Rivanya, Ishveer, Raina and Ragsan ff – My love is only for u (Episode 1)

Raheja Mansion
A boy seen who wakes up due to alarm and boy is none other Ritik after waking up he goes to bathroom to get little fresh and after getting fresh he wears his tracksuit and takes his ipod and goes to jogging in park near to his house after jogging for half hrs Ritik retuns back home .
Ritik: maa where are you
Sudha: Ritik i am the kitchen
Ritik: maa did Ranveer and Ragini wake up

Sudha: yes Ranveer wake up he is in swimming pool and Ragini is still sleeping
Ritik: thanks maa and leaves where is swimming pool is and calls Ranveer
Then we see a second boy in swimming pool and that boy is none other then Ranveer
Ranveer : what happened Ritik bhaiya
Ritik: Don’t you remember today so much important meeting in office if we get this deal we will be most successful business empire .
Ranveer : i totally forgot that meeting is today and yes Ritik bhaiya we have win that deal at any cost.
Ritik leaves and goes upstairs and goes to Ragini room to wake her up
Ragini’s Room
we see a girl sleeping in bed with smiling face and that girl is none other then Ragini and Ritik open the door of Ragini ‘s room and goes in room
Ritik: wake up my little sister Ragini
Ragini: wakes up and sees her bhaiya and hugs him

Ritik: tells Ragini to go and get fresh and come downstairs so we can have breakfast together.
Ragini: ok Ritik bhaiya i just come in couple of min
Ritik leaves Ragini’s room and goes to his room
Back to Ragini’s room
Ragini: goes in bathroom and comes after getting fresh and goes downstairs and sits on dining table and waits for his brothers to come
Back to Ritik’s Room
Ritik: goes to bathroom and gets shower and comes out and wear his suit and his phone starts to ring and phone is of none other then of Shivanya who is Ritik’s Girlfriend
Shivanya: Ritik where are you and do you remember that you have promised me take me on a movie and dinner date

Ritik: i am at my house
yes Shivanya i have not forgotten that and how can forget this thing
Shivanya: Get relief that Ritik has not forgot their date and tells Ritik we should talk in evening when we meet and last she says “I love you” to Ritik and ends phone call
Ritik: Smiles and Ritik also says ” I love you
” to Shivanya and ends phone call .
Ranveer’s room
Ranveer: goes in bathroom and takes shower and wear his suit and comes downstairs and sits where dining table is for breakfast and asks maa where is Ritik bhaiya
Sudha: He will be in his room
Ranveer:I know maa where bhaiya will be and what he is doing . he will be busy on phone talking to his girlfriend .
Ritik: comes downstairs and sits where dining table is and tells maa to bring food
Mihir : where were you Ritik
Ritik: papa i was talking my girlfriend on phone
Mihir: ok

Sudha serves food to all and after having breakfast.
Ritik and Ranveer tells their father that we both will handle that meeting so you don’t have to come office
Mihir : ok
Both Ritik and Ranveer leaves for office together and reaches their office .
Meeting starts
Ritik starts the presentation and everybody likes it and waits for results
after couple of mins result goes in favour of raheja industries and with this result both Ritik and Ranveer are super happy

Ritik : Ranveer i have to go home beacuse in evening i have take Shivanya on date
Ranveer: ok bhaiya you go home and i will handle office
Ritik: thanks Ranveer and leaves office and goes to home
On other side
Kapoor mansion
Shivanya : maa i am going on date with Ritik in evening
Priya: Gets happy for daughter and tells her to wear beautiful dress and enjoy
Shivanya: comes back to her room where her both sisters were waiting for her
Ishani & Shesha: where were you di
Shivanya: i was with maa .what happened
Ishani & Shesha: ok and where are going in evening tell us
Shivanya: No i will not
Ishani & Shesha: please tell us na we will not tell

Shivanya: ok promise me you will not tell
Ishani & Shesha: ok promise we will not tell
Shivanya: i am going on a date with my boyfriend Ritik in evening so would please leave my room so i can choose my dress for evening and get dressed
Back to Raheja Mansion
Ritik returns back home Ragini and sudha watches it
Sudha : calls Ritik asks why he back home so early home
Ritik: maa in evening i have to go date with my girlfriend Shivanya that why i came back home from office and Ranveer is handling office .
Sudha: ok
Ragini: wow Bhaiya and please bring bhabhi soon
Ritik: smiles at his sister words and leaves to his room

Sudha: Ragini why are you troubling your brother
Ragini: maa i not troubling bhaiya but bhaiya is troubling us
Sudha: why is your bhaiya troubling us tell me
Ragini: maa bhaiya is dating Shivanya from last 5 years and still he has not proposed her marriage
Sudha: Ragini beta it will happen soon
Ragini: ok maa you say that’s why stopping it and Ragini leaves to her room .
Ritik’ room
Ritik: goes and takes a shower and comes out and takes out a t-shirt and jeans wears it and goes to garrage and takes his bike leaves for kapoor mansion

Back to Kapoor Mansion

Shivanya’s room
Shivanya: takes out tank top and denim jeans and goes in bathroom and takes shower and comes out and wears tank top and jeans and waits for Ritik to come Shivanya goes downstairs and sits on sofa starts reading magzine till Ritik comes
Ram: Shivanya where are going
Shivanya: papa i am going on date with Ritik
Ram: ok and is that boy who was in your batch of college and who saved you all times in college
Shivanya: yes papa
Ram leaves to his room
Shivanya: waits for Ritik and hears a bike sound and goes out and hugs Ritik tightly and smiles and two people were watching from window when Shivanya huged Ritik and two were watching from window were Shesha and Ishani .
Ritik: Sit fast or movie will get started

Shivanya: sits on bike and holds on Ritik tightly
Ritik: starts bike and both leaves for movie and dinner date
Reaches the cinema hall and buys their tickets of Captain America Civil War and takes popcorn and takes their seats. Shivanya sits cozily to Ritik and movie starts and after movie gets over both leaves for dinner date .
Ritik: Reaches restaurant and parks his bike and takes Shivanya hand and both goes in restaurant and takes their seats and order food for both and after having food and paying bill .

Shivanya: Ritik can you drop me back home
Ritik: ok sure
Ritik : drops back Shivanya back to her house and before Ritik leave Shivanya kisses Ritik on cheek and Ritik leaves to her house
Shivanya: goes inside her house and straight goes to room and straight falls asleep.
Ritik: reaches his parks his bike in garage and goes to his room straight and changes into night dress and falls asleep .

Precap: Ranveer and Ishani first meet

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