Rivanya(Naagin), Ishveer (MATSH) ,Raina (PMHDM) and Ragsan ff – My love is only for u ( Episode 21)

In Morning
At Kapoor Mansion

In Ishaani’s room
Ishaani: wakes up and goes to bathroom and comes back after getting fresh and goes in Shesha’s room to wake her up .
In Shesha’s room
Ishaani: opens the door of room and goes inside and wakes her up .
Shesha: wakes up and hugs her di and Ishaani tells her come downstairs fast so we can have coffee together . after that Ishaani goes downstairs and Shesha goes to bathroom and comes back after getting fresh and goes and asks maa to give coffee .

In Kitchen

Priya : makes coffee for Shesha and Ishaani and after 16 min coffee is ready and gives it them .
Both Shesha and Ishaani : drinks their coffee and tells maa that today we are going date with Vikram and Ranveer.
Priya: what when did this happen tell me
Ishaani and Shesha: tells everything to maa
Priya: gets happy and hugs his daughters and tells them enjoy .
Both Shesha and Ishaani leaves happily from their . after some time Ram came down and asked for tea .
Priya: gives him tea and tells now your both daughters Shesha and Ishaani have started falling in love with Ranveer and Vikram .
Ram: what when this started tell me priya .
Priya: tells everything to Ram .

Ram : smiles and feels happy for Ishaani and Shesha and after drinking tea leaves back to his room .
At Raheja Mansion
In Ranveer’s room
Ranveer: wakes up and goes to bathroom and comes back after getting fresh and goes downstairs and asks maa to give her coffee.

In Kitchen

Sudha and Nishtha : tells Ranveer to wait for Ragini , Divya , Vikram , Papa and Uncle .
Ranveer: ok and till he decide to go and wake up Ragini and Divya both
In Ragini’s room
Ranveer: opens the door and goes inside the room and starts to wake up both Ragini and Divya.
Ragini: wakes up and sees Ranveer bhaiya and hugs him and asks him when he come to college of her .

Ranveer : by 1:30 PM
Ragini: ok and smiles
Divya: also wakes up and hugs Ranveer Bhaiya
Ranveer : tells them come downstairs fast so we can have coffee together .
Both Ragini and Divya says just give us 6 min we come downstairs as soon we can .
Ranveer: leaves back for Downstairs
In Living room
We see Mihir and Mahesh are having Tea together and after drinking tea both watches Tv .

After couple min later
Vikram , Ragini , Divya comes downstairs asks for Coffee.
In Kitchen
Sudha and Nishtha: are making Coffee for Ranveer , Ragini , Vikram and Divya and after 16 min coffee is ready and gives it to them .
All drinks their coffee and goes back to their rooms .
In Germany
At Ritz Calton Hotel
In Rivanya’s room
Shivanya: wakes up and goes to bathroom and comes back after getting fresh and orders Coffee for her and Ritik .

Ritik: wakes up and goes to bathroom and comes back after getting fresh and tells Shivanya that we are going sigh sighting in germany .
Shivanya: ok smiles
After that both drinks their coffee and gives back to waiter who brought cup.
Both Ritik and Shivanya takes shower one by one and leaves for sigh sightings in Germany .
At Nueschwanstein Castle
Both Ritik and Shivanya reaches Nueschwanstein Castle and goes inside and sees castle from inside .

Shivanya: loving the castle very much and asks Ritik to take her pic .
Ritik: Takes a pic of her from camera and then they a pic of both which is taken by someone for them and at last Ritik says thanks to him .
After that Ritik and Shivanya leaves for Camping Europa Park .
At Camping Europa Park
Both Ritik and Shivanya reaches the camping europa park and goes inside
First they go on all water rides then fun rides .
Back in India
At Raheja Mansion
In Raveer’s room
Ranveer : goes to bathroom and takes shower and comes back and takes out his suit from cupboard and wears it and goes downstairs for breakfast .
In Ragini’s room
Ragini: goes to bathroom and takes shower and comes back and takes out his dress from cupboard and wears it and goes downstairs for breakfast .
In Vikram’s room
Vikram : goes to bathroom and takes shower and comes back and takes out his dress from cupboard and wears it and goes downstairs for breakfast .
All have their breakfast and after breakfast Mihir and Ranveer leaves for Office . Ragini goes to College

At Office
Both Ranveer and Mihir reaches Office and starts working on project of Mehra’s
In Ranveer’s cabin
Ranveer: calls Ishaani
At Clinic
Ishaani: sees it’s Ranveer phone picks it up and says hello
Ranveer: also says hello and asks her would she come out on date with her .
Ishaani : yes sure and smiles .
Ranveer: smiles and tells her wear something nice .
Ishaani: ok sure and disconnects the call .

Ranveer: also disconnects the call .
Back in Germany
At Camping Europa Park .
Ritik and Shivanya are amazing time over there and after 2 hrs of fun there they go to muessm of Germany .
At Berlin Muessum
Ritik and Shivanya : watching ancient history of germany in muessum . after touring for muessum for full they decide to go back hotel .
Back In India
At College
In Class
Professor : tells to students you have 1 month to complete this project and after this there will be final semester exams for all of you .
Students : ok sir .
After this bell ring and period got over
During free time
Ragini: tells Sanskar we have to finish this project in one month .
Sanskar: yeah Ragini I know that .
Both Piya and Rahul comes says we should starts our project from today only what do you say guys .
Ragini and Sanskar : yes we should start our project from today only .
At Office

In Ranveer’s cabin
Ranveer: decides to go Ragini’s college to meet vicky and leaves his office and reaches college of Ragini.
Back at College
Ranveer: goes and meets principal of college

In Principal office
Ranveer: talking to principal about incident of Ragini done by vicky .
Principal: tells to Ranveer that he is sick of vicky antics in college he has tried many times but vicky is uncontrollable
Ranveer: after talking for while with principal of College he leaves his office and when he comes out he boy and that boy is Vicky who is laughing like a crazy .Ranveer sees this burns from inside and goes to him.
Vicky: sees a man coming to him and that man is none other then Ranveer himself .
Ranveer: gives a tight slap to vicky and says can’t you have little bit respect for girls and women .
Vicky: embarrassed infornt of Ranveer does not says anything
Before leaving Ranveer warns him to stay away from Ragini or something bad will happen and leaves college.
Back in Germany
Ritik and Shivanya : reaches back to their hotel and goes inside the room .
Ritik: takes Shivanya in his arms and goes inside bathroom and starts shower and starts kissing on her neck (Love me like you do is playing in Background)
Shivanya: enjoys and opens shirt of Ritik .
Both takes shower together and kisses each other . after 30 min both comes out in towel only
Ritik: takes her in arms and lays on bed and starts kissing her on lips
Shivanya: kisses back passionately .
Ritik : removes her towel and covers with quilt and starts kissing all over her body and both slept in each other arms .

Back in India
In evening
Ragini: returns back home from college and tells maa to give something to eat .
In Kitchen
Sudha: makes something for Ragini to eat and 18 min it is ready and she gives it to her .
Ragini: starts eating and in 10 min she finishes it and washes her hands and goes back to her room .
After sometime Mihir and Ranveer returns back from office and Ranveer leaves for his room to get ready for date with Ishaani .
In Ranveer’s room
Ranveer: takes a quick shower and wears his best suit and leaves for to pick up Ishaani from Kapoor Mansion and reaches in 30 min to Kapoor Mansion .
Ishaani: comes out wearing a red gown and she is looking very beautiful.
Ranveer: gets lost in her beauty and tells she is looking very beautiful today .
Ishaani: blushes and says thanks
Ranveer: your welcome .

Both leaves for some place where Ranveer has booked a special date with Ishaani and reaches that place in 29 min .
Back at Kapoor Mansion
Shesha: returns back to home and goes straight to her room and takes shower and takes out her dress from cupboard and wears it and waits for Vikram .
Back at Raheja Mansion
Vikram : returns back to home and straight goes to his room and takes shower and takes out his dress and leaves for Kapoor Mansion on Ritik bhaiya bike and reaches Kapoor mansion in 20 min .
Shesha: hears bike sound and goes out and sees Vikram has arrived
Both leaves for their date also .

At special place
Ranveer and Ishaani reaches that place and Ranveer parks his car and both goes inside
Ishaani: sees beautiful decoration and table with candle light and when she goes near the table rose petals fall on her and she is loving this a smile come on his face .
Both Ranveer and Ishaani does dinner together and then they dance together .
At 5 star restaurant.
Both Vikram and Shesha reaches restaurant and goes inside and takes their seat .
Shesha: orders the dinner for her and Vikram

Both does their dinner and pays bill and leaves restaurant .
When both Vikram and Shesha were coming out of restaurant there was little water because of little shesha was about slip but vikram hold on her from waist and they have eyelock and in background ( ishq mubrak) is playing .
Shesha: gets lost in eyes of Vikram
Vikram : also get lost in eyes of Shesha .
Both comes in senses in couple of seconds

Back at special place
Suddenly it starts raining
Both Ranveer and Ishaani does romance with each other and dances on song barsaat ke din aaye .
After romancing each other Ranveer and Ishaani confesses their feelings for each other .
Ranveer: Ishaani “ I love you “
Ishaani: Ranveer” I love you too”
Both hug each other and after couple of min both leaves back for their home . first Ranveer drops Ishaani drops to her home and leaves back to home .
Ranveer: reaches back home and straight goes to room and falls asleep .
Back 5 star restaurant
Shesha: asks Vikram can he drop her back .
Vikram : yeah sure

Shesha: sits on bike holding vikram tightly .
Vikram : starts his bike and drops Shesha back to her house and leaves back to her home and reaches home 30 min and parks bike in garage again and straight goes to room and falls asleep .

Precap : Vikram and Shesha Rain romance , Ritik and Shivanya goes on Hiking and does romance and Raghav and Naina leaves back for Austria .

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