rizwan and preet for each other (episode 2)

hey guyz and very very very thank you to rachel ,ananya and anisha for cmnting but i didnt get more cmnts so plz silent readers cmnt or if i will not get much cmnts then i will end it.
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pls bear my spelling error and grammatical mistake

EPISODE 2 starts with…….

preet and sana and all the children went to shopping. boys with preet and girls with sanathey went girls zone and boys zone respectively. they all does the shopping and boys shopping completed as we all know girls take time so they goes to pay
tapu: di can we go to girls
preet: y
nitin:woh…umm.. yes. to check that they have done with their shopping or not
preet: ok after paying bill we will go
raju: di we will go
nitin: yes u come outside after paying we will be there only
preet: but…..
( they cut preet in between)
tapu:di by .come fast na..
And they go
they come to girls
they show thumbs to girls and they smile .they have already payed the bill and comes outide with sana
sana: are.. where is preet ?
raju: di she returned home
sana: with whom?
raju: abviously with rizwan bhai
sana: ohh… then we should go home
all: ok
and they go
they go and preet comes
preet: where are they? they had told that they will be here only
and she starts searching them
then one car comes and someone takes her inside the car and make her smell chlorefom and she get unconcious.
some one lips shown.he smirks

next scene:

some place shown.preet gets concious and see the place it is fully dark and shocked .she hears someone coming and act as she has not gain conciousness.someone comes near her and the light comes back preet opens her eyes. and sees him and gets shocked
the man’s leg shown and then hands and finally his face is shown he is not other than ………….RIZWAN
preet stand up
preet:rizwan…..you .. you know how i was scared and y did u do this?
rizwan: calm down my sweet wife calm down and if you did not remember than i have to do ts naa
preet: what have i forgot?
rizwan: you really dont remember?
preet: what .plz tell me
rizwan come closer to her ear and speak
rizwan: today is your birthday
and steps back
rizwan: i had gone out for some work and u didnt even remember ur birth day
preet: so u think to kidnap me and wish me birthday like this
rizwan: if u r ziddi than i m also not less than u
preet:i remember my birthday but i want u wish me first that it
rizwan: ok ok baba…happy birthday darling
preet turns his face away from him
rizwan: achcha i m sorry na.. plz fgive me plz plz
preet: not at all
rizwan: its ur birthday plz forgive me
preet: ok .but where is my birthday cakee
sana and all children : here …

the screen freezes on their happy face

episode 2 ends here

hope u all like it n it is enough long and plz cmnt

precap.::: rizpreet moment

note.. next epi will b updated on wedday or thursday

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