Rivanya(Naagin), Ishveer (MATSH) ,Raina (PMHDM) and Ragsan ff – My love is only for u ( Episode 3)

Scene 1
Ranveer enters the clinic reception where Sudha was waiting for him, as he enters he goes straight to her and hands her the bottle of water while he opens he begins to munch on his snacks(Kurkure Masala Munch)
Sudha: What took you so long? Isn’t the kirana store just 5 minutes away?
Ranveer: Yes it is but then an unexpected event that had occurred stalled me for quite a while
Sudha: And what would this unexpected event be that it happened to stall you for a while?
Ranveer: Well mom, while coming from the store I saw a girl having a verbal spat with a motorist who was driving in an irresponsible manner as a result of which he got a child injured who then began to misbehave with her. Now as a responsible I couldn’t just stand and watch what was happening so I decided to intervene before things got worse.
Sudha: Why didn’t you call the police?
Ranveer: I could have called the police but that could have delayed the child from getting the medical attention which he needed first, plus I made sure to take care of this later
Sudha: I see, by the way was she pretty?
Ranveer: Who? And why are you asking this all of a sudden?
Sudha: No reason just asking?
Ranveer: Don’t tell me you think I helped her because she was pretty?!
Sudha: That means she was pretty!
Ranveer: Mom! (Makes a face)
Sudha: I’m just pulling your leg, I know you’d help anyone in need
Receptionist: Number 101! You can go to the Doctor’s cabin
Sudha: Ah look! I guess the substitute doctor has come
Ranveer: Yes but why has that receptionist sent the other patient first inspite of us having an appointment here?
Sudha: That’s right we should have been sent first
Ranveer approaches the receptionist and begins to argue with her once again
Receptionist: Sir I understand that you’ll have an appointment here at the clinic however the concerned doctor who was supposed to attend your mother has taken an emergency leave as a result of which all the appointments scheduled earlier got cancelled. The substitute doctor is hence attending the patients on a first come first serve basis at the moment.
Ranveer: Can’t the substitute make an exception here? We have been waiting for two long hours in spite of fixing an appointment earlier plus look at the time now
Receptionist: Sir, I understand your concern and apologize for the inconvenience caused but please bear in mind that there are other patients here having appointments too and they having been waiting long enough as well , but due to the unexpected leave taken by our GP we are currently unable to accommodate all the appointments made earlier.
Ranveer: So what do you suggest we do now?
Receptionist: Sir if you want I can take down your name for an appointment tomorrow

Just as Ranveer was about to consider it Sudha calls him and says that they would wait for their turn
Ranveer: Mom, Why did you agree to wait?
Sudha: Son I know you have a lot of work to do and you have taken out time specially for this, keeping this mind I don’t want you to lose track because of this.
Ranveer: Mom Rithik bhaiya is there to handle everything for the time being so you don’t worry
Sudha: Yes I know he can handle, but I also know how important your presence and support at work means to him and the company which is why I would rather get done with this is appointment right away.
Ranveer: But Mom?!
Sudha: No buts here just do as I say ok
Ranveer: As you wish
Scene 2
Rithik has just finished signing the contract with his new business associate Mr. Viren Maheshwari and once everything has been completed they both go out for lunch as a friendly gesture at Zodiac Bistro ( Same restaurant that Maya Sarabhai from Sarabhai VS Sarabhai loves ).
At the Restaurant
Viren: Rithik I am very happy that I have chosen to partner with Raheja industries for our latest venture.
Rithik: It will be a pleasure working with you too, but let’s not talk about work right now and just focus on what we’ll be having for lunch
Viren: Yes ofcourse
And then they call the waiter who takes their order and later after a while comes and serves the same. While they are halfway done they begin with their small talk
Viren: So Rithik are you married?
Rithik: Not yet
Viren: How come? You see to be a pretty eligible bachelor how is it that you still haven’t found a girl
Rithik: Oh it’s not like that, I do have a girlfriend just that I haven’t proposed her yet
Viren: How long have you’ll been dating?
Rithik: Almost 5 years
Viren: And you still haven’t proposed?
Rithik: what can I do just didn’t find the right time or moment for it yet
Viren: Well there is no right time! Trust me if you keep delaying she might lose interest or move on
Rithik: You seem to know a lot about these things
Viren: Learnt this the hard way
Rithik: Oh… sounds like there’s a story here
Viren: Yeah I used to have a girlfriend too but like you I too gave work a lot of priority as a result of which I lost her to another guy
Rithik: So what happened next? Did you manage to win her back?
Viren: Unfortunately no… But I found someone even better who now happens to be my wife, we got married just two months back
Rithik: Wow congratz on that!
Viren: Thanks! But seriously you need to buck up here or you might lose the girl
Rithik: Yes I suppose, I’ll go buy her the ring and propose her at the world’s best restaurant
Viren: Well go ahead! Better now or never

A while later Rithik’s phone starts ringing. He takes the phone and sees that it’s Shivanya’s call, he excuses himself and takes the call
Rithik: Yes Shivanya tell me?
Shivanya: Yes Shivanya tell me? No hi no Hello? What is this a business call?
Rithik: Sorry Sorry I was with a client a while back
Shivanya: Is it the same person you got the contract signed with?
Rithik: Yes!
Shivanya: I see, anyways congrats on that once again! Anyways I wanted to know are you free this evening?
Rithik: I don’t really know but why?
Shivanya: There’s something important I want to tell and discuss with you
Rithik gets a little anxious on hearing this
Rithik: What is that has to be discussed cant you do it on the phone?
Shivanya: No we have to meet for this! (Shivanya’s thought: How else would I execute my proposal if we don’t meet?)
Rithik: Ok but where do we meet?
Shivanya: Meet me at Kala pradarshan theatre
Rithik: Why there?
Shivanya: Don’t ask too many questions and just come here
Rithik: Ok
Shivanya: Bye!
Rithik: Bye!
And then Rithik goes back to his table with a worried look on his face which Viren notices
Viren: What happened? You look really worried all of a sudden
Rithik: My girlfriend just called and said she wanted to meet me in person to discuss something important
Viren: So what’s there to be worried about here?
Rithik: I think what you told me about your girlfriend might happen here
Viren: You’re overthinking this
Rithik: I hope I am
Viren: In that case why don’t get over with this?
Rithik: Excuse me?
Viren: I meant make your move today in that case! Where has she called you?
Rithik: At the theatre
Viren: That’s even better! Good luck with your proposal
Rithik: Thanks

And once the lunch is over Rithik heads to the jewellery store to get a ring to propose Shivanya before meeting her

Scene 3
At the Clinic
As another hour passed Ranveer noticed Sudha’s face turn slightly paler which began to worry him
Ranveer: Mom are you okay?
Sudha: Yes son I am fine ( answering in not a very convincing manner)
Ranveer: Mom why don’t we go out and eat something for the time being
Sudha: It’s okay, I guess our turn will come soon
Ranveer: Forget about that I’ll speak to the receptionist regarding this
Ranveer goes and requests the receptionist to keep their turn on hold as they are going out to eat food and let them in the doctor’s cabin as soon as they come back to which the receptionist agrees
Ranveer: Mom she has agreed now let’s go and get you something to eat
Sudha: Ok son lets go
As Sudha gets up and begin to leave ahead she faints right before Ranveer who holds on to her to prevent her fall. In a state of panic Ranveer goes to the receptionist and demands to see the doctor while the remaining patients surround Sudha trying to help her get up. The receptionist calls and informs the doctor about the situation and assures Ranveer that the doctor will be there soon to address the matter while Ranveer on the other hand began to panic and argue with the receptionist.
As Ranveer didn’t want to wait any longer he decided to take his mother to the doctors room himself rather than waiting for her but just as he was about to do that he notices a lady with a white coat whose back was facing him trying to resuscitate his mother through CPR. Annoyed he approaches her and pulls her away from Sudha only to learn that the Doctor is none other than the girl he helped earlier.
Ishaani: What are doing? ( Ishaani asks annoyed until she realized that Ranveer is the same person who helped her earlier) Hey you’re the same person who helped me earlier
Ranveer: Yes, and can you explain what you’re doing right now to my mother?
Ishaani: She is your mother? (Looks back and forth between Sudha and Ranveer )
What does it look like? I’m trying to help her! Get her to the ER quickly
Ranveer carries his mother to the ER and places her on the check up bed where Doctor Ishaani examines an unconscious Sudha and places her in a position to allow her brain to get sufficient oxygen supply. After a while when Sudha gains consciousness Ishaani gives her some sweetened juice.
Ranveer: What are you doing? My mother is a diabetes patient!
Ishaani: Yes I know that which is why I am giving her this right now since she needs it the most!
Ranveer: Can you explain?
Ishaani: You’re mother at the moment is hypoglycemic which means suffering from low blood sugar. Yes this can happen even in diabetic patients. I believe had skipped her meal right because of which the insulin levels spiked up causing her blood sugar to go down and collapse all of a sudden.
After drinking the Juice Sudha felt better
Ishaani: How are you feeling now?
Sudha: Much better!
And then they proceed with the check up and once they were done Ranveer asks her the reason for why she was late to report on duty
Ishaani: I work as a GP at another branch of this clinic and at the same time do pro bono work for an NGO called Lifeline that organizes free health checkups for the economically weaker sections of our society. Today I was engaged with one of those drives which happens to be miles away from this place until I was notified of Dr. Lata’s sudden leave today.
After knowing Ishaani’s side of the story Ranveer felt bad about cursing her for coming in late
Sudha: I see, you must be a very busy person then but what you’re doing is impressive as well
Ishaani: Thank you, but I guess not everyone understand this (she says this while looking at Ranveer)
Sudha looks at Ranveer and realizes what Ishaani meant and gives Ranveer a nudge hinting at what he needs to do
Ranveer: I am sorry about how I behaved and what I said to your clinic staff earlier. I didn’t really think..
Ishaani: It’s alright! You’re not really the first one to have this impression, but yes you do owe our receptionist an apology though!
Sudha: Don’t worry, I’ll make sure he apologises before leaving! Right son?
Ranveer gives Sudha an affirming nod.
Ranveer: I guess we’re done here so lets leave mom ( Flustered )
Sudha: Ok son, (turns to Ishaani ) It was a pleasure meeting you
Sudha and Ranveer then leave the clinic and head back home.
Scene 4
At the Rahejas Mansion
Mihir who was about to go upstairs to his room hears the phone ring and answers it
Mihir: Hello!
Caller: Hello Bhaiya! Happy Wedding Anniversary in advance!
Mihir: Mahesh! Thank you so much! How are you and how is everyone in Austria?
Mahesh: I am fine and So is Nishtha and Vikram
Mihir: Tomorrow is Nishtha’s niece’s wedding right? How are the preparations going?
Mahesh: They’re going well! The wedding ceremony will take place tomorrow in the afternoon while the reception will be later in the evening
Mihir: I see! Give Naina and her groom our best wishes! By the way you are coming to India for our anniversary right?
Mahesh: Yes ofcourse! In Fact Vikram also wanted to come to India to make his documentary movie on something in India while Divya has been missing Ragini a lot so you can take that as a yes!
Mihir: Brilliant! It’s been a very long time since we’ve seen Vikram and Divya! Rithik, Ragini and Ranveer will really be happy to see them too
Mahesh: Yes of course! Finally we can have our family reunion!
Mihir: Yes definitely! Anyways take care
Mahesh: You too! Bye
Mihir: Bye!
And then Mihir puts the landline down when the doorbell rings. As he opens the door the episode ends!!

( Precap: Naina and Raghav marriage ceremony takes place in Austria shortly after which we see them dancing at the Reception while on the Other hand in India we see Shivanya execute her proposal in style at the Kala Pradarshan Theatre hall on stage)

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