Rizwan (Ishaan) and Preet Love Story — episode 3


Hey guys …… I am so so so so so so so sorry for making u wait for this 3rd episode …… I know that i am writing after 2-3 months …. So, there’s a recap as u may not remember what the story was …..

Recap : everybody accepts rizwan’s reality and preet gets pregnant. Sid loves Vanshika who is approved by preet. Bade papa call vanshika to hooda house to meet her……

Episode 3 :

Vanshika enters the hooda house….

Everyone is happy to see her as she is very beautiful….
Bade papa see her face and stands up quickly trying to remember something….
Bade papa realises something and says this marriage cannot happen ….
Everybody gets shocked ….
Sid : why dad ?
Bade papa : she is ur COUSIN SISTER Sid …..
Everybidy again gets shocked……
Trisha : what ? How ?
Bade papa to badi mami – remember i went a month ago to meet MohanLal ….
Badi mammi – yes, so whats the connection …….
Bade papa – he showed me his daughters pic and asked me if i knew a good boy for her …… His daughter is none other than Vanshika
Badi mammi – what ?
Rizwan – who is this mohanlal ?
Bade papa- my distant cousin whom sid n trisha have never met ….
Vanshika is her daughter … Sid’s cousin ….
Vanshika – i am not any mohanlal’s daughter ….
Everybody gets shocked
Bell rings
Badi mammi opens the door and is shocked to see Mohanlal and his Daughter, Vrinda ( look alike of Vanshika )
Vrinda n his dad came to surprise bade papa …. Vanshika n vrinda get shocked to see each other …. Sid relives ….. Confusion is cleared …. Vrinda n vanshika r look alikes and vrinda is sid’s cousin not vanshika …. Bade papa appologize to Vanshika ….. Vanshika says its ok

Bade papa announces sid and vanshika’s marriage next month

Preet : what about ur family ?
Vanshika : i have no family , i am an orphan….
Preet – i am sorry …… But now u have a family … We r ur family …. Everybody gets happy ……

At night , everyone in their respective rooms …..
Rizwan – i m happy that sid will be soon settled …..
Preet – yes ….
Preet n rizwan change
Rizwan – what will we keep our son’s name
Preet – oh hello … Who said u that u will get a son , i want another daughter
Rizwan – i want a son , we already have our princess kavya and now there should be a prince ……

They very cutely argue …..

In the morning ….. Preet serves everyone breakfast …..

Everybody starts dividing the marriage responsibilites …. Anyone does not give preet any responsibility…. Preet says what will i do ?
Rizwan says u will sit and relax
Preet says why … Its my devars marriage
Trisha says bhabhi actually rizwan wants u to relax as u r pregnant
Preet i will get bore
Kavya says dont worry mamma … I will entertain u …… Preet smiles

Precap : Trisha is hiding something … Sid’s engagement’s preprarions start

Sorry for short episode … Next time i will make it longer

I will update the next episode after 24 jan because of my exam schedule …. Sorry for that

Credit to: Rupanshi

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  1. Its very nice rupanshi.the look a like idea was great.

    1. Thanks a lot ananya

  2. Okay, I will wait for 24 Jan 🙂 i m happy that even though u r continuing of after many days u r writing it very well.
    Lol, the Sid girlfriend part was funny

    1. Thanks Fatarajo ?

  3. Amazing Rupabshi! I was away for sometime, but I just came and read all the three parts! I must say that you have done a great job!!
    I m basically the official reader of ff’s and I judge those on the basis if Tellyupdates and send them reviews! Your one is getting a good review definitely!!!

    1. Thanks a lot Anisha

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