Rishton Ki Dori Hai Dil Se Judi Episode 4

Manav and Reena are standing when doctor comes there and says

Doctor:Now she can be discharged.

Listening this Manav gets happy and Reena starts teasing him.

Manav goes to Tanvi.


He comes near her and sits beside her and says

Manav:Tanvi I want you to live in my house as now you are not fine and you can’t live alone.


Manav keeps his finger on her lips and says

Manav:No but and you will listen to me only.

Tanvi nods her head in yes.

After sometime Tanvi gets discharge and goes to his house.They reach the house.

Mohit:Manav who is she?

Manav:I told you about the girl She is that girl.

Mohit:Okay welcome Tanvi.

Reena takes Tanvi to a beautiful room and says

Reena:Now this is your room.

Tanvi:But why you did this all?

Reena:My brother in law brought you so I have to take care of you.Now take rest okay.

Tanvi nods and Ree a goes from there.Tanvi sits on bed and reminces Manav hugging her and asking whether she is fine.She smiles.

Manav comes to Reena and asks

Manav:Bhabi is she doing rest.

Reena:Yes but why are you getting worried for her? (Teasingly)

Manav gives innocent look and says

Manav:Just like this.

And goes from there.Reena thinks

Reena:I know Manav you have started loving her.

Precap:TanMan moments.


  1. Piyali

    wow………..beautiful story….they both already started loving each other………………..reena is so good…….lets see what mohit do’s …..thanks for the update…….love you………be happy…….

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