Hey guys I am back but this one with something new for all the fans. U might be thinking this must b another raglak or ragsan os right but this is for all swasan fans. Hope you love it. Dedicated to cute helly and handsome Varun. Hope u like it. N plz comment guys bcaz I wanna know it response for all my ff and os. Even criticisms are allowed I won’t be offended. But plz comment.——————————————————————————-

This story revolves around two b ussiness rivals and their children. Let’s first go to our heroine.
shekhar:baby where are you? Get up princes today is an important day plz get up.
A girl is shown sleeping on the bed covers with soft velvet blanket from under the blanket she mutters.
Girl:dad lemme sleep for some time dad plz , I have to stand today for war of b ussiness.
We can see rays of light falling on the girl. The girl gets up by the light.
Girl:(to herself):oh Sun god even u r not letting me sleep . Let this sweet princess sleep nah but no you have to turn the princess into warrior right then how can she sleep.
God smiles from heaven and speaks to an angel
God:ya she is right she has to turn as an warrior but with a heart of a princess who will turn the tables around of the arrogant prince.
Angel:but god in this process the Prince will hurt her and then she can break.
God:don’t underestimate my princess. She is specially made by Mr for him. A perfect half it their souls which will bind the world with love removing revenge.
Back to earth
The girls slowly opens her eyes . Those eyes are just wonderful. Anyone can loose themselves in the depths of her eyes then her lips are shown which has a bright smilethen her face which is just angelic and has the shine of the moon.
It’s shown that the girl is swara.

A guy is seen working out in the garden . First his muscles are shown then his abs and then his hazel eyes which are fathomless . His hair which are as soft as petals his demeanour which is as strong as the knight.
Dp:beta come fast we have to go . We must win the war remember.
Guy:yes dad.
Dp:remember rule no 1:everything is fair in love and war
Rule2:never judge your opponent as weak
Rule 3: never let yourself down.
Chalo ho sanskar .
Both swasan are getting ready.
Swara is in a b ussiness gown with coat and high heels and sanskar is in his black coat, boots and tie. Both have a unseen revenge.
Swara:dad I am going to challenge plz bless me.
Shekhar:win and come my princess.
Sanky:war has started let’s make a move now.
Both are driving cars very fastly and come in front of each other.

Sanky:so heiress has woken up and is ready to challenge. Hope she doesn’t go back as a wounded cat.
Swara:excuse me arrogant prince remember heires can change everything and better hope for yourself.
Both smirk at each other. They have hate intense hate in thrir eyes. Like rivals of past but let’s see what destiny has planned.
Swara goes to office and then she starts working . Here sanskar even starts. It’s their first show off and swasan come for the meeting . They glare each other with intense eyes.
Swara while going drops her juice on sanskar deliberately while sanky keeps his legs in front. Swara falls but lands in sankys arm
Sanky:heiress u can’t walk properly then how Jr going to win a war.
Swara: a lioness stumbles at first but when she charges she charges with full force. So beware.
Sanky goes to change. Here swasan ho for the meeting and show their presentation.
Company:both the presentation were awesome but to say sorry we can select one and this agreement goes to gadodia.
Sanskaf is full with rage while swara is happy and is smirking at sanky.
Swra: so what happened did u lose at your first war. Oh baby. This is just the start let’s see.
Sanky:shut up you b*t*h. We will see who wins.
Like this many days goes and many assignments have been given to the G adodias and the maheshwaris. Swasan met many times and always fought but also saved each other many times bcaz they thought that it was then who must hurt each other. Who knew that the arrogant prince will start making place in the heart of heiress.
One day sanky met with an accident and the news was on the tv and news paper. Swara who got to know was worried . She wanted to go but knew her father wouldn’t let her go.
Swarms inner turmoil:

Mind:swara he is your enemy you mudt not go.
Heart:swar though he is your enemy but he also helped you right.
Mind:swara don’t believe heart it always betrays.
Heart: I never betray but I give pain and the painful truth is you love him swara.
Mind:no you don’t
Heart:yes she does.
Swartz screams stop and at night sneaks out of her house and goes to hospital.
Swara goes to sanskar ward and sees sanskar and cries.
Swara:arrogant prince wake up heiress is crying for you. Wake up if u don’t then with whom I will fight, who will call me heiress , who will always save me from trouble bcaz u hav the only right to trouble . Plz don’t trouble me like this by keeping quiet. I realised that I love you plz wake up. Tear falls on sanky and swara with tears in her eyes goes.
Sanky wakes up after that and sees tear drops on his hand.
Samky:y did I feel that heiress was here and she was crying. So stupid of me y will she cry she would be happy if I die .
Sanky soon discharges and comes. Swear ain these days avoids sanky and always stays awayfrom sanky. Sara is scared. Sanky feels weird about swara. So he goes and checks the hospital footage and gets to know about swara confession.
Sanky:oh heiress now ur trapped. Beware I am coming to break you. See my plan and remember rule 1:that everything is fair in love and war while this is both . So double surprises.
Sanky then stops fighting with swara and gives her roses everyday. One day he follows swara while swar tries to go. He catches swara hands and pulls her.
Sanky:heiress y r u ignoring me?tell me heiress , I can’t stay away from u and can not stop thinking about you. Plz stop and give me answer .heiress y u came in my life, my dreams that you have made my life miserable. I can’t sleep in nights. Y did I fall for you?
That last sentence makes swara surprised. She is shocked but composes.
Swar:sanskar if it’s a joke then okay. Plz don’t lie and make fun of this pure emotion (with anger)
Sanky (in anger):heiress u think I am making fun . No I really love you damn it.
Sanky screams
swara is overwhelmed and hugs sanky.

Swara:I love you too.
Days passes and swasan are in a relationship. While all the while swara loves sanky t ruely sanskar acts to love but did the arrogant prince know that he had a heart and it had started thumping for his heiress.
Sanky takes swara for a date.
Sanky:swara u trust me
Swara:more than myself.
Sanky:so swara I want u to make u mine . Will you.
Swara:I am already yours. You can do whatever you want.
SWASAN make love. Next day swara wakes up and sees sanky and smiles she gets ready and goes leaving a note that there is an emergency.
After that sanky ignores swara. Sara is shocked and upset by sankys behaviour and she goes to sanky where she hears sanky telling his friends.
Sanky:u know that poor swara believed that I love her oh god it will be a shock for her when I leave her for non reason. She will beg me to comeback but I won’t. She will break and my revenge will get completed. Haha.
Sara who hears all this is very angry and slaps San sky.
Swar:heat did u think that I will beg you or I will break down. No mister I am swara gadodia, and now a wounded lioness who is very harmful for you. Just wait n watch how I will destroy you company. This is my promise.
From then swara won all the assignments. She was hurt from inside broken down and here sanky was totally lost and broken after he left swara. He had a guilt but soon realised he loved swara. He was going to ask swara sorry and for another chance. He would do anything to bring her trudt back but he got the shock of his life. NEWS:GADODIA PRINCESS SOON ENGAGED TO THE MATHUR PRINCE LAKSH.
Looks like love blossoming around . Sanky was hurt and he broke down and started drinking. He in rage went to swaras room.
Swara :arrogant prince u r here. So got the news right .
Sanky pins her to the wall

Sanky:heiress I am sorry for what I have done but how can u marry someone else? You r just mine.
Swra:you are wrong mister. That swara died who loved you ,mi just hate you.
Sanky:oh really than if I hug you u won’t be affected and hugs her.
Sara feels something but starts pushing.
Swra:no I don’t feel anything.
Sanky:ur lying. Okay so let me kiss you for one last time.and kisses swara .
Sara is shocked but she losses her consciousness and starts kissing him back. But then swara remembers his betrayal and pushes sanky.
Sanky:haha heiress I got my answer . And that is you still love me. I will come again to take you.
Sanky leaves and here swara cries whole night. And for a change she goes to Bangalore. Here sanky follows swara to Bangalore. He pleads swara and one night in anger and desperatness he stands outside swaras home telling her he won’t go until she confesses that she loves him. It rains heavily and still sanky is standing.swara looks at sanky and not able to tolerate hugs him.
Both come back and plan to marry but with family consent . Soon maheshwaris send a marriage proposal which the G adodias accept.

At marriage night:
Sanky comes and hugs swara and says our plan worked.
Sankh comes back and tells thst there are rivals who want to take both the gadodia and maheshwari place and they have to strengthen their power and propels the idea of marriage as bussiness. Here after getting marriage proposal shekhar is shocked and angry and was going to insult do when swara tells him of bussiness rivals and the need of power. So both families agree and decide to marry them.
FB ends.
Sanky:so queen you are really beauty with brains.
Wwara:obviously when king is witty and courageous then queen should also be sensible.
Sanky:but who knew that we rivals will be entangled in love.

Hope you guys loved this sweet os on swasan . Be happy and spread happiness guys . Hope you reply . Bcaz I wanna know your view . Plz also comment on other of my works . Criticisms are heartily welcomed and even comments

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