rizwan and preet for each other (episode 1)


hii, evry1.a very big thanx to ananya and fatarjo for commenting .and ananya on your request i will try to write in fullforms and also try to make it long .

the episode starts with…2 ladies are serving food to poor childrens while childrens are eating one lady starts to clean the house and the other one sit with the child and start chatting with one boy and she also starts to eat. then one girl say : di plz come and eat with us u always work
1 lady: priya. i will eat first let me clean it and by the way sana di eating with u right?
( here in my ff sana is alive.she doesnt die .she is kindhearted ,sweet,simple girl)
(and priya is a poor girl of 16 and loves every 1, she is elder than every children in the house so she take care of every1 )
sana: It is not fair preet .u also come and eat with us and or i will complin to sm 1
preet: offo sana… ok i will come just 1 min
and she come and sit with them

(actually after that incident they shift to mumbai.n they take care of poor chilrens.they are 10.priya is elder of all .
thera 5 girle
priya 16 years
avni 13 years
tina 12 year
neha 11 years
kajal 9 years
and the boys are
raju 15 years
nitin12 yers
tapu 10 years
arnav 9 years
aditya (adi) 6 years)

next scene
the phone rings and tine picks up and gets happy.after some time
boys and girls were talking smthing which is mute and then girls comes to preet. the boys goes to sana.
preet: are tum log yaha kuch kaam tha(oh u all here any work)
kajal: di i means we r not talking with u
preet: y what happend
tina :di u hav promise us that u will take us for shopping and in garden but u didnt
preet: oops i really forget.ok we will go tomorow
priya: no di today only
preet : oh priya u also.
all girls start convincing her
all girls: plz di.plz plz
preet: ok ok we will go .happy?

(same thing happen with sana)

they all get ready and first they go to garden

at garden:
preet and sna ere sitting and chatting then children ask them to join them an they also join
they start to play then adi falls down and cries
adi : preet di…….
then preet goes to hiand he catches her and say out.
they enjoy and went to shopping

1 episode ends..

hope u all enjoy the first epi. sorry for grammatical mistake
and plz cmments.
the next epi will published on sunday
thank u

precap:some1 kidnaps preet.aand some1 entry
who kidnapped preet?
whose entry?

plz cment if no cmment or les cmnts i will end it a i m littlebit disappointed because i didnot get much cmnts so plz cmnt as no. of epi. will be depend on no. of cmnts

Credit to: sana

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  3. Ya it’s really cool! Please keep posting fast! You are writing well!! But 1 request.. Please make ishpreet meet fast!!!!

    1. yup.. don’t worry..
      they will…

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