Rishton Ki Dori Hai Dil Se Judi Episode 2


Manav goes towards his car.And drives for business party.He reaches their and entersays the party.Mohit comes and says

Mohit:Why you came late?

Manav tells the whole story to Mohit.

Mohit:Oh poor girl I will pray to God for her health.

Manav:I am worried about her so I can’t stay in the party.Bye bhaiya.

He goes from their.Mohit thinks

Mohit:Why he went out.If he would stay here then I would hand him that paper and when he would sign then all his property would be mine but he gone to see that girl who he even don’t know.What a mad person he is.

Manav goes to hospital.He goes to Tanvi’s room.He don’t but why he is caring about unknown girl.

Manav sees her and his eyes gets stuck on her when doctor comes and says

Doctor:Mr Malhotra you are here.I was going to call you.Actually she will wake up in half an hour.

Manav:Really doctor.


Manav:Doctor did you called her family?

Doctor:No her parents are not in the world.

Manav feels bad for her.

Manav:Okay doctor.

Doctor goes from there and Manav sits beside Tanvi.Sharad and says

Manav:I know how you are feeling for your parents death as my parents also died.

Then Manav goes out as he gets a phone call.

After an hour Manav comes back and sees Tanvi conscious and gets happy and hugs her.Tanvi gets confused and Manav realised what he did and breaks the hug and says

Manav:I am sorry but I was in tension because you were not getting conscious.

Tanvi:But what happened to me?

Manav:You met with an accident with my car so I admitted you in this hospital.

Tanvi:Thanks for what you did.

Tanvi feels headache and puts her hand on her head.And seeing her Manav gets in tension and ask

Manav:Are you okay?Should I call the doctor? (Ask worriedly)

Tanvi:No I am okay just a little headache.

Manav:But if you need help then I willove call the doctor.

Tanvi:Okay and by the way who are you?

Manav:I am Manav Malhotra.

Tanvi:Are you famous business tycoon Manav Malhotra?

Manav:Any one I am but I am thankfull to God because he saved your life.

Tanvi:Thank you again for saving my life.

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