Rivals – they can’t be change!!?? (Episode 9) By Aryna


Scene shift of India Mumbai…
A 18year girl was standing near the window of her room in huge mansion looking at moon, tears were continuously coming just then her phone rings…

On phone..
Girl – hey.. Everything is alright..
Person (who has talked to the doctor in New Mexico) – yeah.. It’s time Kittu you should come here!!
Girl – please call me Kavitha I know you love to call me that but…. Please… Said painly
Person – I am sorry but I got used to it but now your name is Katty you know n….
Kavitha – yes I know and what about Swara… Is she OK and her memory is back any progress!!! Said panicking..
Person – no but don’t worry Swara will get her memory back very soon as per our plan they (buddies) has stopped giving her that drugs and most importantly Roshani, Ishaani is infront of Swara I think she will get her memory back very soon!!
Kavitha – I am just waiting for that moment even we both know that Swara is not a culprit but here in India she had named as wanted criminal in murder of Kristy aunty… We both only knows that Swara didn’t kill but who killed her only Swara knows!!
Person – don’t worry One all will come to know that Swara is not any murderer… But here that Aadarsh is hell bent to prepare will papers of Malik empire!!
Kavitha -what!! No way you have to do something Swara can’t lose her property ….
Person – I came to know yesterday when lawyers confirmed me Aadarsh is just waiting for two years after that he can go to any extents!!
Kavitha – please don’t say like this Aadarsh is the only who cares Swara more than us but whatever his 15years eyes has saw that he broken down and believe me when he came to know truth he will be only one who will go to any extents to protect her!!
Person – yaa OK but listen I have sent flight ticket just come as soon as possible bye sister!!
Kavitha – bye…
Call ended…

Kavitha turned and looked at the photos frame on wall she goes near it and touches – Swara I am coming to you to make you like old Shona every one think that old shona was darkness but reality is that old Shona was light in darkness and now time had come to know truth in one week all charges which were on you will be cancelled and then… You don’t have to bear anymore not to become their puppet not to become their sister only you will be Swara Omkar Raina Malik daughter of Omkar and Raina Malik granddaughter of Yuvaraj and Anuradha Malik and my best friend… A lone tears come in her eyes…
Scene shift of US Boston… Buddies building…
In Sanskar flat…
Sanskar and NK was coolly watching football match…
Sanskar and NK -goalllll!!! Jumbled on sofa… And shouted.. In happiness after all their favourite team is winning!!!
Sanskar watching TV and said -NK just last goal then!!!
NK -be patient…!!!
Where Arnav who have come there to give assignment to sanskar ring the bell ….
Sanskar – who have came this time!!! NK go and see…
NK – noway!!! But then advertised came…
Sanskar -I am only going saying this he goes to wards door!!
Where On other side Arnav gets called of Dean so he unwillingly goes from there…
Sanskar opened door but nobody was there he was very much angery….and return back..
NK – what happened!!!
Sanskar – anyone was playing pranks!!
NK -what!! Let it be… Again match started… Again door bell where Arnav was hell angry on them not opening door…..
Arnav to himself – I just wanted to smack their heads fools not opening this damm door!!!
Sanskar watching match -NK go now and look who idiot is there!!
NK – but match…. Cursing the fate and goes to door… And open but no one was there!! Again!!! This time NK also gets angry… Where Arnav goes from there to Arjun flat..
NK comes inside and said – that prankster is really going to dead disturbing US in match time!!!
Sanskar – just shut up NK!! And they both again started seeing match…. And again door bell rings…
This time NK and Sanskar both stood in hell anger and goes towards door only to find empty again!!! On the other Laksh was came their to tell them about lunch will be at Aadarsh flat but before that he remembers about lift problems so he goes towards lawn to instruct security for repair….
NK and Sanskar was now furious but before that they bang the door runs towards sofa to watch the match ….and again engrossed in watching…after two minutes again bell rings which is now like become their biggest enemy.. And they both runs to the door only to find again empty and their blood was boiling and anger was on their head but this time their concentration on their match… Which was going smoothly!!

On the other side Aadarsh came there and ring the bell to tell them about fest invitations for Goa which NK has filled is came for joining… On his laptop… But before that he gets email of his lawyer so he goes from there to read it carefully……
Match was going to over in two minutes where sanskar was clutching the soft pillows and NK was bent on his knees to prey… They were so much depressed but again bell rings they were looking at first door then TV then door then TV in this process they didn’t concentrate and match get over only head line was their that their favourite team has loss and winning team was jumping while they both were now hell angry… And marched towards door and opened it for their surprise Arjun, Arnav, Aadarsh and Laksh was standing and giving angry glare but stopped by looking at two of them faces which were giving horrible and deathly glare… Before they could say anything..

NK shouted – what the hell you all idiots were doing here at this time don’t you have work other than playing pranks!!!!
Sanskar – Are you all lost it What was so important that you were playing pranks on my door you all don’t know the meaning of peace said angrily shouting..

All four taken aback by their and look at each other with confusion..
Sanskar and NK gets inside where sanskar was clutching the pillow and NK was breaking the glass….
Aadarsh whisper – what happened to them!!
Arnav – I don’t know man!!
Laksh – they both are calm person but today they are showing anger more than you Arnav!!
Arjun- but first calm them…
Aadarsh comes near sanskar and said – what happened Sanky!!!
Sanskar shouted – because of you all our team loss the football match!!!
NK – and now asking what happened!!!
Listening name of football all look at them…
Arnav – which match???
NK – Australia vs South Africa!! And South Africa won!!!!
Arnav, Arjun, Aadarsh – whaatt!!!
Arjun – you two are telling now why didn’t u inform us about match!!!
Arnav – what the hell NK atleast you should have said I forgot about match compltly…
Aadarsh – this NK when wanted then his mouth always shuts other wise all the blabbering!!!
NK – me blabbering!!!!
Laksh who was silently listening their fight and not interested in football… Just behave as a silent spectator……
Sanskar – if you three were this much desperate then you should have gathered the information…
And again started the next round of argument….
Laksh shouted – enough!!!!!
All look at him…
Laksh – as I am saying if this foolish argument is over can we have our lunch!!!
All together – it’s not foolish!!
Laksh – ya ya Now let’s go… You all and your stupid football game!!!
That’s it Laksh was getting punches and kick after five minutes of session…
Laksh -I am sorry!!!
All together -you better be!! Then they all proceeds towards Aadarsh flat….
Scene shift of Harward university…
Sammie was sitting in library and doing work… When she heard..
‘”hai ‘” ….
Sammie -not again!!!
Khushi – I said hii!!
Sammie – don’t annoy me Miss Rathore..
Khushi sits beside her…
Khushi -it’s Khushi…
Sammmie- but for me it’s Miss Rathore!!
Khushi – why are you rude with me!!
Sammie – because your first expression is not less than any sugerless coffee!!!
Khushi – Wow you are so quick how you know that I am diabetic!!
Sammie – listen would you excuse me!!!
Khushi – first tell me about your self…
Sammie – and why!!!
Khushi – I wanted to be your friend!!
Sammie – and I am not interested!!
Khushi – please OK listen I want to be close with Arnav my only crush and he never talks to any girls except you…
Sammie – but they all said you all are Rivals…
Khushi – yeah… But it doesn’t stop my attraction!!
Sammie – I will help you but first tell me about your rivalry reasons???
Khushi plainly – just a bussiness issue!!
Sammie – listen I am not fool so tell me clearly!!
Khushi – but you don’t know anything about our past and if your friends haven’t tell then you should respect their feelings!!!
Sammie – then you also should respect your rivals.. And there feeling…
Khushi – it’s very complicated and if you know then you will be faint!!
Sammie – but if I help you then friends will definitely faint me…
Khushi – you are so adamant!!
Sammie- tell me deal or not
Khushi – deal but I want trust and in return you will also get trust….
Sammie – OK then be friends said taking her in front of her..
Khushi – friends and shake her hands with her!!! OK so what about grabbing a bite with your new friend and my call me by my name…
Sammie – OK Khushi… Let’s go..
They both left from there.. To a restaurant..
Scene shift of blue shell apartment… A boy in 18 standing there and flipping photos in his mobile… Just then he gets the call…
On phone..
Boy – yaa speak up!!
Person ( who listen conversation of Mr Rathore and Mr’s Rathore…..)- you are wake up…
Boy – I am OK tell me any news!!!
Person – No Swara’s memory is not back and more over many things are happening which is not at all looking coincidence..
Boy – what do you mean!!
Person – Shekhar Rathore is missing from New Mexico… Swara gets fainted after seeing him… Roshani, Ishaani is here in harward University where Mr Rathore and Mr’s Rathore are making plans of taking whole property of Malik and Rathore… For you Mr Karan Rathore….
Karan – but how you they can get Malik property !!
Person – don’t be fooled they have her!!!
Karan – yaa I forgot that!!
Person – where are you…
Karan – in Boston already taken admission in harward university and going to be partner of Swara in fresher party!!
Person – whatt…. But why didn’t you tell me!!!
Karan – I thought to surprise well actually now I am also afraid after knowing that they (buddies) were giving drugs to Swara I hurriedly taken flight from California and came here I can’t wait any more before four years I don’t have power but now I have I will make sure Swara will be safe…
Person – then when you are metting me!!
Karan – OK let’s come to real moon restaurant…!!!
Person – OK and yaa good news for you Kavitha is coming…
Karan jumped in joy – what!!! Meet me…
Person – just stop your enjoying session and meet me!!
Call ended..
Karan – oh my love and I miss you so much my Kavitha!!!! I have to be look perfect dude!! I am back Swara and this time I will make sure you get your memory back and then bang the many heads who are responsible for your this state….

Scene shift of real moon restaurant..
Sammie and Khushi was sitting and grabbing bite… Then convo started…
Sammie – so tell me about you first…
Khushi – well look I am careless and selfish nature or you can say perfect spoil brat with s*xy figure and beautiful face…
Sammie smile – well that’s true!!
Khushi – Now your chance!!
Sammie – I am selfish but careful and don’t interest in party mode but like to ride bikes and be free type nature!!
Khushi – OK… Then when you met your buddies!!
Sammie – before four years actually I was walking on road of London and one car hitted me then when I opened my eyes I came to know that they made safe from that accident and tell me that my parents died in age of 12 and my parents were good friends of their parents and I was in shocked for two years and when I was 14 year old I run out of hospital who was treating me and in that I got accident after that when I opened my eyes I didn’t remember single things of past even my name and then they told me that my name is Sammie.. And my dad name is Rahul Gandhi and my mom Geeta Gandhi and my dad works in factory of Aadarsh’s dad …and they were good friends… And we were living in London… After that I was lost the hope to live without my parents but that time Aadarsh and Sanskar was the two person who tells me that I should complete my dad’s dream by becoming a good bussinesswomen …..!!!! So after that I never look at my past and as we say time heals the pain …..and we became one family me, Aadarsh, Sanskar, Laksh, Arnav, Arjun and NK…
Khushi – woah I don’t know that well I am sorry for reminding your past!!!
Sammie – don’t be!! It’s OK but what about you… And all this rivalries!!!
Khushi – well actually before she could say her phone rang.. Excuse me… She lifted the call..

On phone…
Khushi – hey…. Yaa… OK.. But I am busy… Don’t force me… OK OK I am coming… Call ended..
Sammie – any problem!!
Khushi – actually my friend has came to Boston for visit and pressuring me to join her!!
Sammie – so!! You have to go!!
Khushi – well yes… But why don’t you join me!!
Sammie – no actually I should leave it’s evening and my buddies will be all going ready to yell at me!!
Khushi – well then it’s great lunch Sammie…
Sammie – same here and they both left to their path…
After they left…
One man call..
Man – Aadarsh sir Sammie mam left the restaurant ….
Aadarsh – and what they talking…
Guard – sir Sammie was telling about her past and Khushi Rathore was about to tell but she gets the call of her friends and she left!!
Aadarsh – OK just be careful and take care of Sammie and give me every detail!!
Guard – yes sir!!
Scene shift of Rathore apartment… In Boston
Ishaani – Roshani di don’t worry.. We will get Swara back but first we know any details of her!!!
Roshani – Ishaani I don’t know I just wanted my shona back and alive… Why the hell Aadarsh and his brothers don’t understand that Swara didn’t done anything… And here our hands is also bonded because of that we can’t find her!!
Ragini who comes there said – we will find her!!
Roshani – Ragini actually I..
Ragini – it’s OK and please don’t make situation more worse I am here to talk to you all..
Aarohi also comes there..
Aarohi – Ragini Now what…
Ragini – listen I know we four have many differences even we just talked as formal and in all of that Khushi who changed completely and forget everything about Swara just like she was never be the part of her life… So I just want that what we discussed its just remain between us…
All nodded..
Ragini – we all confirmed that only Aadarsh and his whole gang know about Swara… So we have to make them put in worse situation so that they blurt out the truth….
Roshani – but how??!!!
Aarohi – I am telling and then Aarohi tells the plan…so you all get..
Ishaani – yes.. But what about Khushi if she doubted..
Aarohi – it didn’t make any difference Ishaani because she is not at all our life parts she is just leaving a spoil brat life who gets everything even she don’t care about us then why should we!!
Roshani – Aarohi is right and yaa just make sure Khushi just don’t involve in it Ishaani only you talk with her so it’s your responsibility!!
Ishaani – I will take care of that!!!
Aarohi – but after all this when we get Swara and our shares we don’t need see each other right!!
Ragini – yaa…
………….. ……………….
Scene shift of buddies apartment in Aadarsh flat..
All gathered to have lunch..
Arjun – guys it’s long time we enjoyed and laugh like…
Sanskar – but it was fun.. Like before..
NK – you remember Aadarsh how we use to annoy Laksh for poking his in the kitchen…
Aadarsh – but mom, Ap(laksh & Arjun mom) auntie and Sharmistha (Sanskar’s mom) auntie always takes his side while dad, Dp uncle and Neel uncle always use to tease him with us said laughing…
Laksh – what huh!! Alka auntie was so good she always tells me her secret recipes who even mom, Sharmistha auntie and Kristy auntie also don’t know ..
Just then silence spread in the dining table..
Laksh – I just sorry..
Arnav – let it be Laksh you were not at fault…
Arjun – what ever happened we all can’t change it…
Aadarsh – but make it sure who changes our life makes her life hell….
All look at him..
Sanskar – Aadarsh why don’t you see Sammie is changed she is no more any Swara!!
Aadarsh – I know sanskar and I am glad but what ever she has snatch from us we can’t get back… But don’t worry now I don’t hate her she’s Sammie but I hate that character Swara Omkar Raina Malik which is present inside her she is princess but when ever I recall our family again that hateful things come to my mind …but I aware that fact that she’s the only reason we get our smiles back!!
NK – but Aadarsh what about you telling…
Aadarsh – when!!
NK – actually I heard your half convo with lawyer…
Aadarsh – oh that’s actually I was about to tell you all our lawyer has said that Sammie is 18 years and we can take her sign there will be some formality and we don’t have to wait till two long years… And yaa about her case in India it is going to cancel in one week after we will take her sign!!
Arnav – woah… I mean till yesterday we have to wait for two years then her Case was not closing before six months suddenly what happened!!
Laksh – it’s strange..
Aadarsh – don’t worry guys I have inquired the whole things actually in Malik will there is one clause which our lawyer didn’t notice that if Swara Omkar Raina Malik gets any health problems or whatever she can transfer her property to anyone in age of 18 Years if she is in health problems otherwise she has to wait for her turn to be 20 …and case which was running against Swara Omkar Raina Malik that she killed Kristy gadodia and escape from child jail was going to be close because of the judge who was seeing that Case got injured and all the cases of that code shifted to New judge who just simply order to shut the Case because it is more than four years and she is escaped!!
Laksh – omg …….not bad!!!
Just then Aadarsh gets the call from his guards who are specially keep for Swara…
After ending the call.. His face was burning with anger..
Arjun – what he said!!??
Aadarsh – that Khushi Rathore and Sammie is taking lunch with each other having a beautiful talk…
All together – what!!!
Aadarsh – Sanskar didn’t you mention Sammie not to talk to them!!
Sanskar – I said her and she agreed!!
Aadarsh – like always…
Arjun – but one thing is strange Khushi has changed completely… Who can say that once she was… Neither she cares about her sisters not to mind with hatred and now she is talking with Sammie…
Arnav – she is not at all that Khushi who we met before four years… She’s now a Rathore.. Who not at all annoyed with the past… And we can mention one thing that Swara was the part of Khushi life and now…
Aadarsh – but why she’s coming closer to Sammie… She wanted to know about Swara or what because my man have inquired that Ragini, Aarohi, Ishaani and Roshani are the only person who are continuing finding about Swara last two years but Khushi she not a bit talk about her!!!
Sanskar – it’s really strange..
Just then Aadarsh gets called and asking the man to be careful about Sammie cuts the call…
Aadarsh – Sammie has told everything about her so called past which we all have created to Khushi and Khushi was about to tell the fact about our rivalry when her phone rings and she left for her friends..
Arnav – oh so then why the hell she is doing all this…??
Aadarsh – because of you she had a big crush on you and wanted to be with you…
Arnav – what the!!
Arjun -so it’s clearly the fact that she wanted Arnav and for that she is with Sammie!!
Sanskar – but now what???
Laksh – just give her what she wanted!!
All look at him with look what -he-is-upto…..
Laksh – I mean for some time Arnav make her girlfriend of him and after some time Break up when you have enough…
Arnav – what the f**k!! Laksh I am not any toy who will give pleasure to Khushi Rathore..!!
Sanskar – who is saying this just be with her as a friend for some time…
Aadarsh – once this one week over you don’t have to bear anymore…
Arnav – OK!!!
But then they listen snoring sounds and turned back only to see sleeping NK on dining table…
Arnav – what the!!
Sanskar – how can anyone sleep on dining table!!
Laksh.- he is amazing!!
Aadarsh – he crazy!!
Arjun – we all are lucky that in all of us he didn’t change as always like that crazy NK..
All nodded but then burst out of laugh when they listen his sleepy voice ‘” Roshu I love you please baby kiss me Roshu ‘”
Sanskar – he loves Roshani very much…
Laksh – but what will going to happen after one week… When all this over…
Aadarsh – we all back to India but leaving Sammie here for her further studies…
Arjun – and truth!!
All look at him..
Sanskar – noway I don’t want anyone to tell her anything she is My Sammie and always will be!!
Aadarsh – yaa and I also don’t want to lose my princess Sammie !!
All nodded and started leaving when Sammie comes inside..

Sammie – hey guys sorry for late!! And look at sleeping NK..
Oh so someone is taking beauty sleep…

Credit to: Aryna

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