Rizwan ( ishaan ) and preet love story — episode 6


Everybody congratulate rizwan

Rizwan goes in the Operation Theatre and meets preet

He congratulates her
She replies the back

They both hug

Bade papa asks sid n vanshika to do all the arrangements as there will be a huge party after two days in the Hooda Mansion

Sid n vanshika happily agrees

Rizwan watches his children’s face with tears in his eyes

Preet asks what happened?

Rizwan says main kabhi itna khush nahi hua

Preet says me too

Rizwan kisses preet on her cheeks and says main discharge formalities puri karkar aaya

Badi mammi enters and congratulate her

Preet smiles

Badi mammi see the children and blesses them

Preet with her three children come back home

Kavya runs to see her sibling’s faces

Kavya jumps in hapiness

Rizwan asks preet to rest in room and take one child with her … Two he is bringing as it is difficult for u to take the three or two together

Neeti says to kuku : one side is rizwan bhaiya, who cares for bhabi very much…..on the second side is you who doesnt even care to ask did u ate anything ?

Everybody laugh

Next day

Preet asks rizwan what name we will give to our children ?
Rizwan says whatever u like sweetheart ….. Well i will perform namaz….. Its time ….. Till then u make a list of names with everyone

Everyone discusses and make the list with preet

Rizwan comes n asks badi mammi n bade papa to choose

Bade papa says u choose, the r ur children

Preet it means that they arent ur children

Badi mammi says no no …. We didnt meant that

Preet says then pls choose the names

Bade papa n badi mammi agrees

They keep the names UDITA ( girl ), UDIT ( boy ) and DIVIT ( boy )

All happily agree with the names

PRECAP – the huge party for UDIT, UDITA and DIVIT takes place in the Hooda house …. Everybody was enjoying but not after a gatecrasher enters the party

Sorry for short episode , i was busy so i made it short …. I believe that submitting short episodes REGULARLY is better than submitting long episodes after long time

Credit to: Rupanshi

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  1. Rupanshi,usually once u deliver,u wont be discharged immediately.u will be kept under care in the hospital especislly when its natural birth..but yaha to preet brought homr to thr children the same day.along with rizwan and preet’s romsnce,neeti’s comedy,hooda fsmily’s joking nature,u have to keep facts realsitic.

    1. sorry i will try my best to keep is realistic next time

  2. Nice episode

  3. Loved it??????

  4. Update next episode

  5. Loved it

  6. Awesome! But tooooo short

  7. Please update next episode and make it more long loved it??????????????????♦♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  8. Hey Rupanshi I m liking ur ff at least here Ishpreet r happy 🙂

  9. hey rupanshi
    please update the next episode. Fast…

  10. hey plz updte nxt one……………..eagerly waiting yar

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