Rivanya(Naagin), Ishveer (MATSH) ,Raina (PMHDM) and Ragsan ff – My love is only for u ( Episode 5)

Scene 1
Earlier we saw episode 3 end with Mihir opening the front door without knowing who the visitor was today we’ll be continuing that in this episode.
Mihir opens the front door and we find that it was Shesha who is in front of him right now standing outside
Mihir: Shesha beta! What a pleasant surprise
Shesha: Hello Uncle, How are you?
Mihir: I am fine, but what brings you here today ?
Shesha: Nothing much! Just came to give this to Ragini
Shows him an old file which she had made during college

Mihir: Look at me, Sorry beta I forgot to ask you come in
Shesha: It’s ok Uncle
And then Shesha goes in and sits on the couch in the living room
Mihir: You’re here for Ragini. Wait I’ll call her..RAGINI!! SHESHA HAS COME TO MEET YOU, COME DOWN FAST
And then Mihir goes to his bedroom and we find Shesha waiting for Ragini in the Living room. After a while Ragini comes down and greets Shesha and they give each other a friendly hug.
Ragini: Hi! How are you?
Shesha: I’m fine how are you and whats’ all this? Highlights and all huh!
Ragini: These? I got these last month
Shesha: Nice! Becoming trendy and all, ok nevermind how is everything and how’s your final year going?
Ragini: Things are going well and currently I’m on a vacation ( says in a sheepish weak manner make it sound not very convincing)
Shesha: Ok any ways I bought this, you can use it as a reference for your project.
Ragini: Thank you so much! I really needed this
Shesha: Your Welcome! By the way when is your college starting?
Ragini: A week from now
Shesha: And you have started with the project now?
Ragini: Oh don’t worry, with the help I have received from you I’ll manage to finish this in no time
Shesha: That’s good! Remember whatever happens between you and your peer never lose track academically as that’s’ what is going to help you lifelong
Ragini: Yes I know. Anyways how’s work?
Shesha: Its going good and I really like my workplace
Ragini: That’s good to know
The doorbell rings and then Ragini goes to answer to open it. Then we see Sudha and Ranveer come back home from the clinic who later notice Shesha. Shesha and Ranveer make a brief eye contact for a moment and then break it off soon.
Sudha: Hi Shesha! How are you? It’s been a very long time
Shesha: I know! I am fine Aunty! How are you?
Sudha: I’m Fine too. I’m really happy to see you after a long time since you and Ranveer…
Ranveer: Mom!
And then there was an awkward silence between them while Shesha and Ranveer avoid making eye contact in an awkward manner
Shesha: I know Aunty, sorry for showing up without notice but I had come here for Ragini now that I’ve met her I’m done here so I guess I should be leaving
Sudha: I see. Anyways take care
Shesha: Thanks
And then they hug and Shesha leaves. And then everyone disperses

Scene 2
As Shesha was leaving feeling a bit sad deep down she gets a call from Shivanya which she picks up as she was going to start her scooty/bike
Shesha: Hello di
Shivanya: Shesha guess what?
Shesha: What happened did the plan go well
Shivanya: No the plan flopped
Shesha: Ok then why do you sound so happy?
Shivanya: Because Rithik was going to propose me too and he actually did
Shesha: Wow Di! Congratz!
Shivanya: Come over fast!
Shesha: Come where?
Shivanya: Home where else?
Shesha: I would love to but right now I have to go somewhere else for an interview, as soon as I’m done with it we’ll discuss it together with Ishaani as well
Shivanya: Ok then Bye!
Shesha: Bye!
And the call disconnects and we Shesha head to work on her scooty/bike.
Scene 3
At the Police station
As Ishaani finished her work for the day she began to wonder what happened to the kid from earlier and wanted to ensure that he was ok, however she had no clue on how to find out the same. Hence she decides to enquire at the nearby police station if an accident case was registered.
Approaches the police inspector at the desk
Ishaani: Excuse me! I have come to make an enquiry here
Inspector: Ok, have a seat. What have you come to enquire?
Ishaani: Today afternoon a ten year old boy met with an accident here, I wanted to know if a case was registered regarding the same
Inspector: And why do you want to know about it?
Ishaani: Actually I was going to report that motorist but then a certain person assured me that the kid would receive medical attention, so I am asking just to be sure
Inspector: Ok, let me just check however this would take a while, would you be able to wait for around half an hour
Ishaani: Yes, No problem

After 30 minutes
Inspector: I’m sorry but it appears that there wasn’t any such case registered today. I have checked with the nearby stations as well and didn’t really get an affirmative response
This didn’t really please Ishaani and she began to curse herself for letting the motorist get away.
Ishaani: Is there any other way to find out about that person?
Inspector: If we had some kind of record or Document to identify him or even his car’s number plate then it would have been easier
And then she remembered that Ranveer had clicked a picture of both
Ishaani: If that’s all I guess I could get that
Inspector: That’s great!
However Ishaani doesn’t have Ranveer’s contact and his contact details were registered at the clinic which was closed right now. So she goes home.
Scene 4 (Final Scene)
At the Kapoor Mansion
Shesha had just reached home from work and began to park her bike out near the garage, While on the side we can see Ishaani also entering through the main gate. As Shesha had parked her bike she sees Ishaani enter and goes to greet her.
Shesha: Hi Ishaani di! How was your day? Where’s your bike?
Ishaani: Its being repaired I’ll go pick it up tomorrow. You tell me how was your day?
Shesha: It was fine
Ishaani: Just fine not good?
Shesha: Same thing, By the way guess what happened with Shivanya di
Ishaani: What happened?
Shesha: I asked you to guess.
Ishaani: Just tell me what happened
Shesha: Nevermind.. Shivanya got proposed by her boyfriend Rithik today
Ishaani: Wow! That’s great news. Finally! Let’s get in fast and meet di
Shesha: Yes

And then they go inside and meet Shivanya in her room.
Ishaani: Congratz Di, finally your boyfriend proposed you at last
Shesha: yeah and you won’t believe it came on the exact same day Di was going to propose him
Ishaani: Really? (Turns and looks at Shivanya)
Shivanya: Yes, I was going to propose him but then my plan flopped because of the light
Ishaani: Why because of the light?
Shesha: Yes Di, Why because of the light?
And then Shivanya tells them the whole story
(Flash backs: Rivanya proposal scenes)
Ishaani: When will you tell maa and papa about this?
Shivanya: I’ll tell her soon, but let Rithik come and meet them first, then they’ll come to know about everything
And then suddenly we hear Priya who just enters the room ask
Priya: What are you going to tell us and what will we come to know?
End of the Episode

(Pre-cap: Rithik comes and meets Shivanya’s parents)

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