Robotic Love – (Part 18)


Hey guys, I am back!! I won’t take much time of yours… will tell you what had happened after the story… Hope you like it!!

Aashir-Oh shit… *has tears in his eyes* what have I done!!

Dev-It’s ok man… we are stupid… but stupidity is in fashion now go…

Aashir- ya… *runs back*

Aashir: Im sorry!! Please… please… PLEASE!!!

Ayesha-*sticks her tongue out* no, no, no… im not worth na!! Go to that girlfriend of yours lets see how long she can bare you

Aashir- Nooo, see this is the concept that we are meant to be because you can handle me, she cannot… she can handle her bf and you can handle yours

Ayesha-Awww…. I think… im not mad at you!! But I really wanna meet that guy


Devakshi-we are here!!

Ayesha-Hi… im

Dev-Miss. Ayesha

Ayesha-ya… and he is

Sonakshi-Mr, Aashir Dublish

Aashir and Ayesha-And we are

Devakshi-A couple

Aashir and Ayesha- ya!! Do you guys practice this

Sona-We don’t need to…it’s like our job to finish each other’s sentences

Ayesha-*smile* but what do guys actually do?

Dev-Well to think about it we just graduated but I aspire of being a neurologist and she wants to be a nutritionist

Aashir-Wow bro, you know so much about her… milestone?

Sona-*while laughing* 15 days

Ayesha-Kuch seekho… in 15 days Dev knows so much and you, you don’t know when my birthday is…

Devakshi-15 december…

Ayesha- ya.. wait what? How do you guys know?

Sona- *shows her hand and his hand* You see these rings? This is from your showroom…

Aashir- Oh my god… ya!!

Dev-and her dress is from your company… we REALLY follow you guys…

Ayesha and Aashir-Aww…thank you!!

Sona-So…dev where are the others?

Anya and Rohan- sona you know them, they are always late but that does not stop us, right? Let’s get the party started!! But first.. Who are these people?

Ayesha- Guess we ain’t THAT common…

Aashir- Ya…

Dev- well… Anya and Rohan these are our special guests today… Aashir and Ayesha… they own an amazing company… and anya i think on your birthday i helped rohan buy a gift and i bought it from their shop only…

Rohan- Devvv… she was so proud of me for that gift… you told her, ab ghar ja kar petai padi gi…(Now i will get hit at home…)

Anya- I won’t hit my fiance so soon… kuch bhi (Anything)

Sona- Wait fiance?

Rohan- Ya!! Our parents agreed!!

Devakshi- WHAT!! OUR TOO!!!!!!!

Aashir and Ayesha- We are also here!!

Devakshi- oh ya!! Sorry we got overwhelmed,

Dev-so this is Rohan and Anya- our best friends and most probably the people who played cupid for us…

Sona- and Rohan and anya this is Ayesha and Aashir- Basicly our new friends

Aashir and Ayesha- Nice to meet you!!

Dev- Rohan tune sab ko call kara?(Rohan you called everyone na)

Rohan- Tune call kiya tha na!!(You called na)

Dev- First call maine kiya tha second call ka series because ye log itne jaldi to aane nahi wale… (I did the first call but what about the second round of calls because these people won’t come so quickly..)

A loud,large group- Haww itne badnam hai hum?? (Haww we are famous for this??)


Dev and Rohan- *look at each other and laugh* GIRLS!!!

Ayesha to Aashir- Do you feel left out?

Aashir to Ayesha- Well, if we don’t interact then how will we have fun?


Sona to Dev- Do you think they are feeling left out?

Dev to Sona- Well, i think so… We are not including them after all…

Sona to dev- Idea!!

Dev- Aate hai? Mujhe to pata hi nahi tha!! (They come? I did not even know)

Sona- Devvv…

Dev- *while laughing* Solly… bolo kya idea aaya hai mere juliet ke mind me(Sorry… ya what idea did my juliet get)

Sona- So listen.. We can get a mic and before the party starts we can introduce…

Dev- Why a mic?

Sona- Do you see this group? Do you think we are loud enough

Dev- Agreed… let me get a mic.. Wait…*Runs to get a mic*

Sona- *after he gets back* Attention, Attention!! PEOPLE!!! *takes the mic away from her mouth* Dev… nobody is listening… what should i do?

Dev- get up on stage…

Sona- it’s too high up there…

Dev- You have such a strong boyfriend and that is your problem? *Picks sona up and keeps her the stage*

Sona- Thank you ji…

Dev- Welcome ji…

Devakshi- *Laugh REALLY hard*

Crowd- What is the joke?

Sona- Ok guys listen… haha… give me a sec… hahahaha..ok so… phew… hahahahahaha….

Rohan- Hasle ya bol le… (Laugh or say something)

Dev- Ye to.. Haha…

Anya- Tum bhi…

Aashir- Dono pagal ho gaye hai…

Ayesha- Hum ko bhi joke bata do…

Dev- the joke was that she was to tiny to get up on stage

Sona- Tiny?

Dev- ya.. So i had to pick her up and put her on the stage so when she got up there she said thank you ji

Sona- and he said… haha… welcome.. Hahaha… jiiiii, hahahahahahah

Abhi- This was the joke? It was more of a romantic story…

Dev- Chup rahe ap aur suniye(Stay quiet and listen)

Sona- Ok so…. I will stop laughing… so we all know why we are here right? We are here because our prom got cancelled and our boyfriends love us a lot so they made all this come true… but between all of this we have a very special guest with us today or may i say two guests… who are not from our school but will surely be close to our hearts… Now we all know that when someone new comes they take a little time to adjust in this crazy environment and predicting all that is going to happen tonight im very sure that we would want them to take the least time to settle down so before we get the party started i would like you guys to meet aashir and ayesha… right behind aman and avantika…

Everybody- *looks back and starts walking towards aashir and ayesha to talk*

Sona to dev- Mission accomplished…

Dev to sona- Sure is!! Let me take you off the stage *brings his hand forward*

Sona to dev- No!! I will jump off!!

Dev- noo… in a gown… not at all!!

Sona- not at all.. Really?

Dev- ya!! Come take my hand and then jump off…

Sona- or, you could pick me up again….

Dev- hmm… *picks her up*

Sona- Yay!!

Dev- Where to go mam… *still has sona in his arms*

Sona- I demand to go to the couple of the day…

Dev- *Moves in a circle* we are here…

Sona- aree… the couple of the dayy…

Dev- We are the couple of the day…

Sona- How?

Dev- *starts singing* You love me… i love you… usko aage mai bhul gaya hu… (after that i forgot)

Sona- We’re a happy family… with a big fat hug and a kiss from me to you… Won’t you say you love me too? Barney seriously?

Dev- number 1- i will not say i love you too because i did not get the hug or the kiss and two- dil toh bacha hai ji (Its a song- but it means… the heart is a kid)

Sona- Can we please go to Aashi and Ayesha

Dev- You wanna go i my godi (godi usually means lap but here it means in my arms)

Sona- Ya!!

Dev- The things i do for you

Sona- Aww the things you do for me…

Dev- Remind me why i love you after the party…

Sona- Remind me why we were not dating long before right now…

Dev- You don’t know? You are the hardest person to convince in this world…

Sona- Ya so you did not take one whole year…

Dev- that is because i was prepared

Sona- How did this conversation even start?

Dev- You wanted to be my girlfriend much before you became my girlfriend

Sona- oh ya!! Im pretty sure you were waiting since kindergarten

Dev- Nope… just college last year…

Sona- We started dating in college last year…

Dev- It’s not cool…

Sona- *jumps off his godi* Dating me is not cool?

Dev- Nope… i know a much cooler thing!!

Sona- You are the worst!! What could be cooler than dating your best friend?

Dev- breaking up with her!!

Sona- Oh really? You wanna see a really COOL magic trick? POOF you are single!! Never talk to me ever again!! *Takes her ring off and gives it in his hand* take your ring and your celebration to your new girlfriend who will be *mimicking him* Cooollll!!

Dev- Fine!! I will… and why new girlfriend? My ex is much better!! She is the best girlfriend, the hottest,prettiest,nicest,cutest,bubbliest,calm…

Sona- BAS!! Why did you start dating me if you loved her so much? *crying really hard* You… never… loved… me… I HATE YOU!!! *runs away*

Everybody else- Sona!! Where are you going??

Sona- *she ran really fast so no one could see her*

Precap- It’s a surprise…


Hi guys!! That was my 7 page chapter for you guys… I know it would not make up for all the time i have been absent but ya… so the reason why i was not there for i think 3 months, i know that all of u will be wondering… So i had got shot thrice, i think aman had mentioned that it was because i was saving someone… so there was a person troubling one of my classmates and that person went to shoot her outside school when she was talking to some people… i did not intend to block the bullet but just push her out of the way but he shot me… Twice in the limbs and once in the heart… The doctors helped me regain consciousness but I went into coma and recently got out of it and the first thing i thought of was TU… and here i am… Really love you guys for all your wishes… hope you liked the chapter… Will see you soon, love dove!!

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  1. Rj12

    Avni u should take care of ur self hope ur doing fine
    And u got shot thrice ??????? and that to while saving someone. Do take care of ur self dear????
    And the episode was amazing loved it????

  2. After soon long time u post episode. Awesome episode dear. Plzz post the next episode soon.

  3. Manya

    Omg!!!?? u r a hero Avni???Aaj de tumhara naam hero okay????
    So hero Epi was ❣???❣❤️???
    Loved it ?❤️❤️❤️And love u and ur heroism and courage too❣❣❣❣❣
    Post soon
    Love love

  4. Avni….!!! Take care of urself….And post the next episode when u r completely ok….. U should be resting…..And I hope u r well now…..?? lots of love….Get well soon…..
    About the episode, I would say that….it was awesome and amazing….. Sona is dumbo sometimes… Dev is sometimes….. Dev was saying sona as his ex and she considered someone else……?
    Episode was really superb

  5. Aarti32

    OMG!! Plzz take care dear coz we don’t want these episodes if u write them keeping at stake your health..plzz your health is your first priority n ours too..but anyways d episode was fantastic..

  6. Niki645

    The episode was fantastic!!!!
    And please, take good care of yourself… It is really a matter of courage to save someone, while you yourself are in danger..
    Sach mein, as Ayushi said, aaj se tumhara naam ‘Hero’???☺
    Hero, the episode was superb!!!!!

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