rizwan and preet for each other (intro)


hey guys
how r u all?

,i m sana

i m big fan of rizpreet so i want 2 write a ff .

i m not new here till now i m silent reader.

so,here v go with intro

my story will begin after d bomb blast .

after bomb blast d army thought that they died but after2 year dey get d info dat sm1 has seen preet in mumbai but not rizwan

did d info is right or no ?

if right den preet only is alive ?
rizwan also ?

my storyline wil like dis tell me if u like it via cmnts

to know dis keep reading my ff .

plz plz cmment guys positive n negative both cmnts r welcmed n if u dont like plz tell me i will stop it
here is precap
precap- 2 lady is seen playing with sm childrens n den 1 children fall down n get injuries he cries preet di /\__/\

hope u like it

Credit to: sana

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  1. How old are you sana?

    1. m 14 n u? how was d intro

      1. I’m 12. Ummm…. The intro was a good effort but I would encourage you to use full forms instead of be to b, the to d. When it comes to the point of understanding, it is a bit confusing to understand. Otherwise intro is good. Please increase length too. ?All the best.

  2. Hey the intro seems interesting can’t wait for the first episode

    1. thanx fatarjo..

  3. Hello Sana, the concept of your story sounds interesting but I agree with Ananya, please use full forms of all the words and proper grammar. Otherwise it is very hard to understand. When writing, always remember, only you know what you are meaning to write. Readers are reading the words to understand the story so if the words and grammar are correct then it will be very easy for us readers to understand and enjoy. Nothing personal against you here. Thank you.

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