Rizwan (Ishan) and Preet Love Story — episode 1


Hey guys , i am rupanshi and i am a very big fan of pyaar ko ho hasne do …. I wanted to start writing a fan fiction for it …..

The story is after 1 year when the identity of rizwan is out and everything is sorted …. Bade papa adopts rizwan …. Preet and rizwan confess their love for each other in this 1 year ……..

The story continues ……

Rizwan calls everyone to the lobby
Rizwan-i want to announce someting
Neeti- what happenned bhaiya … U look so exited
Rizwan- let everyone come, then i will tell u the reason behind my excitement…
( everyone comes …… )
Badi mammi – what happened rizwan ?
Rizwan- there is a good news
Sid- what good news bhaiya ?
Rizwan – preet is pregnant !!!!!!!?
( preet blushes )
Everyone congratulate both of them

Next morning
Rizwan – i dont want to go office today
Preet – u told me that u have an important meeting today …????
Rizwan – yes, but i want to stay with u
Preet – shut up n go
Rizwan gets sad
Preet kisses him on his cheeks
Rizwan gets happy and leave for office

Sid comes to preet
Sid- bhabhi i wanted to talk to u
Preet- yes speak
Sid- i am in a relationship, i want to marry my gf, vanshika
Preet- what ?
Sid – yes bhabi , her family also dont have any objection to our marriage ….. U r the only one who can help me to make sure that dad likes vanshika as my wife ……
Preet – i will help u but only then when i will be sure that she is a nice girl for u who will keep u happy ….. Marriage is not a qyick decision to be taken …. U have think twice ….. Well , if u like her, she must be the best …. So, tmrrw i will meet her …..

Sid- u r the best bhabi …..!!!!!!

Precap : preet goes with sid to meet vanshika …. But vanshika gets 2 hours late and preet gets disappointed by her act

Credit to: Rupanshi

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  1. Plz continue ..
    I love This show n this ff a lot. There may be many silent readers.
    Nice one Rupanshi 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot ….. I will continue it surely ….. I will upsate it regulrly

  2. nice
    got bored with swaragini and ishra ff urs is better luking fwd to read more

    1. Thanks

  3. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Wich episode did all tis leap happen????

  4. Good work pls update daily

  5. Daisy Shahana

    plz continue this.

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