Robotic Love – (Part 16)

Hey guys, Thanks for the comments!! I will work harder to get more tho… I will make episodes that you guys tell people to see and then I will hate lots of comments!! Thanks for the wishes too!! Let’s start!!

4; 30 pm…

-Sona sitting on her sofa all dolled up, in rollers!! Looking at the dress that Dev gave her for prom-
-Dev is at Bonds getting preparations done-
-All the boys and girls are getting ready-
-Ishik and Ajoy are looking at rings-
Similarity?- All are HAPPY!!

4; 45
Sona-I should leave now… Otherwise I will be late, then dev will say… he never says anything tho… Whatever I need to leave!! *Checks herself in the mirror* -She starts walking out-
-she gets out of the house and is walking down the path giving “gaali” to her gown (you guys know the gaalis’ she gives!!) and she collides with someone… (Same like the Devakshi scene where Dev asks sona to go home from the car and for the first time she says ok… But then she trips and dev saves her once again)-

Sona-*Eyes closed*
Person- Are you fine?
Sona-*Slowly opens her eyes to his calming voice*
Person- *Stares at her*
Sona- *Straightens herself* ya thank you… *starts walking*
Person- *holds her hand and pulls her towards himself* Wait!!
Sona- What are you doing, leave me!!
Person- Why do I leave you? *puts his chin on her shoulder*
Sona- Leave me!!
-On the other side of the community-
Dev- Where is she? Its 5:13!! She is never late!! Is something wrong? *Calls her*
-Sona’s phone rings…-
Person- Gets the phone from the pocket…, Who is this!! Excuse me madam… who is this? Dev with a kissing emoji… who in the world is this!!
Sona- What’s with you? He is my boyfriend!! I should ask you who you are… and why are you interfering in my life?
Person- *Pulls her closer even harder* Your boyfriend huh? If you have a boyfriend then where is he!! How can he let his such an item out with her skin showing?
-A person comes from behind and holds that person-
Person 2- Actually sir… Im sorry I let my girlfriend out like this but bhai such a good body abs and all huh… you must have a girlfriend!!
Person 1- Of course I do man!!
Person 2- *Taps his shoulder* It’s very hot today na!! Why are you wearing so much?
Person 1- Bhai how much do I remove? Im wearing nothing under this tank… you would not want your gf all over me right!!?
Person 2-Oh ya… would not want that!! By the way what do you do?
Person 1- Im a gown designer for woman in sector 18, I own a shop there…
Person 2- Oh… I don’t have much sense in this whole thing but what my girlfriend is wearing is a gown right?
Person 1- Yes Bhai!!
Person 2- So is there any gown that has more cover than this… following your suggestion
Person 1- *Embarrassed looks down* no bhai… im sorry*
Person 2- Hmm… *Brings out his hand towards sona and just winks to tell her to follow him*
Sona-*Smiles and holds his hand and walks away*
Person 2- *Stops after some walking*
Sona- Thank you, your way was very nice!!
Person 2- Its Aashir by the way!!
Sona- Its Sonakshi, *shakes his hand and smiles*

-Dev watches this from a distance (he only saw the convo between Aashir and Sona)-
Dev calls sona…
Sona picks up
Dev- Hello (Angry, sad and jealous tone mixed)
Sona- Hi!! (Very jolly tone)
Dev- Where are you (Same tone as before)
Sona- Im in the atrium… you come down here na I want you to meet someone!!
Dev-Who? (Tone kind of subsided but still there)
Sona- Come na… Please, for me!!
Dev- Anything for you, but if you take your eyes off your boyfriend then you can see me… (Full jealousy and rude, hurting tone)
Sona- Dev? What are you talking about? You are my boyfriend and as of now I don’t know where you are!! *Has tears in her eyes so her voice turns kind of full or whining types*
Dev-Sona? Are you crying?
Sona- No, im laughing!! Im laughing at my stupidity thinking that you will never doubt me… Im not going anywhere with you!!
Dev-…. Im sorry…
*Aashir hands sona a napkin and then salutes and leaves*
*Sona runs from there crying and once again collides with someone but she does not hold she hugs her… It’s Ishwari*
Ishwari- Sona beta, kya hua? Ro kyu rahi ho (Sona, what happened? Why are you crying)
Sona- Kuch nahi ma… Aise hi…
Ishwari- Betiya ma ko sab batati hai… Tumne mujhe ma bola to ma mano na!! (Daughters tell everything to their mums… You called me mum so believe on me as one!!)
Sona- Wo dev…
Ishwari- Dev!! Dev ne kya kiya!! Ya dev kuch hua? Kya hua beta? Dev kya? (Dev!! What did dev do? Or did something happen to dev? What happened? Dev what?)
Sona- Dev ne mujhe data!! (Dev yelled at me!!)
Ishwari-Kya? Dev ki khar nahi!! (What? Now dev is gone!!)
-Dev reaches there-
Dev-*Hugs sona from the back* Im sorry (Has no shame because he has to do what he is doing)
Dev- Im really really sorry!! I was very jealous the way he held your hand and then I got really angry and yelled at you… but I really did not mean it!! You know that, right? I always do things I don’t mean… like the things that I do badly, I never mean them!! But I mean this… Im really very sorry!! It’s ok if you don’t want to go with me anywhere tonight but please forgive me!! *Keeps his chin on her shoulder* Im very sorry, please say something!!
-“Sona” turns around and slaps him hard-
Hey guys second episode in the day!! Hope you liked it!! Love dove!!

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  1. Awesome epi

  2. Awwwww……jealous Dev ????☺️☺️????☺️??????…….and Sona slapped Dev infront of ishwari…..hahahhahah ???……and yeah…I forgot to write…..the episode was awesome wala…..and super wala ?????☺️????☺️?????

  3. Dhira

    Superb episode serious amazing twist in the plot wow u took it to another level dear
    Take care n rest dear lots of love ?

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    Awesomeeeee ❤️??
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  5. Awesome episode dear

  6. Aaru

    Dev Babu ko thappad pada, accha nhi lag rha..but unka kaam hi aisa to hona hi tha..

  7. Erina

    Again an awesomeeeee epi full of surprises nd suspense. So thanks avni for giving me 2 episodes in a day it was like a treat for m. So post soon nd take care dear……

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