Robotic Love – (Part 13)


Back again!!
Dev-*Still having sona in his arms* Kya kiy… SHIT!! (What did I d… SHIT!!)
-Ishwari hearing their voice-
Ishwari-*walks towards them* Kya hua!! (What happened?) DEV!!!
Abhishek- Dev tum bhol gaye… ye kya hai?
Asha- Behen ji? Ye kya hai?

Bejoy- Dev?
Dev-Sorry, me sachi bhol gaya tha wo sona ko lag gayi aur me usko daat raha tha aur usme me bhol gaya…
The parents- Sorry? Ye tum kya bol rahe ho? Thank you!! Humko ek tarika mil gaya tum logo ko bata ne ka ki hum yahi chathe the hum tum ko ander yahi batane ke liye bola rahe the ki, ki hum soch rahe the ki tum logo ki shaddhi kar va de!! (Sorry? What are you saying? Thank you!! We found a way to tell you that this is what we wanted we were calling to tell you that, that we want you guys to get married)
Ishwari- me kal hi panditji ko bola lungi!!(I will call the priest tomorrow only)
Dev-Kya!!*Drops sona* (What)

Sona-Ahhh DEV!!
Dev-*Bends down* oh shit I was really excited sorry, sorry
Sona- Its ok!!
Abhishek- Batamiz hone wali biwi ko gira diya!! Shadhi salo bad hogi bas engagement graduate karne ke baad kar denge jaise bachpan me bola tha… ab to aur nessesary hogaya hai (Stupid you dropped your to be wife!! The marriage is years after we will just get you guys engaged after graduation as said in your childhood… and now its even more nessesary)
Ishwari- Ab sona tum batao kya kahena chati thi? ( now sona tell me what did you want to say)
Sona- Wo aunty me apse permission magna chathi hu ki me apko ma bola sakti hu aur uncle ko papa … (Actually aunty I wanted to ask you whether I can call you ma and uncle papa…)
Ishwari and Abhishek- Ye koi puchne ki baat hui?(Is this a question to ask?)
Dev-Aur me

Asha and Bejoy- Humko- Hum ko ma baba ke illava kuch bolaya na to hum tum ko sir bolayge!!
Dev- *Smiles*
Ishwari- Achaa to ye baat hogayi hai aur kal pandit ji se baat karongi aur fir dektehai (So we have talked and I will talk to the priest tomorrow then lets see)
Abhishek- Kuch bhi ho ye hi hamari bahu hogi so Ishwari kangan (What ever happens she wil be aur daughter in law so Ishwari bangles)
Ishwari- Abhi layi (Let me bring them)
-The whole ceremony happens and they go home-

Dev- *calls sona* Hello hone wali biwi ji ( Hello to be wife)
Sona-Hello hone wala parmeshwar (Hello to be respected husband)
Dev- Hamari mohabat kya kar rahi hai (what is my love doing)
Sona- Me apne mohabat ke khwab dech ne ki liye tayar ho rahi thi (I was getting ready to dream of my love)
Dev- Aaj kitna acha din tha na (today was a awesome day right!!)
Sona- Ya…
Dev-Kya hua?

Sona- Graduation jiggles
Dev- Oh… meet Me at 7 tomorrow I have to show you something
Sona- Ok, where?
Dev- Generious
Sona- Generious? Our budget is getting higher
Sona- Ok so I will meet you there now you sleep and I will sleep
Dev-I cannot sleep

Dev-You trouble me too much, you are everywhere bathroom me bhi nahi chodti (You trouble me too much, you are everywhere you don’t leave me even in the bathroom)
Sona- Aww, tumhari hi galti hai
Dev-Kaise? (How?)
Sona- you were not supposed to be so hot that I haunt you everywhere
Dev-Off I go to the gym!! If that is the reason then I will live in the gym…
Sona- If you don’t do that already
Dev- Sometimes you make no sense to me!!

Sona- Me neither anyway bye!!
Dev- do we have to stop talking?
Sona- Well ya… I need to sleep
Dev- Leaving me with insomnia you can sleep?
Sona- Ya…
Dev-So mean!!
Sona- Goodnight!!
Dev- Goodnight teddy *Cuts the call*
Sona- Teddy? This boy is crazy… but he is finally mine!!!

Thanks guys for the comments really appreciate it!! What do you think dev will do and the priest will say!! Keep on thinking!! Sorry for the misspells I am damn sleepy, till I sleep… Love Dove!!

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  9. Erina

    Awesomeeeee ??????????????nd what i liked most was d convo of devakshi on phone. Seriously it was amazing….
    Love u for giving me this ??????

  10. Avni14

    Hi guys, I reread the chapter right now and realized that I did not write what Dev did though a lot of you already got to know but for those who are confused Dev lifted up sona and in my religion or I guess a lot of religions it means you are welcoming the bride to your house but another thing that was followed in Dixit and Bose family (their ancestors knew each other) that if you bring any girl in your arms through the entrance of the door then you guys are half-married (weird thing but my brain just operates that way 🙂 )

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