Rivanya(Naagin), Ishveer (MATSH) ,Raina (PMHDM) and Ragsan ff – My love is only for u ( Episode 4)

Part – 1
It’s Raghav and Naina wedding day
In Afternoon
The Hall was decorated beautifully with red yellow and white roses and in middle mandap was present.
The Bride groom entered with his family and all were welcomed by Naina’s mother Asha and Asha started a rasam with Raghav and welcomed in and after that there was one more rasam was left of pulling of nose of Raghav .
Asha: pulled nose of Raghav

In bride’s room

Some ladies were helping in Naina to get ready and after couple of min Naina was ready and she was looking beautiful and they were waiting for panditji to call .
In hall
Raghav : constantly seeing at stairs
Veer saw this and said Raghav bhaiya yah sab aap ke liye organise kiya gaya hai aur aap nazre upar jamaaye ho
Raghav: Veer…woh…
Veer: jaanta hu ” Naina ka wait kar rahe ho na
Raghav: ” haan veer”
Veer: aa rahi hogi…Raghav bhaiya aap aaram se baitho
Panditji: kanya ko bulaiye
Asha went to call Naina and when Naina came Raghav was stunned to see her. she looked very beautiful . Naina was wearing maroon colored lehenga with golden work on it .
The rasam started and Raghav and Naina took “saat phere”and after phere Raghav filled Naina mang with sindoor and at last Raghav tied magalasutra around Naina’s neck
Panditiji: Declares Raghav and Naina as Husband and Wife.

In the Evening

A beautiful stage has been setup where two chairs are there for bride and groom
In Raghav and Naina’s Room
Raghav: comes after taking shower and takes out his suit which red shirt and black trousers and black coat .and comes downstairs where stage is and sits on chair and waits for naina to come .
Naina: goes to bathroom and takes shower and comes and wear red lace saree and comes downstairs where the stage is and sits next to Raghav .
All the guests arrive for reception Of Raghav and Naina.

At last Mahesh ,Nishtha, Vikram and Divya arrives for reception of Raghav and Naina
Naina: gets happy to see her Nishtha massi with whole family and hugs her massi .
Nishtha: Naina your mihir uncle and his family has send best wishes for both of you .
Naina: Massi can you say him thank you
Nishtha : ok sure i will do it
Naina: Thanks massi
Divya and Vikram: Hugs their di & Jiju and gives best wishes for happy married life.
Naina& Raghav: thank you
Mahesh: Gives his blessing to Naina and Raghav to stay happily married ever.
Raghav and Naina : Thank you
After some family photos are taken
last event of Reception was Dance of Raghav and Naina .
Raghav and Naina danced on song Kurbaan hua sensuously and all clapped at their dance .
After reception was over each and every guest left for their homes
Raghav and Naina were tried and wanted some rest so they went to their room and changed into night dress and slept peacefully in arms.

Part 2
At Kala Pradarshan Theatre
At the Kala Pradarshan Theatre we see shivanya discussing her plan with her old friends and classmates from college who run a drama or theatrical company together for which Shivanya designs and supplies costumes. While the rest of the troupe was busy rehearsing for their musical play Shivanya’s friend Alka informs everyone about Shivanya’s proposal plan to them and asks them to help out with the set up and everything else to which they agree
Shivanya: Thank you so much Alka!
Alka: There’s no need to thank us, you’re our friend! We would be more than happy to help you here!
And then they began with the set up and execution of the plan

In the meantime
We see Rithik reach at kala pradarshan and is parking his car outside. Before he gets out he makes a call
Rithik: You know where to come and what to right?
Stranger: Yes Sir! We’ll be coming there shortly
Rithik: Good!
And then he disconnects the line and heads inside where Shivanya was waiting for him. As he enters he sees that the troupe members were doing a dress rehearsal while Shivanya was busy helping them out. He calls out to her
Rithik: Hi! What’s all this going on here?
Shivanya: Alka’s theatre group is having a dress rehearsal so I am helping her out with the fittings and everything as well
Rithik: If you are busy helping her out then when exactly are you going to discuss that important thing and why here?
Shivanya: You’ll find out soon. Right now I’ll have to go help Alka till then why don’t you have a seat in the audience area?

Rithik: All that’s fine but when will you be done with this
Shivanya: I can’t say exactly but please wait for me either way
Alka: Shivanya! Please come here to help Riya with her costume
Shivanya: Yes sure! Sorry I’ll talk to you later
Rithik: But Shivanya wait..
And then Shivanya goes to help Alka and Riya with the costume fittings. Rithik’s phone begins to ring and he receives the call
Caller: Sir, Sorry I think we’ll be a little late since we’re stuck in traffic, but don’t worry we’ll make it there within ten minutes

Rithik: Ten minutes?! Wait a minute
Caller: Sir Sorry I can’t hear you well
Rithik: HELLO?Can you hear me?
And then the line got disconnected, he tried to call again but the call was not received as it appeared to be switched off
Rithik: What do I do now? Shivanya is busy and even if those people come I don’t think she would be able to see it as she is busy with work right now
Rithik is anxiously thinking of a way to fix the situation and hence he goes out and waits to stop and give new instructions to the people who are supposed to help him propose Shivanya
Back at the hall
We see Shivanya helping Riya with the dress fittings while Alka just comes in
Alka: Rithik just left the hall, what do we do now
Ria: Don’t worry we’ll call him right before we begin
Shivanya: Yes, let’s just focus on the set up right now, and also ask the sound guy to take care of the music
Alka: Ok

Outside the hall after 10 minutes passed the people who were supposed to help Rithik propose Shivanya arrived
Rithik: Listen, there is a slight change in plan, we’ll do the proposal only when you get my signal which would be a missed call ok? Did you understand?
Helpers: Yes Sir, till then we’ll wait outside and come in only after you give the miss call

Rithik: Good, Now I’ll be going back inside then
When Rithik went back inside he couldn’t find Shivanya anywhere however the play rehearsal had begun where the actors who were dressed in their costumes began acting out their roles. A while later he sees a person and makes the missed call then goes to her and gently drags her outside near the exit where the helpers begin playing the music and released confetti. Just as Rithik turned and kneeled to propose he saw that he dragged the wrong person
Rithik: Sorry! I thought you were my girl friend Shivanya
Girl: Don’t worry it happens
And then the girl goes back inside
Helper: Now what do we do? The plan just backfired
Rithik: There’s nothing you’ll can do here now. So you’ll can go now! I’ll have to propose her without this now
Helper: We’re Sorry
Rithik: It’s not your fault, I should have been more attentive here. It’s fine you’ll can go
And then Rithik goes back inside the hall where the rehearsal was going on a bit disappointed with how things turned out and then suddenly the lights go out
Rithik: Wow this must really be a bad day since I’m coming across a lot of hurdles
And then we see the spotlight switch on and fall on stage where we see a lady with a red mask on dressed in a beautiful red evening gown holding a bouquet or red roses. At first Rithik doesn’t pay much attention to her until she starts moving toward him and then stops very close near him.
Rithik: I’m sorry can I help you with something?

The masked Lady dressed in Red hands the bouquet to him and leaves. Baffled he begins to wonder what’s going on.
Later on the whole stage lights up and we see the people onstage dance on Khoya Khoya Chand Rehta Hai by Babul Supriyo and Alka Yagnik for sometime after whie we see another girl dressed in a pink ball gown like a princess and that girl was none other than Shivanya enter the stage who then begins to join them and starts dancing with another random dancer confusing Rithik even more. Once the dance ended all the dancers get behind Shivanya and pick up some big placards with big Alphabets printed on however before Rithik could read it the hall gets struck by a powercut causing a black out which ruins everything for Shivanya’s proposal
Rithik goes up onstage worried to Shivanya
Rithik: Shivanya where are you? Shivanya

And then he hears her voice from the back
Shivanya: Yes I’m here
Rithik follows her voice and goes near to her
Rithik: What’s going on and why are you on stage
Shivanya: If this light hadn’t gone you would have found out. (Sounding disappointed )
Rithik: Ok, Let’s do one thing , let’s go to a well lit area for the time being
Shivanya: Ok
And as they began to move out they both began to think that it’s now or never and they have to make their first move.
Shivanya: Rithik wait, there’s something I want to tell you first
Rithik: I know and there’s something I have to tell you as well
Shivanya: Really? What is it?
Rithik: I’ll tell you but you have something to say as well right and you brought it up first so I’ll listen to you at the moment
Shivanya: No that’s fine I guess you have something important to say as well
Rithik: No that’s fine you go first
Shivanya: I told you its fine you tell me first
Rithik: Ladies first
Shivanya: Don’t use that here
Rithik: Ok

Frustrated the both decide to speak regardless of who goes first, and then they pause and both propose each other in Unison
And we have another pause and then the song Tumhi dekho na from Kabhi Alvida na Kehna plays as the background music
And then after realizing what they said the lights suddenly come back on where Rithik then notices scrambled letters placards held by the dancers earlier on stage as they had been moving around trying to find their way in the dark
Rithik then realizes what was going on and then lifts Shivanya up and starts swirling around.
Rithik: This is what I wanted to do a while ago but then plan became a flop since I nearly ended up..
Shivanya: Nearly ended up what?
Rithik: Never mind it doesn’t matter now
And then he puts Shivanya back down and kneels to propose her once again with everyone else giving them applauding them from the background, which she accepts. (Background music continues towards the end)

(Pre-cap: Shesha is chatting with Ragini in the Raheja mansion where they are seen discussing something)

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