Rivanya(Naagin), Ishveer (MATSH) ,Raina (PMHDM) and Ragsan ff – My love is only for u ( Episode 22)


Episode 22

In Morning
At Raheja Mansion
In Ranveer’s room
Ranveer: wakes up with smiling face and remembers his love confession to Ishaani . then he goes to bathroom and comes back after getting fresh and goes downstairs and asks maa to give him coffee.
In Kitchen
Sudha and Nishtha : tells Ranveer to wait till everybody comes downstairs .
Ranveer: ok and tells to maa that he has confessed his love to Ishaani yesterday.
Sudha: gets happy for Ranveer and tells him keep her happy .
Ranveer: yeah maa I will do that only .
After some time everyone came downstairs and asked for tea and coffee .
In kitchen
Sudha and Nishtha : starts making coffee and tea for everyone after 15 min tea and coffee are ready and gives it to them
Everyone drinks their tea and coffee and after drinking tea and coffee everybody leaves to their room .

At Kapoor Mansion
In Ishaani’s room
Ishaani: wakes up and goes to bathroom and comes back after getting fresh and goes downstairs and asks maa to give her coffee.
In Kitchen
Priya: makes coffee for Ishaani and after 16 min coffee is ready and gives it to her .
Ishaani : drinks her coffee and tells maa that she confessed her love to Ranveer .
Priya: gets happy and hugs Ishaani and tells her always stay faithful and truthful to him .
Ishaani: yeah maa I will always stay faithful and truthful to him .
After couple of min Ram comes downstairs and asks for tea .
Priya: gives tea to ram
Ram : drinks his tea and notices Ishaani is very happy and asks her what is reason for happiness
Ishaani: papa I have confessed my love to Ranveer
Ram: gets happy for his daughter and tell her to stay happy .
In Shesha
Shesha: wakes up and goes to bathroom and comes back after getting fresh and goes downstairs and asks maa to give her coffee .
Priya : gives her coffee
Shesha: drinks her coffee and tells to vikram is so nice as Ranveer and Ritik jiju is
Priya: gets happy for her daughter .
Shesha: leaves back to room to get ready for Office
Back at Raheja Mansion
Mihir : calls Ram he wants to meet him
Ram : picks up phone and sees it’s Mihir phone and says hello
Mihir : hello ram I want to meet you
Ram : ok we can meet at my office
Mihir : ok done and disconnects the call
Ram : also disconnects the call
In Ragini’s room
Ragini: gets ready for college and comes downstairs haves her breakfast and leaves for college .

In Germany
At Ritz Calton Hotel
In Rivanya’s room
Shivanya: wakes up and sees Ritik sleeping with smile on his face places a forehead kiss and goes to bathroom and comes back after getting fresh and orders coffee for her and Ritik .
Ritik: wakes up and goes to bathroom and comes back after getting fresh and waits for coffee
Waiter: brings coffee for both and gives it to them and leaves back
Both have their coffee and calls waiter to take cups back .
Waiter: comes back and takes back cups and leaves
Ritik: tells to Shivanya that today they will go on and see some acients buildings and swimming pool
Shivanya: ok smiles
Both are ready after 36 min and leaves their hotel
At Brandenburg Gate
Both Ritik and Shivanya reaches their and sees the brandenburg gate
Shivanya: tells to take a pic
Ritik: takes pic from mobile
Then both take their selfie over there and leaves that place and goes next place .

Back in India
At College
In Class
we see a lecture is going on by professor after 30 min bells rings and period gets over .
In free time
Ragini , Piya , Rahul and Sanskar are talking about project
Ragini: don’t worry I have already started collecting data for project
Piya : gets happy with Ragini’s work and hugs her
Ragini: hugs her back
Sanskar : impressed by Ragini work on project
Ragini: tells to sanskar that whom she’s best friend she is
Sanskar: smiles
Back in Germany
At Charlottenburg Palace
Both Ritik and Shivanya reaches at Charlottenburg Palace and goes inside and sees the palace and after 29 min leaves for next place .
After that Ritik and Shivanya goes on shopping for all and goes to bakery to eat something

At Bakery
Ritik: a chocopie please for me and her
Shopkeeper: ok sir and gives them
Both Ritik and Shivanya haves chocopie and pays the bill and leaves the place
Back in India
At Ram Office
Mihir : reaches ram office goes and meets him
Ram : asks what happened Mihir
Mihir : tells to Ram that they have not gifted anything to Ritik and Shivanya for marriage .
Ram : yeah u are right we have not given any gift to them
Mihir: I have idea how about a car
Ram: ok
Mihir: tells we will gift a lamborghini aventador to them
Ram: ok done
After that Mihir leaves Ram office and goes back to his office

At Office
In Raveer’s cabin
Ranveer: losts in thoughts of Ishaani
At Cilnic
Ishaani: lost in thoughts of Ranveer
Both are missing each other very much .
Back in Germany
At Museum Island
Both Ritik and Shivanya reaches a museum and sees acient arts and scripts in museum after seeing full museum in 1 hrs they leave back for hotel .
Back in India
At Taj Hotel
Raghav and Naina : checks out of hotel and leaves for Airport to take plane for Austria .
At Airport
Naina: tells Raghav that she is hungry
Raghav: goes and brings something to eat for her
After that both they board plane to Austria
Back in Germany
Ritz Calton Hotel
Ritik : asks on counter is swimming pool available for sometime alone
Counter: yes it is available
Ritik: thank you and leaves with Shivanya to their room

In Rivanya’s room
Both takes their swimming costumes and leaves for swimming pool .
At Swimming pool
Both goes inside Swimming pool and starts kiss each other on lips
After 20 min scene shifts to their room again
In Rivanya’s room
In Bathroom
Both take shower together (love me like you do is playing in background) after 10 min both comes out bathrobe .
Ritik: Takes her in arms and lays her on bed .
Shivanya: pulls him closer and kisses him on lips
Ritik: kisses back and opens her bathrobe
Shivanya: opens the bathrobe of Ritik also and kisses him again
Ritik : starts to kiss on her lips and neck then he cover with quilt and starts kissing all over her and both slept in each other arms peacefully .
Back in India
In Evening
Ragini: returns back from college and straight goes to room and changes her clothes and comes downstairs and starts watching Tv .
After some time Mihir and Ranveer returned back from office
At news location site
Shesha: covering a news about a corrupt minister who has takes money and makes black money
After covering news she was going back to scooty she sees vikram and goes to him .
Vikram: gets happy on seeing shesha
Both starts talking but after couple min it started raining heavily
Shesha: starts enjoying like a little girl
Vikram : sees Shesha enjoying rain gets happy for her and goes and hugs her from back .
Both starts romancing in rain on song cham cham .
After 40 min rain stopped both left for their homes .

At Kapoor Mansion
Shesha: returns back home fully wet and straight goes to her and drys her up and changes in night dress and goes downstairs and asks for food
All have their dinner together and leaves for their room and slept peacefully .
At Raheja Mansion
Vikram : returns back home fully wet and divya sees this
Divya: asks her bhaiya how are wet .
Vikram : tells it started raining when he was shooting for movie .
Divya: ok and tells go and dry yourself or you will catch cold .
Vikram: ok and goes to his room and fuuly drys himself and comes downstairs and asks for food .
At Dining Table
Sudha and Nishtha : serves food to all
All have their dinner and after they watch tv for while after that they talk for while and then everyone goes to their bedroom and slept peacefully .

Precap: Ritik and Shivanya retuns back from honeymoon , Raghav and Naina reaches Austria .

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