Rivanya(Naagin), Ishveer (MATSH) ,Raina (PMHDM) and Ragsan ff – My love is only for u ( Episode 9)

At same night
Raheja Mansion
Ritik and Ranveer : returns back from office and sees vikram ,uncle and aunt and goes to them takes blessing from their uncle and aunt
Mahesh and Nishtha: blesses Ritik for getting marriage fixed
Ritik: Thank you uncle and aunty and hugs vikram and tells him he missed him very much.
Ranveer: hugs vikram and tells him he also missed him very much
Both Mihir and Mahesh gets happy seeing all three brothers happy together .
Ritik: uncle where is divya
Mahesh: she is with Ragini in her room
Ritik: calls Ragini to come downstairs
Ragini: coming Ritik bhaiya

Both Ragini and Divya comes downstairs
Divya: Gets happy on seeing her both brothers Ritik and Ranveer and hugs them
Ragini: demands a hug from Ritik and Ranveer bhaiya
Ritik: gives a hug to Ragini
Ranveer: gives a hug to Ragini
Both Ritik and Ranveer tells maa they are hungry
Sudha: just give me couple of min dinner will be ready

Nishtha: may i help you bhabhi in making
Sudha: sure why not
Both Sudha and Nishtha goes to kitchen and starts making dinner after 35 min dinner was ready and was puted on dining table .
At Dining Table
All takes their seats and starts having dinner and after having dinner
Ritik : tells Ragini can she do a thing for him
Ragini: asks Ritik bhaiya what he needs
Ritik: tells Ragini to download a movie from internet
Ragini: ok which one
Ritik: Avengers : Age Of Ultron 1080p
Ragini: done Ritik bhaiya
both Ragini and Divya leaves to their room
In Ragini’s room
Ragini: brings her laptop and starts it and goes on searching on internet finds a torrent of 1080p of movie and saves it (Avengers: Age Of Ultron 1080p Yify) and puts it on downloading .

Back to Downstairs
In living room
Ritik : maa maybe tomorrow i wll not come home because i am going to our farm house
Sudha: ok beta
Ritik : leaves to his room
In Ritik’s room
Ritik: goes to bed and falls sleep
Other Side At Kapoor Mansion
Shivanya : tells maa me and Ritik has decided that we spent whole day with each other and i will be staying at his farm house
Priya: ok smiles and tells this to your papa also

Shivanya : ok maa i will
After 3 hrs
Ram returns from office and goes to his room and changes to night dress
Shivanya: comes to talk to papa
Ram: what happened Shivanya why are here
Shivanya: papa tomorrow me and Ritik has decided that we gonna spent whole day together and i will be staying at his farm house
Ram: ok smiles go and enjoy

Shivanya: hugs her papa and says thank you and goes to his room
In Shivanya’s room
Ishaani & Shesha: asks her di what is her plan for tomorrow
Shivanya: tells that she is going on beach and movie with Ritik at his farm house
Ishaani& Shesha: wow di
Shivanya: thanks and tells after tomorrow we have to go for shopping for dress of Ritik and both of you for engagement .
Shesha& Ishaani: done di
Shivanya: thank you

All three drifts into deep asleep.

In Morning
Ritik: wakes up and goes to bathroom and gets fresh and comes back after getting fresh and goes downstairs and asks maa give her coffee
Ranveer: also wakes up and goes to bathroom to get fresh and comes back after getting fresh and comes downstairs and asks maa give her coffee
Sudha: makes coffee for Ritik and Ranveer and gives to both of them
After both having coffee
Ritik: maa has Ragini wake up
Sudha: no
Ritik: goes upstairs to wake up her

In Ragini’s room
Ritik: opens the door of room and goes inside and wakes both Ragini and Divya
Ragini: wakes up and what happened Ritik bhaiya
Ritik: did you do my work
Ragini: yes Ritik bhaiya i did it and you can check it out
Ritik: takes laptop of her and sees movie is downloaded completely and hugs Ragini and Divya both for good work
Ragini: asks her Ritik bhaiya why do needed this movie
Ritik: tells Ragini that your Bhabhi wants to see a movie that’s why and takes movie in pen drive .
Ragini: ok smiles
All comes downstairs and starts having breakfast and after breakfast is done
Ranveer: maa do you remember that doctor who did your checkup
Sudha: yeah what happened
Ranveer: she wanted a help from me in that kid case against motorist
Sudha: did you helped her
Ranveer : i helped her
Sudha: feels glad that my boy is so good and caring
suddenly Ritik comes and asks maa what she and Ranveer are talking about
Sudha: Ranveer helped a girl in registered a case against a motorist who hit a kid .
Ritik: ok feels proud of her brother and asks her name of girl
Ranveer: her name is Ishaani

Ritik: gets surprised by name and tells Ranveer she is sister of Shivanya .
Ranveer: gets shocked with this that she is sister of Shivanya.
After couple of min later
Vikram : comes downstairs after getting fresh and asks for coffee
Sudha: gives it to Vikram
Vikram: thanks aunty and after finishing coffee tells her that he also met a girl yesterday he also helped her

Sudha: what and asks her who she was he helped her
Vikram: tells to Sudha , Ranveer and Ritik she was nice and beautiful girl he helped her and she was reporter
Ritik: and Ranveer asks Vikram what name was of her
Vikram: he did not ask her
Ritik and Ranveer: ok it happens
Ritik: Ranveer you and Dad have to handle office today beacuse he taken day off to spent time with Shivanya.
Ranveer: ok
Mihir: ok
Ritik: goes back to his room
In Ritik’s Room
Ritik: goes to bathroom and takes shower and comes out and takes t-shirt and denim jeans and wears it and goes to downstairs and says to maa and papa he will not come home tonight so do not worry about him and goes to garage and takes his bike and leaves for kapoor mansion and reaches kapoor mansion and parks his bike
At Kapoor Mansion
Ritik: Rings the bell
Shesha: opens the door and welcomes him in
Ritik: asks Shesha where is Shivanya
Shesha: Di is getting ready

In Shivanya’s Room
Shivanya: goes to bathroom and gets shower and comes out takes out clothes from cupboard that is tank top and jeans and wears it and goes downstairs and sees Ritik sitting in living room chatting with shesha.
Ritik: gets mesmerized by beauty of her and asks her shall we leave.
Shivanya: yes we should and goes out where bike is parked
Ritik : tells her to sit and holds Ritik tightly from waist and leaves for beach and reaches beach

At Beach
Shivanya: sees a ice cream stall and tell Ritik she wants to eat ice cream .
Ritik: goes to ice cream stall and buys ice cream for both
Ritik and Shivanya: both feed each other ice cream and after that both Ritik and Shivanya takes some selfies with each other
Shivanya: runs torwards water
Ritik: runs after her and catches her and spins her around and leaves her and takes her pics from mobile
Shivanya : asks Ritik did he arrange movie
Ritik: yes he did
Shivanya: good and kisses on cheek
Ritik: also kisses her on cheek and asks shall we leave for farm house .
Shivanya: yeah sure
Both Ritik and Shivanya leaves for Farm House

In Austria
At 5 star hotel
Raghav and Naina arrives for date
Raghav : tells Naina to order something
Naina: calls waiter and orders Indian thali
Waiter: sure ma’am and goes away
Raghav and Naina waits for food to arrive
Waiter: comes back with thali of food and puts on their table.
Raghav and Naina: starts having food and after having food both start talk and having gala time with each other

Naina: thank you for lovely surprise date Raghav
Raghav: your welcome
Both leaves hotel and reaches their house and goes to their room and changes in night dress and goes to bed and slept peacefully .
Back in India

At Raheja Mansion
In Ragini’s Room
Ragini: is lost in yesterday incident with Sanskar and feel she knows for long time.
On Other side Maheshwari House
In Sanskar’s Room
Sanskar: is lost in yesterday incident with Ragini and feels that he knows her for long .
Back at Raheja Mansion
Divya goes upstairs and goes to Ragini’s room
Divya: Ragini where are you lost
Ragini: tells yesterday college incident to divya
Divya: how was the boy
Ragini: He was really handsome and charming just like Ritik bhaiya and Ranveer bhaiya is

Divya: oh and asks do you like him
Ragini: no it’s not like that
Divya: just kidding i was pulling your leg
Ragini: Divya and takes pillow and starts fighting with her .
At Farm House
In Night
Both Ritik and Shivanya reaches his farm house
security gaurd: opens the gate and Ritik and Shivanya enters in farm house and Ritik parks his bike in garage .

Ritik: tell security gaurd he can go home he will look after
Security gaurd: thank you saab and leaves to his house .
Both Ritik and Shivanya goes to flower garden in farm house and starts romancing each other
Ritik: plucks a red rose and puts in hair of Shivanya

Shivanya: asks Ritik how she is looking
Ritik: you are looking very beautiful
Shivanya: smiles
Ritik: shall we watch the movie now
Shivanya: sure
Goes to Ritik’s room at farm house
Ritik: switches on Tv and puts Usb Device in Tv and starts to play movie but pauses it

in kitchen
Shivanya: makes popcorn and after 2 min popcorn are ready and comes back Ritik’s room and tells him to start the movie and sits cozily with Ritik and watches Avengers : Age Of Ultron with him.
After movie gets both are super hungry
Ritik: tells Shivanya that to make noodles that she used to make in college
Shivanya: ok sure and goes in kitchen
In Kitchen
Shivanya: starts making noodles for both and after 15 min noodles are ready and serves it in two plates

both Ritik and Shivanya starts eating and finishes up . both washes their hands and goes to Ritik room
Ritik: starts romancing Shivanya and last they both have a lip lock
Shivanya: kissing Ritik and tells him he is going to wear the dress that she gives on engagement
Ritik: ok promise i will wear that dress only

Shivanya: smiles and hugs Ritik tightly .
Ritik: smiles and gives a promise to her that he will not look at any other women then her in his life ever and kisses her forehead.
Shivanya: gets teary and hugs him

Ritik: removes her tears and hugs her back
Shivanya: falls asleep on Ritik’s shoulder
Ritik: Takes in his arms lays on her bed and covers with blanket and kisses her forehead and goes to couch with blanket and falls asleep.
In morning
Both Ritik and Shivanya wakes up
Shivanya: goes to bathroom to get fresh and comes back after getting fresh and tells Ritik that he has to drop her at her house .
Ritik: i know that and goes in bathroom to get fresh and comes back after getting fresh and leaves their farm house and locks it and takes the keys with him. first Ritik drops Shivanya back to kapoor mansion and then Ritik leaves for his house
At Raheja Mansion
Ritik returns back home and goes to his room and takes shower and after that goes to Ragini’s room and wakes her up and tells her she has come for shopping with him because he needs to buy a dress for Shivanya and Her for engagement
Ragini: ok Ritik bhaiya
All comes to dininig table and starts having breakfast and after breakfast
Ritik : tells maa he is taking Ragini with him for shopping of Dress of Shivanya and her
Sudha and Mihir : ok
Both Ritik and Ragini leaves for mall and reaches mall in 1 hrs

In Mall
Ritik and Ragini: goes to shop and finds beautiful dress and buys it for Shivanya .
Ritik: tells shop owner show more this dress in different colour
Shopkeeper: yes sir
Shows different colors
Ritik: tells Ragini to select
Ragini: yellow one i loved it
Ritik: please pack that yellow one also
Shopkeeper: sure sir . packs the dress and gives it sir
Ritik: how much is the bill
Shopkeeper: sir 1 dress is of 40,000 and other one is 35 ,000
Ritik: ok and gives credit card and pays it for dress
after buying both dresses Ritik and Ragini leaves for house

At Raheja Mansion
both Ritik and Ragini retuns to house
Ritik : takes out Shivanya dress from pollybag and takes dress with him and tells maa he is going in his room and leaves to his room
Sudha: ok
Ragini: shows her dress to maa
Sudha: tells Ragini it is lovely dress that your brother has got for you
Ragini: yeah maa Ritik bhaiya

In Ritik’s Room
Ritik: writes a short note and puts in dress box and packs with gift paper and puts on laptop table and takes that gift and gives it to Ragini and tells her to call shesha and give it her so she can give this to your Shivanya .
Ragini: ok Ritik Bhaiya and calls Shesha
Shesha: picks up her phone and sees it is Ragini’s phone and starts talking
Ragini: Shesha Ritik bhaiya has kept a gift for Shivanya bhabhi can you come home and take it
Shesha: yeah sure and disconnects the call
Ragini: disconnects the call
On other side of Kapoor Mansion
In Evening
All Three sisters leaves for shopping and reaches a mall and goes in shop

In shop
Shopkeeper : how can i help you
Shivanya : i want sherwani dress with good work done on it
Shopkeeper: show a dress on good work has done on it
Shivanya: loves the dress very and buys it for Ritik and pays the bill of 50,000rs with credit card.
After buying Ritik’s dress Shivanya, Ishaani and Shesha leaves for another shop to buy Ishaani and Shesha dress

In another shop
Shivanya: show me dress for these two
Shopkeeper: yeah sure madam
Shopkeeper 2: shows the dresses in different colors with good work done it
Ishaani: loves the red dress and buys it and tells to pack the dress
Shesha: loves the cream color dress and buys it tells shopkeeper to pack the dress
Shopkeeper : packs both the dresses and gives it Ishaani and Shesha
Shivanya: asks shopkeeper how much is the bill
Shopkeeper: 1st dress is of 36,000 rs and 2nd one is of 39,000rs
Shivanya: pays bill for the dresses
After buying dresses Shivanya , Ishaani and Shesha leaves for their house .
At Kapoor Mansion
Shivanya , Ishaani and Shesha returns back to home .
Shivanya: goes to his room and start writting a note and puts in dress box and packs with gift paper and calls Shesha
Shesha: what happened di why did you called me
Shivanya: Shesha you need to go at Ritik’s house and give it to him
Shesha: ok di . goes to garage takes out her scooty and goes to Raheja mansion
On other side
Raheja Mansion
Shesha: Rings the bell
Sudha: opens the door and sees shesha standing outside . tells her to come in
Shesha : Aunty this gift has sent by Shivanya for Ritik can you give it him
Sudha: yeah sure beta
Shesha: Aunty where is Ragini
Sudha: she is in room . calls Ragini your friend Shesha has come
Ragini : comes downstairs with gift that Ritik bhaiya gave her and gives it shesha so she give to Shivanya .
Before Shesha leaves hugs Ragini hugs her back and Shesha leaves back to house

Kapoor mansion
Shesha : parks her scooty in garage and goes inside house
Shivanya: asks did she give dress to Ritik
Shesha: yes i gave to Ritik’s mom and Ritik has sent a gift for you
Shivanya: smiles . well done .and takes the gift and goes to his room
At Night
Kapoor Mansion
In Shivanya’s room
Shivanya: opens the gift sent by Ritik finds a beautiful dress and finds a note in it was written please wear this dress on engagement smiles and says i will definitely wear it.
All are at Dining table
after having dinner all goes to thier room and falls asleep
Other side
Raheja Mansion
Ritik , Ranveer and Mihir returns from Office
All goes to their room and changes in night dress and comes downstairs and have their dinner
Sudha: tells Ritik Shivanya has sent for you
Ritik: takes that gift and asks maa that uncle , aunty , divya and vikram had their dinner or not
Sudha : all have done their dinner . only you three were left
Ritik: ok and leaves to his room

In Ritik’s room
Ritik: comes in his and opens the gift and finds very beautiful sherwani and finds a note and reads it says please wear this dress on engagement from Shivanya . smiles and goes to bed and fall asleep .

Precap: Ritik and Shivanya Engagement

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