Rivanya(Naagin), Ishveer (MATSH) ,Raina (PMHDM) and Ragsan ff – My love is only for u ( Episode 6)

Kapoor Mansion
At same Night
Priya : What are you going to tell us and what will we come to know?
Shesha and Ishani: maa di is going to get married
Priya: what
Shivanya: yes maa it’s true that i am getting married with Ritik. he proposed me for marriage and i said yes and shows her diamond ring.
Priya: Gets happy for her daughter and hugs her and congratulate her .
Shivanya: maa when will papa come from office i want to talk to him
Priya: papa will come from office in 1 hrs
Shivanya: thanks maa
After 1 hrs

Ram arrives home from office and straight goes to his room and changes his clothes and wears his night dress
Ram: comes to priya and asks her why she so happy today .
Priya: ask your daughter Shivanya yourself
Ram: what happened with Shivanya tell me priya for god sake
Priya: no i will not tell
Ram: calls Shivanya to his room.
Shivanya: comes to Parents room
Ram: Shivanya can you tell why is your mother so happy today
Shivanya: yes and tells him that Ritik proposed me for marriage and i have said yes
Ram: oh that’s why your mother is happy
Shivanya: Papa Ritik wants to meet you
Ram : ok call him morning .
Shivanya: ok Papa and goes to her room and calls Ritik
On the other side
Raheja Mansion

Ritik’s phone start ringing and it’s Shivanya ‘s phone
Ritik: pics up his phone and start talking to Shivanya
Shivanya: Ritik papa and maa wants to meet you can you come in morning
Ritik: Yes Shivanya i can come
Shivanya: Thank you and disconnects the call
Ritik: also disconnects the call and calls sudha , mihir , ragini , ranveer .
At dining hall all are present
Ritik: announces that he has proposed Shivanya for marriage and she has said yes and tomorrow i am going to meet his parents .
All gets happy with news and congratulation start coming from everyone.
Mihir: congratulation my son and stay happy always
Ritik: Thanks papa
Sudha: Gets very happy with news and finally my big boy is going get married
Ritik: hugs his mother and takes his blessing
Ranveer: congrats bhaiya finally you are bringing bhabhi at last
Ritik: Thanks Ranveer

Ragini: Gets happy with news and hugs his bhaiya and gives congratulation to his bhaiya for bringing bhabhi at last .
All goes to their rooms and sleeps.
In Morning
Ritik: wakes up and goes to bathroom to get fresh and comes back after getting fresh and takes out his suit and wears it and goes to garage takes out his car and leaves for kapoor mansion
Kapoor Mansion
Ritik: reaches kapoor mansion and parks his car and goes in house and rings the bell
Shesha: comes and open door and sees it’s Ritik and welcomes him
Ritik: sits in living room and waits for uncle and aunty to arrive
Shesha : Calls Maa ,Papa ,Shivanya and Ishani
All comes downstairs and comes to living room
Ram,Priya,Shivanya , Ishani and Shesha comes to living room where they see Ritik is sitting
Ram and Priya: Hello Ritik
Ritik: Hello Uncle and Aunty
Ram and Priya: u want to marry to our daughter
Ritik: yes uncle and aunty i love your daughter Shivanya very much from college days and i can’t live without her. .
Ram and Priya: we known that and we accept this marriage
Ritik: Thank you uncle and aunty
Shivanya: papa thank you very much

Ram: finally my daughter is getting married and she wiil go away from me.
Ritik: Uncle and Aunty whenever you want meet her i will bring myself to you
Ram and Priya: Thank you beta
Both Ritik and Shivanya takes blessing of Ram and Priya
Ritik and Shivanya marriage get fixed and after 2 weeks engagement was fixed of Ritik and Shivanya .
Ritik : before he leaves Shivanya kisses his cheek and he smiles and kisses her cheek also
Shivanya: says bye to Ritik and smiles when he kissed her cheek
Ritik: leaves for his house and reaches his house
Raheja Mansion
Ritik: returns with happy face
Sudha: asks what happened Ritik
Ritik: My marriage is fixed and i am getting married
Sudha: calls everyone tells happy news that Ritik’s Marriage is fixed with Shivanya
Mihir: Gets happy with news and gives blessing to his son
Ranveer: congrats bhaiya , now you will be a married man just like maa and papa
Ragini: Finally my bhaiya is getting married i am so happy with news and hugs her bhaiya .
Episode end with all happy faces with Ritik and Shivanya marriage getting fixed and engagement annoucement .

Precap Vikram and Shesha first Meet .

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    Nice episode dear I really liked and hope to see other characters also and some ishveer’s scene too………………….

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    Loved it vesh…n after priya came I thought nw she vl b arguing n all..n vl shw her annoyance against marriage..bt gud..all things went happily…nw excited 4 deir enggmnt n marage rituals..n precap is also intriguing

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