Robotic Love (intro)


Hi guys, Avni here, this is my first ff and I have brought a huge twist in our favorite couple devakshi, this story takes place in 2050 in Chicago (my hometown/birthplace!!) As a lot of people who are interested in this topic would know that … wait up let it be a surprise!! Now enough of my bakbak let’s get into it!

Dev- an 18 year old jolly, fun, handsome, Intelligent, Romantic (god I cannot stop) Etc.…. ROBOT (this story is on robots I will explain why down below) Everyone’s favorite boy and his love’s sweetest sweetheart but he knows how to act like the world’s strictest software at times. He is the ruler of the world (basically the government but since there is no country ever since 2030 so the world ) but he only is a ruler for name unless everyone is free but there are rules and if someone does not follow the Oxygen Magnesium ( OMG ) is what everyone says ( scientific things you know )

Ishwari- Dev’s Mum, Sona’s Mum’s best friend and Abhishek’s wife, loves Dev and sona a lot and is very caring
Abhishek- Dev’s father, Sona’s father’s teacher’s son and Ishwari’s husband, has been wishing that Dev and sona get married ever since they were little pieces of entangled wire.
Sonakshi- An 18 year old almost female clone of Dev (they are literally made with their telepathy signals attached!!) Her father, Mother, Fiancée love her a lot but her sister hates her since Dev chose Sonakshi over her!! Is a to be queen (ruler= King so ruler’s wife= Queen) but has no ego installed whatsoever..

Asha- Sona’s Mum, Dev’s Mum’s best friend and Bejoy’s wife Loves Devakshi and want’s them to always be happy, is very understanding
Bejoy- Sona’s father, Dev’s father’s student and asha’s husband, Loves Devakshi as well and is waiting for them to be together, is very knowledgeable.

Now time for a little Intro on me, the story and you guys!! So first why robots? Well as I said the story takes place in 2050 and per recent reports till 2040 all resources will be over if we use it in the same way ( and we humans you know ;P) so by 2050 no one will be able to survive and as a lot of people know if they are interested in this topic there are apps/software being developed in which you can customize a robot which will grow ( they are calling it a baby or a human but we know it’s a robot with a function to act humanly ) but it’s still in process tho.. So if in 2016 these software are in process then in 32 years robots would be on the streets and they will take place of humans since there won’t be any… So this is devakshi with a robotic touch (it will be everything a human love story has but just some terms will be in technical language) Now a little about me.. My name is Avni im 12 but about to turn 13 I love writing, singing, coloring (ya coloring) and speaking!! Now tell me a little about yourself… What is your name, how old are you, are you a student? And what are your hobbies and plzzz give some feedback so I can improve 😉 This is literally bigger than the intro!! The next episode will be hopefully tomorrow!! Till then love dove 

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  1. Manya

    Hey Avni I am ayushi ur story is very different and no improvement needed ??I am 14yrs ,l like reading novels of durjoy Dutta,watching cricket and Bollywood movies,love making food and eating that?Post soon?

    1. Avni14

      Hi Ayushi, I love your name!! Thank you so much :)!! So can I call you di? Our hobbies match a lot just 2 differences I love reading and writing, Watching baseball, Watch Hollywood movies, cooking and then ovio eat it ( im a big foodie ) Please read my reply to Pari cause was thinking to change my story a bit so tell me if that idea is good or not, please… Thank you and sure I will update as soon as the idea is confirmed 🙂

  2. Hey dear
    Ur concept is new n nice
    I would suggest u to make it more human
    Like in the next two to three episodes u could make it tht robot dev n robot sona narrate the story of humans dev n sona n then at the end dey reunite too like their humans
    It would be really good if u make it narrative coz robots can never replace humans
    N then continue ur ff
    I m just suggesting
    Sorry If u felt bad
    Keep going n alla the best

    1. Avni14

      Hi Pari

      No, I obvious don’t mind.. I love constructive criticism so thank you! Can I do this that the robots scan the humans like pick a “soul” or “base” cause this was in a movie that robots scan humans, copy them and then live like them so I was thinking that tell me if that is alright cause I understand that this is a really out of the box topic so lets push it bit in, right 😉 Thanks

      1. Jiya_Ani

        Hey avnu..In that case if you have taken any conceptual idea from any movie or something.. Dear I would say that this is your ff..your reel world..your characters …your story.. You can do that scanning humans wala part..and rahi baat toh whatever we write are fictions..and Fiction never means only being realistic… Hamaari country main ladkiyan makhi,saap,bichu,nevla,mor..etc. banban jaatijaati hain tumne toh sirf robo banaya hai!!???…hehehe..

        Go for what you feel good..

  3. Sharica

    Nice one. It seems to be interesting. When r u gonna update the next.
    And yes I am Tina. I am 14 yrs studying in 9th grade. I love to sing, cook, read books(but I don’t read my text books so much. Love the novels and fantasy). And yes I just love to read the quotations. And in movies, I have lost interest in bollywood but yes I love the marvel movies. I am not so keen for romantic movies but love the action films.

    1. Avni14

      Thank you Tina.. I feel kind of tiny here because im 12 and in 7th grade so I feel so tiny!! Once again our hobbies match ALOT I like to read but when the textbooks come out I will be sleeping, I love to sing and cook as well! I don’t watch Bollywood much neither do I watch Hollywood a lot either ( not a huge fan of movies ) But at times Its fun! Thank you so much once again and please read my reply to Pari so that I can get more ” votes” on whether the idea is good or not and I will update as soon as possible after that is final!! THANK YOU!!

      1. Sharica

        It’s not a problem as I also thought I was the youngest one until I got to know about Aayushi’s age. And I too feel asleep when it comes to reading the text books. And I will surely be reading ur ff and also commenting on it. You have a unique concept and I will be enjoying it☺

      2. srsly sharica i thought the same

  4. Jiya_Ani

    heyyy Avnu Darling..
    You know what I am loving your concept sweetheart.. And its strange that you are 12 and about to turn 13 is in 7th grade and I am 13 and am in 9th grade …hehe????

    Chalo leave that..So my name is Shreya.. Shreyani.. I know name se lag raha hoga that Bengali ya phir Keralite hoon..but trust me I am not..
    Meri hobbies… Ummm…
    Aashu ke Baal you’ll ask Aashu kaun???
    So he is my bf…and ya Is bf ki fullform best friend hai..kuch ulta seedha mat smajhna??? uske Baal kichna..apne friends KO baar baar disturb Karna ..kyu?..kyunki I read somewhere ..Never let your frnds be lonely… Disturb them all the time???
    And I love Loving Sidhant Gupta..????????
    and reading books.. Novels and all kum but I love reading my SST & science books again and again.. Thoda weird hai but Main aisi hi hoon yaar..and rahi baat cooking ki toh black coffee ke uper or niche mujhe cooking bilkul bhi nahi aati..!!!????????????
    And I like watching movies ..sirf thriller,historic , horror & comedy… I love playing sing listen songs…painting.. Talking..People call me chatter godown..!!!!..
    Ab you’ll ask ki why not writing.. Then dearo..Writing is not my hobby.. Its my passion..

    And I want you to give me a nickname!!??????..

    Ek tum bhi dedo phir main apne nicknames bhi bataa dungi..

    Love you babes..keep going

    1. Avni14

      Thank you soo much, it is kind of strange tho but I know why actually I am born in US and have lived there for 11 and 1/2 years so moved here recently and my birthday is in November so in my past schools ( in US ) had a cut-off date of august so if your birthday is after august you will have to be in a grade less than your age so if im 13 according to the cut-off date I will be in 8 instead of 9th and in my school in India its the same just the cut-off date is in September which has the same effect on my life 🙁 and I don’t have many friend’s in India actually everyone bullies me so I don’t have any friend except for one Aditya he is also my bf
      ( best friend) and he LOVES his hair so obviously its my birth duty to ruin it 😉 I love science its basically my favorite subject so for me that is a exception too, that does not make us weird it makes us unique!! I love coffee and I know how to cook only in emergencies and that only when you give me a non-burnable kitchen and 5 hours minimum!!! :p I love writing its my life more of poems and expressive stuff because paper is the only thing that listens to when I rant about my bullies!! Please give me a nickname!! Everyone who tries just ends up giving a longer name to me so my best friend calls me Aradhya which I love ( I LOVE the name ) and then the nickname is Aru otherwise my parents call me Aarushi same nickname Aaru!! If you can give me a nickname then here are my traits: Bubbly, funny, creative( I hope ) and too particular about English ( I don’t know if this is a trait tho ) but this reply is too long now so BYE!!

      Ps- The reply that you gave to my reply to Pari s’ reply- So actually the movie was on aliens but I changed it to robots, so now that the idea is finalized you will be seeing my story’s first part soon!! Bye!!

      1. Avni14

        Oh ya sorry I read that wrong you want me to give you a nickname… so your nickname is: Reyu or Reya ( im horrible with nicknames, sorry 🙁 ) now plz find a nickname 4 me too!!

  5. Aaru

    A really different n unique story..plzz post soon..

  6. Hey dear u have bring such a nice concept I really like it plzz post ff fast . Sorry for not giving details about myself.

  7. Anvi! The concept is amazing???? loved it. Very different. Go ahead.

  8. Sumi1998

    Hi such a nice concept I even love scientific items
    N my name is Sumaiya 18 yrs old n still schooling. Last year of A/L
    N I’m from Srilanka

  9. Sakthi

    Hai dear..amazing start..loved ur writing with very different devakshi..

  10. hy dude
    i am in love with ur concepts
    i didnt know mere age and grade ke itne sare log hai yahan pe
    i use to think i am the youngest on this page
    but ehat so ever
    not disclossing my name
    school student
    on a run with Ayushi Sharica and Lovely
    like studying most of time
    time milne ke baad go back of ffs and devakshi
    love reading books
    divergent series , twilight ,harry potter
    i didnt comp. any of them yet
    bubbly as said by freinds
    love insulting and getting insulted by freinds in every minute
    love to be pampered by teachers
    i like writting qoutes
    and dude if u belive me or not
    this robo wala idea came in me
    not regarding devakshi but just all humans ……and you potrayed it in devakshi
    not interested in other serials than krpkab i dont like watching actually
    doesnt watch tv
    not an phone addict person
    but want the light of my laptop screen to fall atleast one time on my eyes
    and yeah will be waiting for your ffs futher process
    and dude i wont be able to comment on ur ffs
    exams near i came after 2days on this page
    and was your ff
    and thats too attractive for
    and even diatractive
    loads of love to your ideas

  11. Seems very interesting. I’m Maria. I’m 13 years old. I love cooking and eating, watching movies, traveling and reading books, ffs and listening to music, sometimes singing too. And I love to party.
    Awesome intro…. Continue soon.

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