Robotic Love – (Part 14)


Hi there!! Avni Here!!

The episode starts with Dev putting on a black blazer then wearing a watch that Sona had girfted him in 10th grade…
Dev-All ready, *he checks his watch* and before time its 6:48 and its time to go to sona’s house… lets go!!
-Across the community-

Sona- *Puts on Dev’s gifted perfume* All ready… He must be coming! Chalo!!
-Dev honks-
Sona- He is here!! *She looks at herself in the mirror “Phew, im ready lets go”, she straightens her composure and walks confidently out the door and enters the car*
Sona-Hey!! Where are you going?

Dev-I told you na Generious
Sona-You have bookings? For what? We have been going on dinners a lot nowadays!! Right…
Dev-*Silently driving the car but thinking something* *Puts his hand on sona’s leg* You are wearing my favorite perfume right?
Sona- Ya, you got to know? You are also wearing my favorite watch!!
Sona- What is the occasion?
Dev-Nothing much actually just wanted to talk
Sona- Dev…

Sona- Im getting married, you can’t take me out like this anymore my husband is very strong and I love him a lot too…
Dev-Oh… Im also getting married to the most beautiful girl in this world but… if she finds any girl get so close to me she will kill the girl… and I love her a lot too
-Devakshi laugh-
Sona opens her door
Dev-Wait sona,

Sona- Ya what happened?
Dev- Just one minute *he gets out of the car and once he reaches the back he snaps and the black surrounding turn as lighted as a candlelight (worst example ever) and the cricket quiet turns into a place full of melodious sound then he goes and opens the car door of sona and brings his hand forward so that sona can hold it and get out “please my love”
Sona- *holds his hand and comes out of the car* Dev all this…

Sona- Where?
-Dev takes her to the center of the stadium-
Dev- The first time I met you I felt something different and even if you were the 4th person I met in my life but the first 3 people though were very special did not give me a feeling that meeting you gave me… We were in every grade together and every section as well, everyone used to say that we were really good friends and then more than friends and even If I wished that was possible I did not say a word because I wondered what you will think but from that day I want to say everything I ever wanted to… I want to give you everything possible… you know in 5th grade I really really wanted to dance with you in that partner dance but failed to ask and from that day, from that day I waited to ask you this… I want to ask, Ms.Sonakshi Bose will you go to prom with me?

Sona- Oxygen Magnesium (OMG) Of course… eeeeee
Dev-*smiles* yay!!
Sona-*hugs him really hard*
Sona- baaa!!!
Hey guys, sorry its kinda really short but I have to prepare for some things so had to write a short one but hope you liked it thanks!! Love dove

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  1. Manya

    Awesomeeeeeeeeee ❤️❣❣❤️

  2. Erina

    Awesomeeeee apni. I loved it, plzzz post soon Egarlyyy waitingggg

  3. Aaru

    Cute episode..but I didn’t understand y they both said baa in d last lines..

  4. Dhira


  5. Awesome

  6. Oxygen magnesium(omg) ????❤️??????❤️????????……awesome……amazing ??❤️?

  7. U hope we loved it and we actually loved it✌??????????????

    1. That ? heart break went by mistake?

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