Rivanya(Naagin), Ishveer (MATSH) ,Raina (PMHDM) and Ragsan ff – My love is only for u ( Episode 13)

In Morning
At Raheja Mansion

In Ranveer’s room
Ranveer: wakes up and goes to bathroom to get fresh and comes back after getting fresh and goes downstairs and waits for others to come downstairs and asks maa to give her coffee.

In Ritik’s room
Ritik: wakes up and goes to bathroom to get fresh and comes back after getting fresh and goes downstairs and asks maa give him coffee also.
In Kitchen
Sudha & Nishtha: both starts making coffee for Ritik and Ranveer and after 16 min coffee is ready and gives to Ritik and Ranveer .
Ritik and Ranveer: dirnks it and after that they talk about contract singing and Raghav is coming to india today.

Ritik: yeah i know that that’s why we have leave for office early .
both leaves back to their room
After some time we see Ragini , Divya ,Vikram, Mahesh and Mihir comes downstairs to have coffee and tea .
Later we see all haves their breakfast and after that Ritik and Ranveer leaves for office

Vikram also leaves for movie work and after that Ragini also leaves for college
In Austria
At Mehra House
we see Raghav and Naina taking blessing of dadi and leaves for Airport .
At Airport

Both Raghav and Naina boards on plane to india ( mumbai)
Back in India
At college
Ragini: reaches college
In Class
A very important lecture is going on by professor and after 30 min bells rings and lecture gets over During free time
we see Ragini , Sanskar , Rahul and Piya are chatting with each other and all having amazing time with each other but they don’t know some trouble is about to hit them very soon ..

Other side building of college
we see vicky and rocky making a plan for Ragini and they decide that rocky will hit ragini from bike .
Rocky: ok vicky i will do it
Vicky : smiles evily .

After college gets over when Ragini , Sanskar , Piya and Rahul were coming to stand where all cars or bike are puted and we see Ragini was waiting for Piya to take out her scooty . but then we see rocky coming on his bike at full speed and hits Ragini and she falls down and blood starts coming from head .
Rocky : runs away
Sanskar: runs torwards Ragini and takes her lap and says “i will not let anything happen to you” and takes her in arms and takes Ragini at hospital with Piya and Rahul

At City Hospital

Sanskar: calls for doctor and sees Ishaani and tells my friend was hitten with bike by someone and please start treatment
Ishaani: ok and sees the girl it is Ragini get shocked and takes her in for treatment and starts her treatment .
Finally after 2 hrs Ishaani was managed to save Ragini .
Ishaani: she is alright now and her hand is also fractured
Sanskar , Piya & Rahul : signs in relief that she is alright now
Ishaani: leaves and calls her Di

At Shivanya’s Office
Shivanya: sees it is Ishaani’s phone picks up and says hello
Ishaani: Hello Di can you please come to hospital right now
Shivanya: what happened
Ishaani: i can’t tell you but please come fast
Shivanya: ok i come and leaves for hospital and reaches hospital in half hrs
Back At City Hospital
Shivanya: comes to Ishaani and asks what happened
Ishaani: takes to special ward where Ragini is
Shivanya: shocked to see Ragini and decides to tell Ritik and calls Ritik
At Office
In Ritik’s Cabin
Ritik: Doing some file work and his phone rings and picks up sees it’s Shivanya’s phone
Shivanya: where are you Ritik
Ritik: I am at my office what happened
Shivanya: come to Hospital fast because Ragini has met accident
Ritik: ok i just come and before leaving tells Ranveer that Ragini has met accident he is going to hospital

Ranveer wait bhaiya i also come
Ritik : ok
Both Ritik and Ranveer leaves for hospital and reaches hospital in 1 hrs

Back At City Hospital
Both Ritik and Ranveer arrives at Hospital
Ritik and Ranveer : goes to Shivanya and asks her where is Ragini
Shivanya: tells to both that she is in special ward
Ishaani: comes and tells to Ritik and Ranveer that her friends brought her on right time that why we were able to save her
Ritik and Ranveer : says thank you Ishaani .

Ishaani: why are you saying thank you jiju and Ranveer.
Ritik and Ranveer : goes to Sanskar , Piya and Rahul to thank them .
Sanskar : tells Ritik that it was done by two spoil brats boys of college Vicky and Rocky .
Ritik : Thank you Sanskar for telling me who did this with Ragini.
In Ragini’s ward
Ragini: waking up and seeing her bothers and Bhabhi also there and her friends were waiting outside .
Ritik: hugs Ragini
Ragini: crys and tells bhaiya she was hitten by rocky’s bike
Ritik: i know Ragini sanskar told me
Ragini: ok smiles a little bit .
Outside ward
Ritik: talking to Ishaani and asking when we take Ragini home
Ishaani : you take her home Right now only
Ritik: Thank you Ishaani and signs discharge papers and takes Ragini home
Ranveer : before leaving for office asks Ishaani would she love to have dinner with me as friends

Ishaani: ok sure
Shivanya: tells Ishaani that she can use her scooty to go back home and leaves with Ritik.
Ishaani : ok Di
At Raheja Mansion
Ritik: comes back home with Ragini in his arms with Shivanya
Sudha and Nishtha: sees Ritik and Shivanya coming home together with Ragini with head bendage and plaster on her hand and asks Ritik what happened to Ragini.
Ritik & Shivanya: maa first let me drop Ragini to his room

Sudha: ok
In Ragini’s room
Shivanya: opens doors and both goes in room and makes lay on her bed and comes back downstairs
In living room
Both Ritik and Shivanya comes tells Sudha and Nishtha that Ragini met with accident due to some spoil brat boys of her college .
Sudha& Nishtha : ok

Both Ritik and Shivanya goes outside where car is
Shivanya: Ritik can you drop me to my offfice
Ritik : yeah sure
Shivanya: thank you

Ritik: drops her to office and leaves back for office

In Evening

we see Shesha is covering a news about black money but she does not know that vikram also is there .
Shesha: after covering a news she going back to her scooty and does not sees vikram and collides with him
Vikram : hold on her from waist and both have an eyelock and in back ground music starts to play ( Ishq mubarak) and tells her why do you always comes to that place only where he is at .
Shesha: i don’t have any answer for that this is decided by my company not by me
Vikram : ok
Shesha: smiles at vikram and leaves for house .

Vikram : also leaves for after his work is done .
Back in Austria

In Night
Sanjana: makes a drink for veer and gives it to him
Veer: drinks it
both veer and sanjana having gala time with each other
Sanjana: starts to lure veer
Veer: comes to senses and asks her wht she is doing
Sanjana: tells him she is giving him massage
Veer: senses something fishy and tells her that i already late at night we should sleep and leaves to room .
Sanjana: plan gets failed to lure Veer .

Back in India
At Airport

At Night
In Mumbai
Raghav and Naina arrives and goes to hotel and books a room for them and gets fresh and does dinner and after dinner both slept peacefully .
At Raheja Mansion
Ritik , Ranveer , Mihir returns from Office and asks for dinner
Sudha& Nishtha : Dinner is ready you change and come we serves it .
All comes back after changing and does dinner together and chats for little while
Ritik: asks maa to give dinner of Ragini

Sudha :gives dinner of Ragini to Ritik
Ritik: takes dinner of Ragini to her room and makes her eat from his hands
Ragini: eating dinner and finishes it and goes to bathroom to wash her hands.
Ritik : Gives her medicine and makes her sleep and after she slept Ritik leaves her room.
After 2 hrs of chit chatting with each other every one were feeling sleepy so all goes to their room respectively and slept peacefully.

Precap: Ritik signs Contract and Ishveer Dinner date & Ritik goes to college of Ragini and warns Rocky and Vicky to stay away from his sister

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