Robotic Love – (part 10)


Hey guys, still at school  but lets go!!

Dev-Aww, its class…
Sona- hmm, chalo (hmm, come on)
-Biology room-
Ms.Manpreet-Dev, very good… Im very proud of you!! You have gotten 99.99% in your exam… Amazing!! But sadly my pride has to be shared with one more person… -Sona enters the room- SONA!! She has gotten 100% I cannot even be mad at her for being late because im so happy, class… learn something from these two children!! They are balancing studies and friendship so well!! (Ms.Manpreet is my bio teacher and she said the same thing to me just replace sona with Avni and there is a dev in my class too so tho I don’t have friends but my teachers think I do)
Devakshi- Its all because of you!! After all we have the best bio teacher ever so how can we get less marks?
Natasha- and what about us? She mentioned friends also are we not great?
Sona- You guys are to great that I say everyday, but do I say that to ms? No na?
Dev-Sona you are too nice she means to say ki shut up stop hogging credit!!
Sona- Mam wo kabhi nahi sudrega aap batao aaj hum kya sikege?(He will never stop being naughty, you tell what will we learn today?)
Ms.Manpreet-Hmm you are right, and you still want to learn it’s a free period!!
Sona- *smiles* So can I go in the hall I need to tell dev something!!
Ms.Manpreet-Do whatever you like, My scholar!!
Sona- *Smile* Dev, chalo!!

-They go in the hall-
Sona- usually beauty with brains hota hai but this is handsome with brains, huh?
Dev- Now I know why everyone was running behind you!! You are so beautiful,cute,sweet,Humble and everything anyone would want and now smart too!!
Sona- Is that what you wanted? *Goes a step closer to him*
Dev-*Gets closer to her* Even if you were the most gandu person In the world I would love you, cause you are mine!!
Dev-Then graduation
Sona- Then job
Dev-Then marriage and kids!!
Sona- Is that all you think of?
Dev-Ever since yesterday, yes
Dev-Let me call ma, we will have dinner today, k?
Sona-No yaar, it’s the last year of college which is also going to end so job hunting…
Dev-Oh ya *Sad face* I also need to do that
Sona- Ek sec come with me (one sec)
Sona-Come na!!
-The go to the empty field-
Sona-Now give me your phone!!
Dev-Aree why
Sona-You are not hiding anything na?
Sona-Then give na!!

Dev *takes his phone out of his pocket and gives it to sona*
Sona- *Starts looking for ma in his phone and finds it so calls*
-Ishwari picks up-
Ishwari- Ha dev beta, khana khaya and sona mili, wo kaise hai( Yes dev,You ate food and did you meet sona, how is she?)
Sona- Namaste aunty… me Sonakshi, me apse puchna chathi thi ki agar aaj hum mil sakte hai… wo dev aur mera man tha ki apse kuch baat kare (Hello aunty, Im sonakshi, I wanted to ask you if we can meet today… Dev and I wanted to talk to you)
Ishwari-Ye tumhara hi ghar hai!! Puchna kyu aa jao!!( this is your house only!! Why ask come na!!)
Sona- Theek hai aunty me aur ma… baba 8 o clock ayenge… (Ok aunty, Mum,Dad and I will come at 8)
Ishwari-Theek hai beta, Milte hai (Ok sweetheart,see you)
-Cuts the call-
Dev-Ye? ( this)
Sona-My attempt to make you happy
Dev-I was happy
Sona-But you are happier now, aren’t you?
Dev-How do you know
Dev-*smiles* Come here
-Devakshi hug-
Well how did you like it? Sadly im still at school and it is 10:30 pm!!! But it was fun writing this!! Well bye… please comment!! Love dove!!

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  1. Aaru

    Superb episode dear..Dev n Sona r really cute..

  2. Manya

    Awesomeeee ❤️??

  3. Awesome

  4. Sakthi

    Loved it dear..thanks for dev are sona are really different..

  5. Erina

    Wooooow dear what a epi. It was amazing ?????????????
    So tmne mention kiya ki tmhe bio me 100%aaya h so congrates dear ab jab tmne khud ko sona se replace kiya to kya tmhe mila koi dev type???? ??????????????????

  6. Dhira

    ?? connection do you need me tell that it was fabulous too read ???

  7. Awesome…???☺️??????…..congrats for ur bio result and remarks from teacher..☺️???…..and what’s the Precap….waiting for the next part…??☺️

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