Rivanya(Naagin), Ishveer (MATSH) ,Raina (PMHDM) and Ragsan ff – My love is only for u ( Episode 12)

In Morning
At Raheja Mansion

In Ritik’s room
Ritik: wakes up and goes to bathroom to get fresh and comes back after getting fresh and goes downstairs and waits for Ranveer to come

In Ranveer’s room

Ranveer: wakes up and goes to bathroom to get fresh and comes back after getting fresh and goes downstairs and waits for Ragini , Vikram and Divya to come
After some time Ragini , Divya and Vikram comes downstairs all have their breakfast .
Both Ranveer and Ritik leaves for Office after breakfast
Vikram : also leaves for work
Ragini: leaves for college

After that Mihir and Sudha leaves for Kapoor Mansion to fix marriage date of Ritik and Shivanya
At Kapoor Mansion
Mihir and Sudha: arrives and rings the bell
Priya: opens the door and welcomes them and calls ram
Ram : comes downstairs and sees Ritik’s parents have come and greets them asks them what brings them here

Mihir & Sudha : we came to fix the date of marriage of Ritik and Shivanya
Ram & Priya : ok and asks them when they want
Mihir and Sudha: There is good muhurat after 3 weeks that’s when we want marriage to happen .
Ram & Priya: ok we are happy with that
Finally Ritik and Shivanya Marriage date was fixed it was after 3 weeks from now .
Mihir and Sudha: leaves with happy face

In Austria
At Mehra house

Parmeshwari : calls veer and tells Sanjana is coming you have to pick up from Airport.
Veer: ok maa
Parmeshwari: disconnects the call.
At Austria Airport
Sanjana comes and tells in her mind that now my game begins with mehra’s
Veer : sees Sanjana takes her all bags and puts in car and takes her home .
At Mehra House
Everybody welcomes Sanjana and Sanjana leaves for her room .
Back in India

In Mumbai
At Office
Ranveer: comes in Ritik’s cabin and asks her Bhabhi number so he can take Ishaani’s number from bhabhi.
Ritik: Gives Shivanya’s number
Ranveer : takes the number and leaves .
In Ranveer’s Cabin
Ranveer: calls Shivanya
Shivanya: sees it’s Ranveer Phone pick up

Ranveer: Hello Shivanya
Shivanya: how i can help you Ranveer
Ranveer: I want Ishaani’s number
Shivanya: ok and gives Ishaani number
Ranveer: thank you and disconnects the call
Shivanya: disconnects the call
After some time later during free time in office
Ranveer: calls Ishaani

Ishaani: sees it’s new number which is calling so picks up phone and says hello
Ranveer: hello Ishaani it’s Ranveer
Ishaani: why have you called Ranveer
Ranveer: I want to ask you that would you love have coffee with me as friends.
Ishaani: sure done and disconnects the call.
Ranveer: disconnects the call

In College
In class
Lecture is going on but after 30 min bell rings and 1st lecture gets over .
During free time
Ragini: going cafeteria of college to bring something to eat . but when she some spoil brat boys of college starts to trouble her
Vicky and Rocky : comes near to Ragini and pushes her through wall and tries to kiss her .

Ragini pushes them and rocky and vicky falls down
Vicky and Rocky : stands up and says u will pay for this.
Ragini: leaves and goes to his friend .

At Clinic
Ishaani’: does last patient check up and gets free for the day .

At Office
Ranveer: tells bhiaya i am taking Ishaani out for Coffee
Ritik: Gets happy and tells may be you and her are made each other who knows .
Ranveer: yeah bhaiya u are right and leaves office
After 1 hrs
Ranveer: reaches clinic of Ishaani and pick up her and leaves for starbuck coffee
At Starbuck
Both Ranveer and Ishaani goes inside and takes their seats and sits
Ishaani: orders a cappuccino for her and Ranveer
waiter: brings cappuccino for both and leaves

Both Ishaani and Ranveer starts to have gala time with each other when they were leaving there was little water on floor due to water Ishaani slips and Ranveer holds on her and both have eyelock and in background music starts playing (Pehli dafa).both comes in senses in couple of min and leaves the shop .

Back in College
Ragini: comes back to his friends and starts telling that today vicky and rocky tried to kiss her but she pushed and now they will take revenge on me .
Sanskar : Ragini listen till you are with your friends nobody can harm you
Ragini: thank you sanskar
Sanskar: youre welcome
Piya: Sanskar is right you are safe with us .

Ragini: thanks guys for being best friends for me
Back in Austria
At Mehra House
In Raghav and Naina’s room
Raghav : Naina i have to go India for business thing
Naina: ok
Raghav : would you love company me in trip .
Naina: ok sure but where are we going
Raghav: to mumbai
Naina: ok gets happy and tells raghav that her aunt is in mumbai . i can meet her again .
Raghav: ok done and tells Naina to pack bags then .
Naina: sure starts packing bags and completes packing in 2 hrs and asks her when is plane and at what time .
Raghav: tells plane time is yesterday afternoon and we have leave for airport by 10 in morning .
Naina: ok

Back in India
In Mumbai
In Evening
Vikram : doing his work at work site with his camera but does not know that shesha is there doing another sting operation
Shesha: After finishing her another successful sting operation for channel shesha leaves from there but does not sees there is water and she was about slip but nick of time vikram saves her and they have eyelock for first time and in background music starts playing ( Ishq Mubarak) and both comes in senses in couple of seconds.
Vikram: Shesha can’t you see and walk if you would have sliped your whole dress could have messed up.

Shesha: says thanks for saving me and i can see and walk and asks him what is he doing over here
Vikram: i was doing my documentary shooting for my movie .
Shesha: ok and before she leaves kisses vikram on cheek and leaves with smile .
Vikram: smiles and leaves back to his house .
Back to College
Ragini : leaves for home with piya and reaches home in 1 hrs.

At Night
All does dinner after dinner mihir and sudha announces that marriage date has been fixed of Ritik and Shivanya .after that everyone leaves for their rooms to sleep and slept peacefully.

Precap: Sanjana tries lure Veer and Ragini meets accident and Raghav and Naina leaves for India

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