Rishton Ki Dori Hai Dil Se Judi Episode 1


Hi friends I will start my ff’s 1 episode and it’s my own imagination only so you can imagine your own favourite couple.

Manav Malhotra-He is a business tycoon.His age is 28 years.His parents died when he was of 4 years. (Male Main Protagonist)

Mohit Malhotra-He is also a business tycoon.His age is 31 years. (Male Main Antagonist)

Tanvi Dobriyal:She is a bubbly and intelligent girl.Her age is 24 years. (Female Main Protagonist)

Reena Malhotra:She is Mohit’s wife.Her age is 30 years.She is an housewife. (Supporting Protagonist)

Varun Mehta-He is Mohit’s PA.His age is 31. (Supporting Antagonist)

A big house is shown.A boy is working when his phone rings then he picks up the call and says

Boy:Hello Mohit bhaiya.Is their any matter?

Mohit:No Manav,just want to invite you in business party.

Manav:What bhaiya you are inviting me.I am not any guest of yours I am your brother.I can’t come without invitation?

Mohit:You can come for invitation but it’s my habit so come fast okay.Bye


Mohit cuts the call and thinks

Mohit:You are enemy me for me.I want money and you will give me.I can use anyway to get money whether by hook or by crook.

Manav sits inside his car and is driving when a girl suddenly comes in front of his car and girl gets a little hit by car and gets unconscious.Manav comes out of car and tries to wake the girl up but she is still unconscious so he takes the girl in his arms and lays her inside his car and drives towards house.

He reaches to hospital and admit her by giving money for her treatment.Doctor comes and says to him

Doctor:Mr Malhotra she is fine.If you would not brought her in time then her life would get in danger.

Manav:Thank God doctor. By the way what is her name.

Doctor:We got her idy.Her name is Tanvi Dobriyal.

Doctor shows the idy to Manav.

Manav:Okay doctor and in case if any emergency will come then please feel free to call me.

Doctor:Okay Mr Malhotra.

Manav comes out from hospital.

He thinks

Manav:Poor girl she met with an accident.Hope she get fine early.

And he goes from there.

Guys how was 1st episode?Please comment on ff.

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  1. seems interesting dr…update nxt epi asap

    1. Yeah sure I will update.

  2. Its seems interesting hope u update it regularly

    1. I will update regularly.

  3. nice story dear,hope to see more soon.

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