THE ROAD NOT TAKEN (A Three Shot ff on twinj) ~by Tara chapter 2 (continued)


THE ROAD NOT TAKEN: Chapter 2 (continued)
For the next few days twinkle didn’t talk much with was as though both of them have separated each other from one another sort of intentionally… the prior being the most. Twinkle just cudnt digest the fact the kunj was so rude… next she was in a dilemma if tina’s words were true… she was confused what to do next… meanwhile circumstances became more irritable..
Yuvraj.. who was chinki’s bf was a very good friend of twinkle… he started teasing twinkle indirectly by kunj’s name…he would say “twinki… kya yaar.. kya karti hain tu…. ek 5 ft 5’’ ka ladka tujhe itna pasand karta hain… sara din teri taraf dekhta hain par tu hain ki use bhaow hi nhi deti…..btw mein apni baat nhi kar rha hu thik hain… wo jo mere bagal mein baitha hua…..”
Twinkle cutting him short would say “ tu 5 ft ka hua hi kab??”
It is the nature of attraction or love…. however u try to ignore things…it crosses ur way again… nd u can’t simply let them go… similarly twinkle tried hard to be away from all this…but then (u knw the rest)
Things reached its height on twinkle’s b’day….
She was distributing chocolates… a friend of kunj.. rather a close one asked twinkle “ how many chocolate u have??”
T: y?? U want more?
The boy: no no… i was just asking…
Twinkle was leaving when he said…. “ achha how many chocolates will u give to kunj??”
Twinkle was shocked… “excuse me….”
The boy giggled and ran away…

After some time twinkle was unwrapping her gifts when uv came… “oye… listen… happy birthday”
T: oh.. tujhe yaad agya??
Uv: arey… mein yuvraj hu.. mein nehi bhulta… entry late hoti hain.. bt mast hoti hain…
T: thik h thik h… bohut ho gya ha…
Uv: achha gift to lele…
Twinkle got excited and was about to take it… when
Uv: ruk jao.. pehle sun to lo kisna bheja hain…
T: kisne??
Uv: hain koi… special banda…
T: uv mazak bandh kar…
Uv: ok this gift is xclusively from kunj sarna..!!
T: what?? Sach mein?/
Uv: hahahaaha… nhi jhut mein…
T: uv….
Uv: arey nhi yaar.. tub hi na twinki… agar uska gift hota toh mein kyun dene ata??
T: wohi m sochu…
Uv: kuch kaha tune??
T: nothing…
Uv: ok take it… nd yeah ghar jake blush kariyo… yaha nehi..
T: dungi ek khiche k…..
Uv : achaa sorry…

Twinkle was totally confused now.. y the hell were all his friends teasing her?? Bt kunj had practically stopped talking with her… things went on like this for few months… until they were promoted to the next class…
New class, new session new activities… new responsibilities… with all this in mind twinkle took a step ahead.. she was totally determined with her studies now…
One day after coming back from the lunch break twinkle found a lot of hubbub in the class…few were giggling and few were annoyed… twinkle went to chinki…
T: kya hua??
Ch: puch mat..
T: arey bata toh..
Ch: ab yehi baki tha.. jo ho gya…
Uv comes there…
Uv: seriously mujhe bhi kuch samajh nehi aya…kaise matlab..
T: koi btay ga hua kya????
Ch: kunj proposed soniya….
T: what? Lol
Uv: haa yaar.. i dnt get one thing jis ladki ko woh last year gaali deta tha aj usko…..
T: imagine he rejected tina… and went to soniya??
Ch: haan yaar.. humari tina kitni achi ladki haain…
T: choro… few people are born idiots.. they cant just identify the real jewel…
The break ended… and brought a end to twinkle’s thought as well…. it was crystal clear that kunj never had feelings for her… he is just a flirt who ultimately found his soul mate in another flirt..

It was not that twinkle felt something bad about it.. bt she was least interested about it… until kunj started behaving bad with her. He had started flying high in air after being with soniya. He would not say anything bad bt he would gossip behind her and many more… twinkle failed to understand the reason for his misconduct… days passed by their relation embittered every now and then… lastly it came to a verge where both stopped talking to each other completely and their hatred reached to its height….. After a year or so soniya showed her true colours… they broke up… kunj was alone… bt even then twinj relation never revived ….!!
—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-to be continued..
So guys how was it?? Did u like it?? Let me know ur views via comments.. what do u feel would happen next?? Feel free to share… now imp part… this was the continued portion of chapter 2… only the last chapter is left… as it was three shot… i will try to post that as soon as possible… u guys don’t forget to cmmnt.. loads of love…

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  1. ??poor kunj. Why are they ignoring each other?? I loved reading it but still trying to know why they were behaving like this…normally there is some kind of irrational rule of youngsters behind it…i hope u know what i am talking about…mayB no experience??
    Pls post next soon because my curiosity level is at its peak??

    1. Tara

      oh thank u dear.. i can understand ur confusion.. the last shot will reveal everything..

  2. Fan

    Awesome epi tara!!..waiting for the next part..

    1. Tara

      thanks fan

  3. Sameera

    Awesome epi Tara looking like real story ???

    1. Tara

      thanks sameera..

  4. dreamer..arundhati

    Awesome epi tara. …update soon

    1. Tara

      thanks dear

  5. Meeta

    I read all in one go.
    When I read the title,
    the thing which clicked in my mind was that this is a poetry by Robert Frost. I’m in 9th so it’s in my syllabus. I must say it was way too good. Want the next one, too.
    Do read AS LONG AS YOU LOVE ME..

    1. Tara

      thanks meeta…
      yeah i mentioned in my first epi abt the title..
      did u read the previous epi?? if not do read..
      nd yeah i will read that for sure

  6. Panchiii

    Awesome epi tara…… bt flng bad yaar…. y they r ignoring each other……. eagerly wtng fr d nxt one …….. pls post it soon……?????

    1. Tara

      thanks panchiii..well time will tell that..

    1. Tara

      haha tysm

  7. Chiku

    Waiting fr next one and ur other ff

    1. Tara

      idk abt my ff.. bt i will post the last part of this 1 2day

  8. Romaisha

    Oh god di !! What the hell are u planning?? I can’t even guess ????
    Seriously im loving it too much! ❤❤
    Post soon
    Love u ?

    1. Tara

      hahaha… ok dnt guess..just be patient and read when posted.. lol..
      thanks dear

  9. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous…..eagerly waiting for next part….

    1. Tara

      thanks purnima

  10. Baby

    tara di amazing
    wowwwwwwwwwww luvd it 2 d core
    ab jab kunj ne real jewel ko actually me chod dia tha toh koi kya kar skta tha
    becha kunj or twinkle as well
    bt osm luvd it di n yah post nxt asap cnt w8

    1. Tara

      hmm dekhte h..kya kar sakte h..
      btw thanks a lot

  11. Hey Ta…
    u nailed it…
    try to post next epi asap…
    take care…
    Lots of luv
    ur Ru… 🙂

    1. Tara

      ru meri jaan.. itni tareef… haww… i can say i love u.. muahh

  12. SidMin

    Sorry for commenting late Loved the episode The story line is quite unique and on top of that You write so well Loved it pls post soon 🙂

    1. Tara

      thanks a lot sidmin…
      it really means a lot to me

  13. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Amazing tara …….
    Eagerly waiting for the next one

    1. Tara

      thanks daamini…

  14. Rashiverma2199

    Tara…lovely it was …

    1. Tara

      thanks raashi..

  15. Shreya098

    Awesome Tara….
    I read both the parts today …..its awesome
    Looooved it….
    Continue soon

    1. Tara

      thanks shreya..

  16. Sorry di I am again late??.. the epi was amazing.. can’t even guess why twinj are behaving like this??.. Plz post the next part soon ? 🙂

    1. Tara

      arey day by day m becoming everyone’s di.. lol..
      sidvee no need to be so formal.. whats ur age btw??
      oopss sorry forgot.. thank u so much for reading and commenting..

  17. Superb yrrr

    1. Tara

      thanks dear

  18. wow loved it…bt so confusing…hope twinj ‘ll unite…

    1. Tara

      thanks sujina.. the next one is posted..

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