Rizwan (Ishan) and Preet Love Story — episode 1

Hey guys , i am rupanshi and i am a very big fan of pyaar ko ho hasne do …. I wanted to start writing a fan fiction for it …..

The story is after 1 year when the identity of rizwan is out and everything is sorted …. Bade papa adopts rizwan …. Preet and rizwan confess their love for each other in this 1 year ……..

The story continues ……

Rizwan calls everyone to the lobby
Rizwan-i want to announce someting
Neeti- what happenned bhaiya … U look so exited
Rizwan- let everyone come, then i will tell u the reason behind my excitement…
( everyone comes …… )
Badi mammi – what happened rizwan ?
Rizwan- there is a good news
Sid- what good news bhaiya ?
Rizwan – preet is pregnant !!!!!!!?
( preet blushes )
Everyone congratulate both of them

Next morning
Rizwan – i dont want to go office today
Preet – u told me that u have an important meeting today …????
Rizwan – yes, but i want to stay with u
Preet – shut up n go
Rizwan gets sad
Preet kisses him on his cheeks
Rizwan gets happy and leave for office

Sid comes to preet
Sid- bhabhi i wanted to talk to u
Preet- yes speak
Sid- i am in a relationship, i want to marry my gf, vanshika
Preet- what ?
Sid – yes bhabi , her family also dont have any objection to our marriage ….. U r the only one who can help me to make sure that dad likes vanshika as my wife ……
Preet – i will help u but only then when i will be sure that she is a nice girl for u who will keep u happy ….. Marriage is not a qyick decision to be taken …. U have think twice ….. Well , if u like her, she must be the best …. So, tmrrw i will meet her …..

Sid- u r the best bhabi …..!!!!!!

Precap : preet goes with sid to meet vanshika …. But vanshika gets 2 hours late and preet gets disappointed by her act

Credit to: Rupanshi


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