Rivanya, Ishveer, Raina and Ragsan ff – My love is only for u (Episode 2)

Scene 1
It was a new day and the Rahejas were having their breakfast at the dining table.
Sudha: Rithik what’s the hurry? Why are you eating so fast??
Rithik: Maa remember our meeting was a success yesterday, so today we’ll be signing the contract and I don’t want to get late for it plus Ranveer has to take you to the clinic today for your check up also hence I have get there sooner in order to maintain a good impression in front of our client.
Sudha: Ok beta, but don’t stress yourself like this, you see health is more important than wealth
Rithik: I know maa, don’t worry I’ll take care of my health
Rithik finishes his breakfast and in a hurry leaves for work in a somewhat clumsy manner.
Ragini who just woke up and after freshening up came to the dining hall.
Ragini: What’s for breakfast
Sudha: Your favourite aloo paratha’s with orange juice
Ranveer: Mom you always cook her favourite food breakfast what about mine?
Sudha: Don’t worry I’ll make your favourite food for dinner
Ranveer: Why Dinner? Why not lunch?
Sudha: Beta you have to take me to clinic remember? Where will I get time to cook? Plus our cook is on a vacation too so I’ll have to manage all by myself.

Ranveer: Mom why don’t you take Ragini’s help? She is always sitting at home just watching tv or spending time on facebook. Since the cook is not around she could help you for the time being and at the same time learn a bit of cooking which would also help her once she gets married and settled in her own family
Ragini: Bhai I didn’t know you were in a hurry to get me married, why do you find me that bothersome?
Ranveer: Chill! I was just pulling your leg but yes you have to agree that it would prove helpful in your in laws
Ragini: Ok mom when do we start with the kitchen duties
Sudha: Soon but not today, We’ll start tomorrow ok
Ragini: Mom where is papa?
Ranveer: Yes mom I was also wondering the same thing, where is he?
Sudha: Your dad has begun his weight loss regime so he has gone for his morning walk, he should be back though since its almost 2 hours now

The doorbell rings
Sudha: That must be your papa, I’ll go and open the door
Ragini: Mom why are you getting up, I’ll open the door you sit and enjoy the breakfast
Ranveer: Someone’s acting responsible huh…
Ragini: Whatever that’s supposed to mean Ranveer!
Ragini opens the door and gives her dad a bear hug
Mihir: Good morning beta! Goodmorning everyone
Ranveer and Ragini: Good morning Papa
Mihir goes and sits at the dining table and then begins to have his breakfast
Mihir: aren’t you getting late for your check up at the clinic?
Sudha: Don’t worry I’m almost done with breakfast and with Ranveer’s driving I’m sure we’ll get there on time
Mihir: ok I see

Sudha finishes her breakfast and gets ready while Ranveer is waiting outside in his car. As Sudha is ready she get inside the car and they both leave for the clinic
Scene 2
Shivanya and Shesha are out shopping at some big mall and then later when they are done with it they go to an Italian restaurant inside the mall.
Shesha: Isn’t this like the third time we’re coming here?
Shivanya: I know Shesha but I am very tired right now and my feet are killing me plus I don’t have the energy or patience to drive all the way to that Patiala by KK restaurant. We’ll have to settle for this plus I have been craving for my favorite creamy cheese chicken lasagna
Shesha: ok then, Waiter!
The waiter comes and takes their order and then leaves to relay the same to the kitchen staff manager

As Shesha and Shivanya begin to chat about random things they see a couple at another table where the guy kneels down as some musicians in the background support him as he proposes his girlfriend for marriage. The girl accepts and then the guy just picks her up and they both look very happy.
Shesha: Di isnt that a pretty clichd way of proposing a girl?
Shivanya: Who cares? At least he proposed her right and here I’m still waiting and wondering when Rithik and I would move our relationship to the next level
Shesha: Chill Di, At least you have guy! Look at me and Ishaani we’re still single and busy with work. Ishaani is busy in her clinic almost 24×7 while I on the other hand have to keep travelling to cover the news for our channel to get the best ratings. In short we don’t really have a life at all UnhappyYou are so lucky you have your own business and fashion label, hence you can decide when to work and when to rest.
Shivanya: Hey what do you mean I can decide when to work and when to rest? Entrepreneurs also have to work almost everyday and rarely take holidays.
Shivanya realizes that she just got hyper and then calmed down as she saw Shesha’s sad expression
Don’t worry I’m sure you’ll also find someone pretty soon along with Ishaani, it’s a small world after all!
Shesha: I hope I do, btw di instead of waiting for Rithik to propose you why don’t you make the first move instead?

Shivanya: You mean propose him? Me? Are you kidding? What if he says no and says he’s not ready I mean why else has he not proposed me yet…
Shesha: Chill Di! If he says no and that he isnt ready yet at least you would have tried and got you’re answer instead of hanging in the air. And I don’t think he’ll say no.
Shivanya: But even if I have to propose how do you suppose I do it? Like give me some ideas on how to make it a very special proposal
Shesha: Here’s what you can do
And then Shesha and Shivanya discuss their plan on how Shivanya would propose Rithik
Shivanya: Wow Shesha, I didn’t know you were really creative when it comes to things like this.
Shesha: Of course I am , Whose sister do you think I am?
And then Shivanya gives Shesha a tight hug
Scene 3 ( Final Scene)
Sudha and Ranveer have been waiting at the clinic since 2 hours as the Doctor who was supposed to do Sudha’s check up was on leave while the other doctor was yet to report on duty. Sudha on the other hand didn’t seem look so well but somehow manage to keep a calm look on her face to prevent Ranveer from panicking.
Ranveer: What is this it’s almost been two hours and we’ve been waiting here since then! Where is your other doctor? Do he or she own this place by any chance that they are taking ages to get here?
The Receptionist: Sir please calm down! You’re not the only visitor here who has been waiting this long there are others two so please don’t throw a fit here
Ranveer: Is this how you speak to the patient?

The Receptionist: Sir, I believe it’s your mother who has come here for the check up while you’re just accompanying her right? Which makes you a visitor not a patient and please stop creating a scene here as there are actually other patients here who are getting disturbed.
This actually made Ranveer more angry to the point where he thought of threatening the receptionist fired along with the clinic closed down however his mother reasoned with him to calm him down.
Sudha: Son can you get me some water? I’m feeling very thirsty
Ranveer: Ofcourse mom!
Ranveer goes out and buys a bottle of water and some snacks from a kirana grocery store. As he was on his way back to the clinic he saw a pretty lady arguing with some motorist. And the pretty lady is none other than Ishaani.
Ishaani: Are you Stupid? Is this what you do while driving? i.e. clicking selfies and talking on the phone half the time? Really who gave you a license in the first place?
Motorist: Why are you making a big deal out of it?
Ishaani: What do you mean by big deal? You actually hit this poor kid and got him injured and call it a no big deal? On top of that you were planning to flee the scene weren’t you if I hadn’t intervened here? Just wait and See me call the police

Just as Ishaani was about to call the police the motorist snatches the phone away from her and tries to intimidate her by misbehaving with her until Ranveer steps in and intervenes
Ranveer: Sir, didn’t you know eve teasing and misbehaving with women on the street is punishable by law or did you think you could get away with it since no one else would be ready to intervene and just act as bystanders?
Motorist: Who are you and what do you want now?
Ranveer: First please return the lady’s phone second drop the kid to the nearest hospital if you don’t want us to report you?
Ishaani: Not report him? Why would we do that? He was driving in an irresponsible manner he should be reported!
Ranveer: Yes he should but right now what’s more important is giving the kid medical attention which is obviously his responsibility.
Ishaani: And how are you so sure that he will fulfill his responsibility when he actually tried to flee the scene after hitting the kid?
Ranveer: Simple! Hey fellow show me your driving license!
The motorist: Why do you want my driving license?
Ranveer: Are you going to give your license or should I call the police?
The motorist: ok fine!

The motorist takes out his license and hands it over to Ranveer who then takes out his phone and clicks a picture of the license along with the motorist’s car number plate
Ranveer: That’s how we can be sure about him taking the kid to the hospital
Ishaani: That’s really smart!
Ranveer: Of course I’m smart! ( says proudly )
Ishaani: Anyways thank you for helping me out I really appreciate it
Ranveer: It was my pleasure plus people like him need to be taken care of too
And then they both start going in the same direction
Ranveer: I know you’re grateful but that doesn’t mean you follow me around
Ishaani: I’m not following you I’m going to the clinic as it falls in the same direction
Ranveer: What a coincidence! I going there too since my mom has her check up but the damned Doctor has not arrived yet. I swear I’m going to get the clinic closed down once we’re done with our appointment
Ishaani: Isnt that too harsh? Doctors are busy people too and can get delayed for unavoidable reasons as well, punishing them for something that isnt controllable is just too cold
Ranveer: Well I guess that’s there too but the clinic should have informed us earlier at least we wouldn’t have to wait this long for nothing.
As they reached the clinic they parted ways

( Pre-cap: Sudha suddenly faints in the clinic because of which Ranveer gets even more upset and worried as he is arguing with the receptionist who has already informed the concerned doctor about the situation. Later we see a doctor trying to perform CPR on Sudha to resuscitate her back to consciousness, however when Ranveer sees this he gets angry and pulls the doctor up only to learn that it was Ishaani whom he met earlier on the street )

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