Rizwan ( ishaan ) and preet love story — Episode 4

Everybody is busy preparing for Sid’s Engagement……

Badi maa asks preet to get ready

Preet wears a very beautifull red saree

And rizwan wears a red kurta which matches perfectly with preet’s saree …..
They both look beautiful ……

They were getting ready in the room and suddenly preet asks rizwan, am i looking fat ?

Rizwan laughs ans says u dont have any other question ?

Preet says pls tell na

Rizwan says if i will tell u , u will get angry with me

Preet says i will not, pls tell me the truth pls

Rizwan slowly says thodi moti lag rahi ho

Preet says what ?

Rizwan – thodi si moti

Preet gets sad

Rizwan sees that and comes to preet

He hugs her from behind and says u r not at all moti …. U r like Deepika Padukone, u r very very very beautiful, my love ……

Preet smiles

They both separate

Ishaan says well i said this to make u happy …. U r moti and will remain moti …..

Preet gets angry

On seeing this, rizwan runs from the room

Preet laughs and says to herself ….. Rizwan, tumari kismat me toh MOTI hi hai

Function starts

Everybody comes and sid n vanshika exchange rings ….. Everybody is happy n claps

Next day, badi mami setves breakfast ….
Trisha says due to sid’s engagement i came n i think i should leave now ….. I have spent many days ….. I will come 2 days before marriage ….. Okay ?

( she means she should leave for her SASURAL …. Which is Bilal’s home….. She forgives bilal in the 1 year leap and married him )

Sid says right …..

Trisha bade bye n goes
Bilal meets her n asks did she tell her family about the incident ?

Trisha says not now…. It is sid’s marriage n i dont want anyone to be sad, after their marriage i will tell them everything…….

Bilal sadly agrees

Next day, preet wakes up n see rizwan already woke n was staring at her …. She says good mrng
He replies gd mrng darling

Preet was in a shock

She asks i heard darling ?

Rizwan said u heard darling because i said darling

Preet says but why r u calling me darling ?

Rizwan says bcoz i am so happy today

Preet says why?

Rizwan says remember there was a health check-up of yours one weak before

Preet says yes, i remember …. So what ?

Rizwan says reports have came

Preet says finally …., i took time

Rizwan says yes, u know whats written in it ?

Preet asks what ?

Rizwan says u will give birth to neither one child nor twins

Preet asks him not to confuse her and tell her …. What does he mean ?

Rizwan says u will give birth to …..

Preet says to ….

Rizwan shouts triplets …….

Preet says what ?

Rizwan says yes …… I m so happy

Preet is dumbstruck and then smiles …..

Rizwan hugs her

During breakfast, they tell the whole family about triplets …..

Everybody is happy amd congratulate them

Sid jokes to rizwan that bhaiya shaadi ke 6 saal baad logons ke 3 bacche toh ho hi jaate hi ….. Aapne kya jaadu kiya ki woh teen bacche EK SAATH hi …… U know what i mean ?

Preet blushes

Rizwan says i will not leave u

Neeti says bhaiya congrats aap toh chaar baccho ke baap ho jaayoge jald hi ……. Kaise sambhaloge unhe ….

Badi mami says chaar ?

Preet says we already have one daughter, kavya

Badi mami says oh !

Precap : sid’s marriage. Preet n rizwan spend some time together ….

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  1. Its very nice rupanshi.but i dont understand one part.what is it that bilal and trisha want to tell their families after sid’s wedding?

    1. Ananya i cant tell u about that ….. That is a huge suspense

  2. Wow so cute Ishpreet scenes I always look coward to ur ff good job Rupanshi

    1. Thanks Fatarajo

  3. Nice love it♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥????????????????????????????????

  4. Please update next ???

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