Rizwan (Ishan) and Preet Love Story — episode 2


Preet n sid goes to a restraunt to meet vanshika

2 hours went but vanshika didnt come
Preet and sid were about to go when vanshika arrives
Vanshika – i am so sorry preet bhabi and sid, i will tell u everything behind me being late
Preet – late or very late
Vanshika – very very late , sorry
Sid – vanshu, why were u late ?
Vanshika – my best friend, harshita’s accident just occurred. She wanted AB+ blood which o was having. None in her family was having AB+ blood. I just wanted to save her .

Preet- i am so sorry …. I thought very bad about u …… U r a very nice girl ……….. I will definitely talk to Bade papa and bade Mammi about ur marriage
Sid – thank u bhabi
Vanshika – thanks a lot preet bhabi … I cannot live without sid …..

Sid and preet come home
Everyone- where were u Guys ?
Preet- i wanted to talk to u all
Bade papa – what happened ?
Preet- sid wants to marry
Rizwan – what ? To whom ?
Preet – vanshika , his gf !!!!
Neeti – what ?
Preet – i met her today ….. She is a Very nice girl for our sid
Badi mammi- if preet r saying , she must be the 2nd best , because preet is the best
Rizwan – yes , she is always correct , last time when sid ‘s marriage was fixed with naina … Preet was right about greediness and evilness
Bade papa – first we all will meet her , call her tmrrw for lunch
Sid – really dad ?
Bade papa – yes, congrats


At night, preet and rizwan in their room

Rizwan – i am happy that sid is going to settle in his life
Preet – yes, i am also very happy
Rizwan- so soon two members will join the hooda. Family , first our child and second vanshika
Preet- one is confirmed bug vanshika is not confirmed till bade papa meets her tmrrw and agree for sid and vanshika’s marriage
Rizwan – if u agreed for their marriage , she must be nice …. Bade papa will accept her as his bahu
Preet – i hope so
Rizwan – ok … Good night …. Sleep now
Rizwan kisses preet on her cheeks
Preet – yes , good night …..

Precap — As bade papa sees vanshika’a face ….. He shouts “this marriage cannot happen” everybody gets shocked

Credit to: Rupanshi

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  1. Nice.
    I think Vanshika must have some past connection with Bade Papa’s past right Rupanshi

    1. Joyee, u will get to know in the next episode the reason behind bade papa’s disagreement for sid n vanshika’s marriage …..

  2. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Oh my God….pls update how naina n sid boff? Did naina get caught the witch?
    N preet/ishan/rizwaan? Was der such a leap?
    a baby?
    It seems we missed all of tis episodes…eish man

    1. Nothing such happned in the story bilkish …. Its my fn fiction with a leap of 1 year

  3. what show is this one…I am confused…when did this leap happened…I just saw the show and it still show Naina and Sid getting engaged/married…..atif hiding in the store room…which show is this one…what am I Missing here

    1. Sunny, this is not the story …. Its my fn fiction im which there is a leap of 1 year

      1. thank you Rupanshi..that’s great..

  4. Rupanshi,if I spelt your name correctly,it would be better to write this fan fiction after pyar ko ho jaane do,no offence,because it is very confusing to watch the present situation and the future.this is just a suggestion. I am not telling u to follow it.

  5. If you r getting confused what does after pyar ko ho jaane do means..I mean that after the show finishes.

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