Rishton Ki Dori Hai Dil Se Judi Episode 4


Manav and Reena are standing when doctor comes there and says

Doctor:Now she can be discharged.

Listening this Manav gets happy and Reena starts teasing him.

Manav goes to Tanvi.


He comes near her and sits beside her and says

Manav:Tanvi I want you to live in my house as now you are not fine and you can’t live alone.


Manav keeps his finger on her lips and says

Manav:No but and you will listen to me only.

Tanvi nods her head in yes.

After sometime Tanvi gets discharge and goes to his house.They reach the house.

Mohit:Manav who is she?

Manav:I told you about the girl She is that girl.

Mohit:Okay welcome Tanvi.

Reena takes Tanvi to a beautiful room and says

Reena:Now this is your room.

Tanvi:But why you did this all?

Reena:My brother in law brought you so I have to take care of you.Now take rest okay.

Tanvi nods and Ree a goes from there.Tanvi sits on bed and reminces Manav hugging her and asking whether she is fine.She smiles.

Manav comes to Reena and asks

Manav:Bhabi is she doing rest.

Reena:Yes but why are you getting worried for her? (Teasingly)

Manav gives innocent look and says

Manav:Just like this.

And goes from there.Reena thinks

Reena:I know Manav you have started loving her.

Precap:TanMan moments.

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  1. wow………..beautiful story….they both already started loving each other………………..reena is so good…….lets see what mohit do’s …..thanks for the update…….love you………be happy…….

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks kritika

  2. Piyali

    here are the links to all parts of this fanfiction if you wish to give to your readers:

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