Rishton ki Dor (SwaSan) episode 7

AP- it’s ok Swara you can take your time nd we won’t mind if you would want to know Sanskaar more
Swara- thank you aunty
Swara keeps the phone down and wonders what will happen next.
Ragini- what happened?
Swara- nothing they agreed

Swara was engrossed in her laptop when she got a call from an unknown number.
Swara- hello
Man- hi! This is Sanskaar
Swara-(widened her eyes) Sans….Sanskaar
Sanskaar- would you mind coming to the coffee shop today evening?
Swara- co.. coffee shop? But why?
Sanskaar- you can call it a date
Swara- date?….o….ok
Sanskaar- 5pm?
Swara- hmm
They both keep their cellphones down. Swara wondered what that was.

Swara- Ragini what will happen?
Ragini- don’t worry everything will be fine
Suddenly they hear the car horn nd Swara gets all the more panicked.
Swara- I can’t do this…
Ragini- shut up and go (pushes her)
Kavita- Swara be careful
Swara smiles and goes. She saw the car and was worried seeing Sanskaar on the driver seat. She went and was about to sit at the back seat when
Sanskaar- hello? I am not your driver  so pls sit at the passenger seat
Swara- sorry(mentally slapped)
Sanskaar-(while driving) I must say you have a good voice
Swara- thank you
Sanskaar- have you learned from somewhere?
Swara- singing doesn’t needs classes. It the spirit with which you sing…if you have a talent of something then you can do it without any classes.
Sanskaar- can you write a speech on this?
Swara-(smiles) no it was just my point of view
Sanskaar- ok I respect your thoughts anyways would you mind if I turn on the stereo?
Swara shakes her head. Sanskaar turns on to find Ae Dil hai Muskil playing.
Swara- I am sorry but pls can you change the song?
Sanskaar- why?
Swara- I don’t like sad songs
Sanskaar- but I seriously don’t have any other songs other than these types
Swara- but why?
Sanskaar- jiski zindagi mein itni sadness ho wo to sad songs hi rakhega
Swara- ji?
Sanskaar- kuch ni..if you want I’ll stop…
He was about to switch off but Swara held his hands resulting in a cute eyelock.
Swara-(withdraws her hand) sorry…if you want you can play
Sanskaar- ok.
After sometime, they reached their destination. The interior was very beautiful leaving Swara mesmerized.
Sanskaar-(to Swara) anyways what would you like to have?
Swara- anything will do
Sanskaar- ok (to the waiter) pls bring two cups of latte
Swara- this place is really nice
Sanskaar- yeah! Really beautiful
There was a minute silence between them but Sanskaar broke it.
Sanskaar- what’s wrong? You seem uncomfortable
Swara- I? No
Sanskaar- no need to lie. I know it might be difficult for any girl to get comfortable with any boy so soon
Swara was touched by his understanding nature and smiled.
Sanskaar- so I have thought to make it more easy for you…(extends his hands) friends?
Swara- friends (shakes his hand)
Sanskaar- so if we are friends we need to know each other.. right?
Swara nods.
Sanskaar- let’s start with your favourites. Your fav cuisine?
Swara- I seriously don’t have any fav cuisine because I love everything in food…so determining fav is difficult
Sanskaar- seriously? I even love everything in food…foodie people foodie talks
Like that they talked for almost 3 hours but were startled when Sujata called Sanskaar.
Sujata- kathhe hai tu? 8 baj rahe hai
Sanskaar- maa I am coming (cuts the call)
Swara- oh no! It’s really very late.
Sanskaar- come I’ll drop you
Swara- thank you
Soon they were seated in the car.
Sanskaar- Swara…seat belt
Swara- oh yeah! I am so worried about the time that I am forgetting everything.
She tried to pull the seat belt but in vain. While she was struggling with pulling the belt she felt a hot breath on her neck making her eyes pop. She turned a little to find Sanskaar. Yet again they were engrossed in each other’s eyes.
Sanskaar-(going back to his seat) hogaya
Swara fidgeted to find her seat belt already fastened.
Swara- thank you
There was an awkward silence between them till they reached Swara’s home.
Sanskaar- bye!
Swara- bye and thanks for the date

As soon as Swara entered her home she was attacked by Ragini and Kavita.
Swara- guys guys… Pls let me say something…it was good
Ragini- bas?
Swara- what do you expect me to say?
Ragini- nahi.. I meant kuch hua Ni?
Kavita- Ragini it was a just a meeting not a romantic date.
Swara- obviously
Ragini- accha tujhe kaisa laga?
Swara- he is a good person
Kavita- seriously?
Swara- yeah
Ragini- wow! Now what?
Swara- what?
Ragini- will you marry him?
Swara- aaj pehli meeting thi I can’t hurry….a decision taken in a hurry will always result to be dangerous

Next morning Swara was woken up by Sanskaar’s call. She cursed him.
Swara- hello!
Sanskaar- hi Swara… I hope I didn’t disturb your sleep
Swara-(fakely) nahi nahi I am usually up by this time
Sanskaar- I bet you might have beaten Akshay Kumar. Anyways I called to tell that mom has called you on lunch today
Swara-(Monolouge) lunch pe bulaya tha na to 12 baje call kardete itni subah alarm clock banne ki Kiya zaroorat thi?
Sanskaar- Swara? You there?
Swara- ya…ya I’ll come…bye!
Sanskaar- arey…(but the line was already cut)

Later in the afternoon Swara went to Maheswari Mansion. She was standing at the entrance being quite nervous. Sanskaar came down and noticed her.
Sanskaar- oh hi! Swara…main to soch raha tha ki tum nahi aaogi
Swara- no wo bas kaam mein thoda late hogaya…I hope I am not very late.
AP- arey nahi Swara der aaye durust aaye
Swara smiled but that faded as soon as she saw Kavya. Miraculously Kavya was smiling at her.
Kavya- aao Na Swara waha kyun ki khadi ho?
Swara- ji…(monologue) why is everyone’s behaviour changing towards me?(to everyone) aap log bhi baithiye na
All sat down when Swara asked about Ruhi.
Parineeta- she has gone to kindergarten
Swara- and Uttara?
Sujata- she is in college
Sanskaar- wait…how do you know Uttara? Jaha tak mujhe yaad she was not there in the party right
Swara-(Monologue) I guess Uttara hasn’t told anything about that day (to all) wo we met a few days back nd she is a good friend of mine
Just to take the support she took the tumbler and drank water.
Sujata- accha ye baat thare ko Mahara chora kaisa lagta hai?
The water suddenly came out of Swara’s mouth going straight on Sanskaar. She covered her mouth nd widened her eyes. The other family members giggled while Swara smiled sheepishly.
Sanskaar- main abhi isko change karke aata hun
Swara- may I help? Maybe you can take it as a sorry?
Sanskaar- ok… come

Swara went in Sanskaar’s room cursing herself. She went inside first  nd was awestruck seeing the interior of his room but was horrified listening to the door getting shut. Now she realised that she has offered to help Sanskaar change his shirt. At that point of time she really wanted to slap herself continuosly.
Sanskaar- I am wondering ki what help will you provide me in changing my shirt
Swara-(Monologue) that’s what I am wondering too
Sanskaar- oh now I understood…it might be that you wanted to normalise the situation and therefore without thinking you said that…koi baat Ni you wait here I’ll come in a minute.
Saying that he takes out another shirt and goes to the washroom. Swara smiles.
Swara-(monologue) what else does a girl need? An understanding life partner…I guess he’s the right choice for me….no no Swara you need to be careful..this can just be a pretence but overall dekha jaye to he’s a good human being.
Sanskaar- chale?
Swara- yeah (smiled)

Hello everyone! How’s the part? Thanks for the comments on the previous part and I just want to say one thing to all of you that I love you all?

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