Rishton Ki Dori Hai Dil Se Judi (Promo)


They are made for eachother and no one can seprate them,not God also.

A girl is on a mountain enjoying the nature but her leg slips and she is about to fall down when
a boy catches her hand.

Same boy and girl go to temple.The boy turns to
take thali for God and when he turns to face the
girl,the girl is not standing there so he gets
tensed and he tries to findo her.The girl comes in front of boy and says


Now boy have tears in his eyes and he hugs the girl and says

Boy:Never ever leave me alone.I have loosed
you several times now I am scared of closing
my eyes also.

Boy and girl goes towards the mountain and someone pushes them and both fall down.


A boy is thinking something and the girl is playing with some children.

They died but they got a second life.Can they ever get one or they will get seprate from eachother forever.

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