starts-A group of friends and devakshi are sitting in a circle playing TDOS-

Natasha- (Devakshi’s Friend) – So Dev, TDOS? (Truth, Dare, Of Course and situation… believe me Of course is so easy just say of course to anything they say we play this at school all the time)
Natasha- seriously, so easy… so you love sona right? *Natasha knew, wanted Sona to know*
Dev- * Giving the death look to Natasha and blushing so hard that we can mistaken him for a tomato* Of..
Anvi- (Another Devakshi Friend) gives a shoulder bump to sona, because by this time sona had fell hard for dev’s eyes, his hair, his style… EVERYTHING
Natasha- Ok so now let’s start again 1, 2

Dev- 3,4,5
Sona- 6,7,8
Anvi- 9,10
Kritin- 11
Aadi- 12,13,14
Piyush- 15,16,17
Rohan- * giving a look to Natasha saying that give 21 to sona* 18
Natasha- * understanding and giving the same look to dev* 19
Dev- * He understood but that’s basically what he wanted * 20
Sona- *sigh* 21
Natasha- So sona TDOS
Sona- like always dare

Natasha- Wow so daring, but im also quite smart, you will never take a dare again
Sona- let’s see
Natasha- Get Up
Sona-Aree why, pehle dare to Bata
Natasha- I know you will not reject it so get up Na,
Sona- fine
Natasha- Go to Dev
Sona- Im right next to him!!

Natasha- Fine, bend down
Sona- * Even after 2 years of having a crush on dev and so many years of friendship she feels so weird when she is so close to him, her heart was beating as fast as a runway track faster and faster* * but bent down to align her face like she was telling a secret, while dev’s heart already left for Olympics, running and most probably is halfway down the track*
Natasha- Now kiss him!!

Dev-*sitting with the most awkward position ever not know what to do*
Sona- *taking “Sahara” of dev’s knees to hold herself up because she was damn shocked*
Natasha- Sorry I forgot… you must have kissed each other on the cheeks so on the lips… come on sona you never reject a dare so now what? Kiss him!!
I feel so weird writing this but this happened in school today so I thought that why not make this the story? So what do you think will happen? Kya dares me relationships kharab ho jayege? I still feel awkward but I hope you enjoyed.. Hope you did please comment!! Till then love dove!!

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  1. Aaawwwweeeesom….

  2. Nice one

  3. wow it is rely cute moment upload next soon

  4. amazing .but it was short der.
    post a longer one

  5. Manya

    Awesomeeeeeeeeee ❤️❤️?

  6. Aaru

    Ow wow!! Well done Natasha..

  7. Awesome…

  8. awww so cute ……………..
    we dont give such ulta sidha dares in school
    but it was too short dear plz write little long

  9. It’s amazing anvi ????☺️??. Awesome dare……??. Well, that’s amazing and quite Daring to write it in school ??

  10. Rj12

    so cuuteee?

  11. Rj12

    awesome ff keep it up

  12. Really enjoyed it…post soon dear??

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    No was so cute.dont feel ackward..loved it

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