Rivanya(Naagin), Ishveer (MATSH) ,Raina (PMHDM) and Ragsan ff – My love is only for u ( Episode 20)

In Morning
At Raheja Mansion

In Rivanya’s room
Shivanya : wakes up and sees Ritik sleeping his hand around his waist and places a forehead kiss and goes to bathroom and comes back after getting fresh and goes downstairs and starts helping maa and nishtha in kitchen work.
7:20 AM
In Kitchen
Sudha and Nishtha : are making breakfast for everybody.
Sudha: asks Shivanya did Ritik woke up
Shivanya: no maa he is still sleeping .
Sudha: ok and tells her to go her wake him up .
Shivanya: ok and goes upstairs to wake up Ritik.
Back In Rivanya’s room
Shivanya: comes back in her room and wakes up Ritik.
Ritik: wakes up and pulls her and they have eyelock and kisses her.
Shivanya: kisses back and after 1 min she stops kissing him and says come downstairs she is making coffee for him .
Ritik: ok and goes to bathroom and comes back after getting fresh and goes downstairs and asks for coffee.
In Kitchen
Shivanya: starts making coffee for her and Ritik and after 15 min coffee is ready and she puts in 2 cups and gives it one to Ritik and takes other one .
Both drinks coffee together and goes to Sudha .

In Living room
Ritik and Shivanya: maa we have decided that we are going on Honeymoon .
Sudha: ok smiles and tells them enjoy at full
Ritik and Shivanya: yeah maa we will enjoy a lot .
Both Ritik and Shivanya goes back to their room .
After some time everybody came downstairs and had their tea and coffee together

In Living room

Mihir and Mahesh : are watching Tv
Ranveer, Ragini, Divya and Vikram leaves back to their room .
At Kapoor Mansion
In Ishaani’s room
Ishaani: dreaming about Ranveer she is doing romance in rain with him and at last she is kisses him.
Shesha: wakes her up and asks what she dreaming about .
Ishaani: tells her everything .
Shesha: ok smiles
Back at Raheja Mansion

In Rivanya’s room
Ritik: takes his laptop and books the tickets to Germany and finally tickets are booked and their plane is in evening and tells Shivanya that they are going Germany on honeymoon .
Shivanya: smiles and starts packing for honeymoon .and after 29 min packing is fully completed
Shivanya: goes to bathroom and takes shower and comes back and goes downstairs .
Ritik: goes to bathroom and takes shower and comes back and goes downstairs
At Dining Table
All does their breakfast and after breakfast Ranveer and Mihir leaves for office together and Vikram also leaves for his work and Ragini leaves for college.
Back At Kapoor Mansion

In Shesha’s room
Shesha: starts to feel about Vikram and remember when he saved her from those goons and speaks in mind is this love or something else and after that she leaves for their office .
In Ishaani’s room
Ishaani: starts to feel about Ranveer and remembers when she was lost in eyes of Ranveer and how he helped her in motorist case also and speaks in mind is this love or something else and after that she leaves for clinic .
At College
Ragini: talking to sanskar about project that they have got
Sanskar: tells do not worry we will do best in project also .
Ragini: tells to sanskar she is hungry and she wants to eat something so she asks him give company till canteen .
Sanskar: ok sure
Both goes to canteen

In canteen
Ragini: goes to canteen of College to bring something to eat .but when she coming back
Vicky: pushes her and she falls and down and tries to molest her
Sanskar : sees this and pushes vicky from her and starts beating vicky with hell .
Both Rahul and Piya and comes and stops Sanskar from beating vicky .
Ragini: cring and runs torwards bathroom .
Sanskar: goes after her and knocks on door of bathroom and Ragini comes out and hugs him. he makes her stop crying and tells her that now he will never let Vicky come near her ever again .
Ragini: smiles and says thanks for saving me .
Sanskar: your welcome.

At Office
In Ranveer’s cabin
Ranveer: also lost in thoughts of Ishaani and remember both eyelocks and how he was lost in eyes of Ishaani and dance of sangeet and reception one too .so he decide to ask for formal date with her .
At Clinic
Ishaani: checking a patient but lost in Ranveer momemts which she has spents with him .
Patient: asks doc where are lost we are seeing you from last couple of days you are lost in someone
Ishaani: tells him that you are good in health.
Patient : leaves
Ishaani: again and again she gets lost in thoughts of Ranveer so she decides that she take a leave now and she heads back to her home.
At News Location Site
Shesha: is covering a news about minister who has black money , murders for power .after covering up news she was going back to her home and see saw Vikram was taking some pics and she goes to him and she taps on shoulder .
Vikram: turns around and sees it’s shesha and tells she scared him .
Shesha: says sorry and starts talking with him .
Both are having amazing time with each other . before she leaves he asks her would she love come on date with him as friend.
Shesha: yeah sure and leaves for her house .
After finishing his work Vikram also leaves for home .

At Taj Hotel
In Raghav and Naina’s room
Both are romancing with each other
Naina: due little water she was about to slip
Raghav: hold on her from waist and they have an eyelock
Naina: gets lost in eyes of Raghav and after couple of min both comes to senses and asks him when we are going back Austria .
Raghav : tells tomorrow and I have booked the tickets also.
Naina: well done . smiles

In Afternoon
Everybody comes home back from their work and college.
Ragini: hugs Ritik Bhaiya and Shivanya Bhabhi and says happy journey
Ritik and Shivanya : also hugs back Ragini and says take care
Both Ritik and Shivanya comes downstairs with suitcase and takes blessings from Mihir and Sudha and leaves for Honeymoon
Both Ritik and Shivanya take s their car and goes to airport and parks their in car stands .
Ritik: takes keys of car with him only .

Both Ritik and Shivanya goes inside Airport .
At Airport
Shivanya: tells Ritik she is hungry .
Ritik: goes and bring cheese sandwiches for her
The then board the flight and reach Germany. They reach their hotel and room
At Ritz Calton Hotel (Germany)
In Rivanya’s room
Ritik: locks the door of room and says shall I fresh and come .

Shivanya: ok
Ritik: goes to bathroom
After sometime Ritik comes and asks Shivanya to go and get fresh.
Shivanya: goes to bathroom and takes bath and she comes out in bathrobe.and sees Ritik was waiting for her and goes near mirror and starts making hair dry .
Ritik: comes from behinds and hugs her and puts his hands on bathrobe .
Shivanya: turns torwards him and kisses him on lips.
Ritik: kisses back and takes her in arms and lays her on bed and tries remove her bathrobe .
Both Strips each other fully and starts making love .( in Background music – laal ishq) is playing .

Ritik: kisses her on lips.
Shivanya: kisses back on lips passionately
Ritik: covers with quilt and starts kissing all over body and both slept in arms
Back im India
At Raheja Mansion
In Ragini’s room
Ranveer: opens the door and goes inside the room..
Ragini: asks what happened Ranveer bhaiya
Ranveer:.asks her what is she hiding from him
Ragini: tells everything to Ranveer Bhaiya
Ranveer: stays clam for his little sis but pissed at Vicky and decide he has meet vicky tomorrow in college
Ragini: says please Ranveer bhaiya don’t tell this papa and maa
Ranveer: ok I will not tell and leaves the room
After that everyone has their dinner then they talks for while . after that everyone goes in their room and slept peacefully .

Precap: Ritik and Shivanya goes on see sitings Vikram takes Shesha on date and Ranveer asks formally for their Date.and Ranveer goes to Ragini’s college to meet Vicky and to warn him stay away from Ragini.

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