Robotic Love – (Part 15)

Hey guys!! Sorry im late!! Was not feeling well… down with chikungunya but what will make me feel better? WRITING, and your comments so please team bring me to the stage where I don’t need docs… I promise your comments will make me absolutely better!! PLZZZZ!! Its fine if you can’t tho no problem I will write better and achieve them!! 😉 But let’s start now

Recap from the beginning- There are two robots following the life style of our favorite devakshi but with some changes, their purpose is the same as the real devakshi to love and spread love so now our Rdevakshi is repeating the life of Devakshi so that they can download more, so they have downloaded up to when Dev asks Sona for prom so today is the last day of college which means graduation, prom and engagement planning!!

The story starts with Ishwari on the sofa on the phone
Ishwari- Namaste Pandit ji(hello Priest)
Pandit ji- Namaste Ishwari beta, kuch kam tha kya?(Hello Ishwari, any work from me?)
Ishwari- Ji pandit ji, Dev aur sona beti ki saagai ke dates nikalihe (Yes priest, Dev and sona are going to get engaged so we need dates for the engagement)
Pandit ji- Ye to bahut aachi baat hai to hum kab aye (this is very good news so when should I come?)
Ishwari- Aap is hapte me kabhbhi aajaye, me to kehti hu ki aap narso(Thursday) aa jao (You come in this week, You can come on Thursday)
Pandit ji- Narso, theek hai beti hum aajayge (Thursday, Ok I will come)
Ishwari- Dhanyewad, to me rakti hu… namashkar (Thank you bye)
Pandit ji- Namashkar *Cuts the call* (Bye *cuts the call*)

-Upstairs (dev’s room)-

Dev- Its… Finally… PROM!! I finally get to do what I wanted to for so many years!! *Plops down on the bed* Sona!! Is finally mine!! *opens mail* “Oh…
-he gets a call- -while he picks up he searches something and has his full focus on the laptop-

Dev- SONA!! *Picks up*
Sona- Hello… *Not happy tone but not angry just normal sad*
Dev-Kya hua, dress nahi mil rahi? Why don’t we go shopping today I also need to buy a suit (What happened, Can’t find a dress? Why…)
Sona- Dress hai mere pass… and before you ask I have shoes, jewelry, makeup, clutch, Hairbrush, phone, id, everything!!
Dev-Ok… Then what happened? Maine kuch kiya kya? Im sorry!! See na, I love you… Koi bhi galti nahi hogi!! Im sorry!!
Sona- Dev… Its nothing like that… Its just that prom…
Dev- Ya, prom is today!!
Sona- No its not, Graduation just happened b…
Dev- Wait you looked really beautiful, now countinue…
Sona- Ya, so I was saying that graduation happened today but prom won’t…
Dev-What!! How do you know?
Sona- I got a email…
Dev-Shit yaar!! Me too… achaa now let’s do this you come to my house in the same getup you were going to prom with, k (Shit!!)
Sona- But why?
Dev- I want to see my queen in the getup that I imagined that I why…
Sona- When?
Dev-5, in 2 hours
Sona- OMG!! Ok bye… need to get ready, love you… byeeeeeeeee *cuts to call while saying byeeeeeee*
Dev-Bye… *looks at his phone (the lock screen is sona and him) Girls, complicated… she is running around right now when I know there will be a 1 hour delay that is why I booked *clicks the mouse pad* for 6!! Well we have had these surprises a little too many times the date ones… now let me call some people and see….

*Dev calls his friend*
Dev-Hey man!!
Friend (abhi)- Hey dude, got to know bout prom?
Dev-ya Yaar, im disappointed so I am keeping a celebration which will be exactly like prom jus the whole college wont b there just you, your partner, some other people then obviously me and sona…
Abhi-That is a great idea man!! I will be there just tell the time and place…
Dev-Thanks, but wait up it’s a surprise for the ladies… Im keeping it a surprise from sona and you keep it a surprise from Asmi, tell her to come to your house at 6 in the same getup she was going to prom to and if she asks why give a sweet reason which I know you won’t be able to do but im too romantic it won’t suit you and then just leave the house at 6;15 cause you have to come to bonds at 7 but for the preparations only you come at 6;45 like the others and tell Asmi that you are just getting something done… k?
Abhi- Wait!! Bonds!! You mean the bonds!!
Dev-Yes Bhai bonds, the bonds… Why you so shocked?
Abhi- Where did you get the money…?
Dev- Leave that… But 6;45 at bonds and Asmi in blindfold…
Abhi- K… Tu pyaar me kitna karega? (k… how much will you do in love?)
Dev- Jitna kar saku… (As much as I can do)
Abhi- Achaa theek hai Asmi ko bhi call karna hai… bye(Ok fine I need to call Asmi also, bye)
Dev-Bye… *cuts the call* *repeats with all friends, all say yes!!*
Dev- *its 4, I need to go!!*
How did you like it guys? I hope you liked it!! Please comment!! Bye!! Love Dove!!

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