Robotic Love- (Part 19)

Sona- We started dating in college last year…

Dev- It’s not cool…

Sona- *jumps off his godi* Dating me is not cool?

Dev- Nope… i know a much cooler thing!!

Sona- You are the worst!! What could be cooler than dating your best friend?

Dev- breaking up with her!!

Sona- Oh really? You wanna see a really COOL magic trick? POOF you are single!! Never talk to me ever again!! *Takes her ring off and gives it in his hand* take your ring and your celebration to your new girlfriend who will be *mimicking him* Cooollll!!

Dev- Fine!! I will… and why new girlfriend? My ex is much better!! She is the best girlfriend, the hottest, prettiest, nicest, cutest, bubbliest, calm…

Sona- BAS!! Why did you start dating me if you loved her so much? *crying really hard* You… never… loved… me… I HATE YOU!!! *runs away*

Everybody else- Sona!! Where are you going??

Sona- *she ran really fast so no one could see her*

Anya- Let me go see

Rohan- ya… I’ll check what’s with Dev

Both go their separate ways

Rohan to dev- What is with you bro!!

Dev to Rohan- What!!

Rohan to dev- Don’t you know what you did? You made my sister cry… again!! What did you do now!!

Dev to Rohan- I was telling her that my ex is better than her and she broke up…

Rohan to dev- WOW!! And don’t you realize that how bad that is?? Talking to your girl about your ex!! I thought you were smarter than that!! Do you know how much she is hurt!!

Dev to Rohan- Do you remember my ex!! She was soooo much better, you are yelling at me because you don’t remember her!! Do you remember her eyes? When I looked into them I fell in love all over again… and, and her smile? I used to die to see her smile!! But, but she broke up with me… her name!! It was as beautiful as her!! You remember?

Rohan to dev- Stop it!! You are still saying this?? After all that you are still talking about you ex? That, that? Um… what was her name??

Dev to Rohan- Shame on you!! You called her your sister…

Rohan to dev- Excuse me!! I only have one sister, and that is…

Dev and Rohan and smile and the scene changes to Anya looking for Sonakshi

Anya- SONA!! SONA!! Where are y.. *Sees her under a tree crying her life out and anya runs up to her*

Sona- *sobbing*

Anya- Sona, sona kya hua? Kyu ro rahi hai? (Sona, sona what happened? Why are you crying?)

Sona- Wo dev? He is complimenting his ex in front of me!! He says that now that I have left him he will go and marry his ex!! *Starts crying more* (that dev?…)

Anya- What!!

Sona- Ya!! And he is saying that his ex was much better than me!!

Anya- What!!

Sona- kya what what kar rahi hai?? Do you know how to say anything else? (Why do you keep on saying what?)

Anya- ya… but sona…

Sona- no but wat…

Anya- Rohan never told me about him having a gf…

Sona- Am I lying?

Anya- no no… maybe, who knows…

Sona- if im lying?

Anya- no if he had a gf or not…

Both of them sit quietly and scene changes to Rohan and dev

Dev to Rohan – And that is what happened…

Rohan to Dev- ohk… but who is that ex?

Dev to Rohan- you are as Dumbo as Sona…

Rohan to Dev- Please my sister is not stupid!!

Dev to Rohan- What is she to you?

Rohan to Dev- My sister

Dev to Rohan- And I said my ex is your?

Rohan to Dev- Siste… You mean Sona is your ex?? She is much better than herself?

Dev to Rohan- I did not say much better I said that my ex is beautiful, mesmerizing and all that good stuff now if my girl thinks she is not all of that and gets insecure of herself and breaks up with me and becomes my ex that does not mean that my ex was not perfect!!

Rohan to dev- tu itna confusing hai!! Obviously she would feel bad na!! (You are so confusing!!)

Dev- *smiles* I know, agar miss Bose baton ko mod sakti hai to unka dev kyu nahi? But ab kya? (If miss. Bose can turn simple sentences to riddles then why not her dev? But what now?

Rohan- Not my department!!

Dev- *looks at him like “seriously?”

Rohan- *laughs* im just kidding of course I will help!!

Dev and Rohan think and think but cannot find an idea but then Dev takes his phone and calls someone and the scene changes to Anya and Sona

Anya- Hello?

Sona- *with her head in her lap* Hello?

Anya- *silence* you stupid!!

Sona- *confused* you said hello so I also said.

Anya- Wait one second, *turns to sona* not you idiot im on the phone

Sona- *head in her lap again* Ok… *very sad ok*

Anya- Ya so where was i?? You stupid!! How can you do that?? I mean don’t you have feelings?


Anya- Ya sorry, but no seriously you are so stupid!!

Dev- *tells the whole story*

Anya- oh… but who is the ex?

Dev- *under his breath* Romeo Juliet and rabbit alike

Anya- KYA!!

Dev- Nothing, so do you remember my ex? How can all of you forget how long I had the biggest crush on Sona?? I don’t think I could have dated anyone at that time!!

Anya- but then who were you talking about?

Dev- Her name is Sonakshi Bose she is the prettiest, smartest, nicest, cutest, mesmerizing girl I have ever seen, she is the reason I wake up in the morning with a smile, the day she won’t be there with me I will die… But she broke up with me before I could tell her the qualities

Anya- oh… But now?

Dev- Bring her here in 20 minutes and I have something…

Dev and Anya cut the phone both with a mischievous smile on their face and scene changes to Ishwari, Abhishek and Mama Ji skyping with Asha and Bejoy

Ishwari- Asha, Sagai ke liye konsa location book kare? Mein to bolti ghar me kar lete hai…

Asha- Mein bhi wo hi keh rahi thi, Ghar me shaadi karne ka maza hi alag hota hai

Abhishek- Theek hai to idhar hoga sangeet aur mein kehta hu ki haldi udhar ho

Bejoy- Haan ye bahut achaa idea hai!!

Mama ji- To tayari shuru kare? Haan bhai?

Asha- ji ji!

Scene changes to anya and sona after 15 minutes

Anya- *looks at her* Sona, i know dev is horrible but i think we should go back to the party… why ruin our fun?

Sona- Call him and ask him if he has left or not

Anya- I already did, Dev and Rohan have left

Sona- Fine then let’s go

Scene change to dev and rohan

Dev- Mic ready?

Rohan- Ya but what will you do?

Avantika- Speech?

Aman- Propose kar raha hai kya?

Aashir to Ayesha- Nights change so fast

Ayesha to Aashir- ya…

Dev- Rohan call Anya!!

Rohan- On it!! *calls* Hello babe you bringing sona?

Anya- ya… What is sir (dev) doing?

Rohan- Sir is trying to impress boss (sona)

Anya- What is he doing?

Rohan- You will get to know eventually come fast

Anya- ok fine *cuts and walks faster*

Anya and Sona enter the venue and it’s all dark

Sona- Everybody left lets leave….

*Lights switch on*

Precap- OMG!! Its very special


Ya i know, i make a lot of excuses but solly… i hope nothing else happens and i can regain my place, What do you think dev will do? I have to keep this short cause i cannot wait to write the exciting chapter…
Love dove

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