rizwan and preet for each other (episode 3)


hiii every one .first of all i like to thank u all for giving their valuable time for reading my ff.and secondly for supporting through cmnts and even silent readers for their silent support
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so enough of my bak bak and lets go to epi..

it starts with ……..

sana and children: here..
fb.starts…bacha party tell everything to sana and they get rady and goes to take the cake which rizwan ordered….fb end
preet gets excited and .hugs rizwan
sana and all wishes her
preet: thank you so much

they go to cut the cake on the cake preet and rizwan pic is there seeing this she gets happy
preet cut the cake and fed to rizwan and after to every 1
they share some cute moments and suddenly light goes off and preet get afraid and hold rizwan tightly . and light comes in front and manma emotion jaage plays from dilwale and they turned and see bachaparty dancing and sana also after some time they also joins them
bacha party:now preetdi and rizwan baiya’s turn
rizwan: ok but at the same time preet says no
then she also get ready for dance
they dance on sanam re romantically
they enjoy too much

all the girls give saree to preet
all the boys gives sandal macthing to sare
girls look on surprise
fb shown.. boys seen them buying that saree so they bought macthing sandal…fb end
sana give a beautiful frame which has rizwan and preet photo in which preet is kissing rizwan on cheeks
preet blush seeing that pic
preet: where did u get this pic
sana: woh actually once i had come to ur room and saw u kissing him so i cliked pic to giv u on ur birthday.
preet : (to rizwan in ears) i had tell to close the door rst but u want kiss see now….
rizwan: its ok we r married naa and u r my wife so u can giv me kiss
preet: but she had seen us i doesnt like this
rizwan: its ok prt it is not a big deal

sana: if ur has over shall we go home
preet: yes come
rizwan: wait gift is left
rizwan close her eyes and take outside and open it
preet: oh my god car!!
rizwan: u want that from many days so its ur b.day gift
preet: thank u smuch

sana: u both come in this car we will go by another
preet: ok
they leave
rizwan pulls her loser and place his hand around her waist
rizwan: where is my gift
preet: this is my birthday and u want gift
rizwan: ii have done many things for u but r not gonna give anything in return
and he gets sad.preet comes closer m and give him a kiss on cheeks
rizwan: it is not fair u have to give on my lips
and he gets closer to her . he is about to kiss but preet push him and st in car
rizwan also gets into car with sad face
but preet : ok don be sad i will giv but in room afterclosing the door today
and she laugh
rizwan also laugh

screen freezes on their happy face

thank u so much for supporting and plz guys cmnt as possible as number of episode will be depend on number of cmnts

precap: not yet decided

Credit to: sana

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  1. Nice episode! Preet was pregnant so what happened to Rizreet’s child?

    1. thanx. actually due to that incident she miscarriage.i forget to mention it

  2. Sana sorry I dont understand but maybe I haven’t read properly. When did Rizwan and Preet start being so nice to each other? If I’m not wrong, just one episode ago, rizwan and preet ke beech enimity tha so…? What is happening? Have they forgiven each other?

    1. actually i m writing after d bomb blast ,and in d last episode only preet and rizwan had forgiven each other and in my ff they didnt die in bomb blast .they had run to mumbai because rizwan would have caught.

  3. It’s nice

  4. Omg the Rizpreet moments are so cute! Specially the Frame one!! And all the others too!! Please pat fast! I love this FF! It’s just so cute!!!

    1. thanx anisha…….. bt i will not able to update till 12 bcoz of my exam bt will try to update sorry ..a

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