rivanya vs rudrangi or rosha (Part 1)

You know the story between Ritik and Shivanya.The lovely and awesome pair. Their love shows a perfect love and marital relation. The episode starts :
Shivanya is so happy after killing all her enemies and lives a happy life with Ritik. She tells Ritik that today we shall go to shiv temple and pray for shiv ji to take blessings from him. Ritik asks why today, we can go tomorrow. She asks did he forget about their daughter’s birthday. He asks Ha! today is shivangi’ 10th birthday and we should go to temple. They go to Shivangi and see her sleeping. Ritik wakes her up and greets her happy birthday.

Shivangi thanks him and tells her to fresh up fast. Shivanya too wishes her and makes breakfast. Shivangi wears new clothes gifted by Shivanya and arrives. Rivanya see her dress and praise she is so beautiful. Shivangi asks every birthday, they take her to temple only, this time where we are going. They tell her temple is religious and it is the place where holy god resides, who gives them life. So it is necessary to go. Shivangi agrees. They eat breakfast and go to temple. Shivanya reminisces her past avatar and her life. Shivangi asks what happened. Ritik tells she must be thinking of me. He tells she loves me very much so she thinks of me every time. Shivangi asks how did they marry. Shivanya tells it is love marriage and they love each other. After that they do prayers and go home. Next day, Ritik goes to work and doesn’t come till night. Shivanya worries if Ritik is fine. Police bring Ritik dead body and show them. Shivanya falls down and shivangi cries. She asks how did it happen. They tell her they found him in forest dead.

It takes 14years 11 months leap. Shivangi and Shivanya are living with their distant relatives. After many incidents, a man named Rocky and Shivangi love each other. But then enters Yamini and Sesha. Yamini wants Rocky to marry Sesha and find a way to get naagmani. Yamini realizes Shivanya and Shivangi are alive and Rocky loves Shivangi. A guru tells shivanya that shivangi will become snake if she doesn’t get married in a month. Shivanya realizes she loves Rocky and tell that to Yamini. But Yamini hides her face and accepts. Rocky and Shivangi marriage starts. All guests come and Avantika and mahishmati too arrive. They kill all guests along with shivanya and her family. They think they killed both Shivangi and shivanya but killed shivanya twice. Then after that Rocky decides to marry sesha for Yamini’s request. Shivangi realizes everything and becomes an icchhadari naagin. She assumes rocky too is a murderer. She marries Rocky. All are shocked to see her alive. But yamini convinces them. She kills three of the murderers and Rudra, an icchhadari nag too helps her who also wants revenge. Rocky thinks rudra and shivangi are in love. He then decides to marry sesha and leave shivangi. Shivangi too joins with rudra to make rocky jealous. Then, rudra too feels for her but doesn’t tell it. Both pairs have a dance competition. Rudrangi and Rosha dance and Yamini announces the winner couple.

Precap : Sesha falls unconscious and Rudra smirks seeing her. Yamini orders her men to hit Rocky’s car. Shivangi takes naagmani to Yamini. Avantika bites shivangi and Yamini throws a powder on Avantika and her bees.

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