Rithanya – love of mystery (Intro)


HIIIII GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I’m new to write here, please post comments about my fiction……..
I’ll start my fiction from the current plot itself……
The episode starts with Rithik’s house where Yamini sends him for a pooja in a mandir
Rithik in his way to mandir which is inside a forest……..
The sisters encounter a person and shocked to see Rithik look-like, shivanya senses that he is her father-in-law and finds him unconscious. The sisters take him to sesha’s mom and she treats him. He gains conscious and he tells the sisters about his past.
The sisters are shocked to hear that and he also tells them that Rithik’s life is in danger and even shivanya senses it too….. <3
Shivanya rush to home where she comes to know about Rithik’s visit to temple
At the way to temple some goons follow Rithik’s car and FB shown that Ankush ordered to kill him. They are about to do hit the car from the cliff but the sisters come at the nick and save Rithik…….

Precap: RITHANYA romance………………shesha is getting as a businesswoman……………

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  1. Supriya it’s very nice. Plz continue. But try to make it longer. Otherwise it awesome

    1. tanq louella

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