Rishton ki Dor (SwaSan) episode 6


Maheswari Mansion

Uttara- Maa!
Sujata- kay hua? Why are you in such a bad state?
Uttara-(hugging) maa
Sujata-(tensed) what happened beta?
AP, Parineeta came
AP- kya hua beta? Why are you sulking?
Uttara- badi ma wo jab(and tells everything)
Only then Sanskaar came and hugged Uttara
Sanskaar- tu theek hai?
Uttara was startled at first but got overwhelmed feeling the care in Sanskaar.
Uttara- haa bhai main theek hun…just because of her… oh shit I forgot something.
She went to the temple area and thanked God for sending Swara to save her.
Sujata- what was that?
Uttara- I went to thank God for saving me…ok I know that girl saved me but she only said to thank God for sending her at the right time
AP- wow! I guess you would have spent only some time but look at the influence
Parineeta- why didn’t you call her in?
Uttara- I called her but she left hurriedly after seeing my house as if she has seen a ghost
Sujata- badi Ajeeb hai
Uttara- maa Ajeeb nahi Ajooba hai…
Sanskaar- what was her name?
Uttara-(made a sort of idiot face) what an idiot I am I never asked her name
Sujata- now how we’ll come to know that who is she?
Uttara- don’t worry maa agar kismat ne chaha to aap usse zaroor milengi
Sujata- haa now you have started spiritual talking…anyways Sanskaar you here? At this time?
Sanskaar- nahi ka bas ek file Lene aaya tha I’ll come late
Saying this Sanskaar goes leaving Sujata teary eyed
Swara- I am feeling like a faltu person right now…why did I even take a off from social work? Kya Karun? Maybe I should go to a park and take a stroll….no wait I’ll take my guitar with me
Sometime later in the park
Swara was just staring everyone absent mindedly. She was in some other place
Swara-(Monologue) what is happening in my life? Uttara lives in the same house where Ruhi lives nd both had some sort of melancholy. What’s wrong in their life? Whatever it is why am I so worried? Kya rishta hai mera unse? Ughhh! I am seriously so frustrated and the only thing I can do to let out my frustration is sing.
While Swara was engrossed in her thoughts AP entered the same park with Sujata and Sanskaar.
Sanskaar- khush? Le aaya main aapko aapke favourite park mein can I go now?
Sujata- haa beta tu ja and don’t forget to take your lunch
Sawaar loon plays
The children were attracted at the music and sat beside her. AP and Sujata were also attracted towards the voice.
“Hawa ke jhonke aaj mausamon se rooth gaye
Gulon ki shokhiyaan jo bhanwre aake loot gaye
Badal rahi hai aaj zindagi ki chaal zara
Issi bahaane kyun naa main bhi dil ka haal zara
Sanwaar loon haaye sawaar loon
Sawaar loon haaye sawaar loon (x2)”
Soon it was sort of concert types environment. AP and Sujata were surprised to find Swara.

“Baramade puraane hain, nayi si dhoop hai
Jo palke khatkhata raha hai kiska roop hai
Shararatein kare jo aise bhoolke hijab
Kaise usko naam se, main pukar loon
Sawaar loon, sawaar loon
Sawaar loon haaye sawaar loon”
Sujata- jo bhi ho jiji her voice is the best.
AP- ha

“Yeh saari koyalein bani hain aaj daakiyan
Kuhu-kuhu me chitthiyan padhe mazakiyaan (x2)

Inhe kaho ki naa chhupaaye
Kisne hai likha bataaye,
Uski aaj main nazar utaar loon
Sawaar loon haaye sawaar loon
Sawaar loon, sawaar loon!

Hawa ke jhonke aaj mausamon se rooth gaye
Gulon ki shokhiyaan jo bhanwre aake loot gaye
Badal rahi hai aaj zindagi ki chaal zara
Issi bahaane kyun naa main bhi dil ka haal zara”

While Swara was keeping her guitar in the bag she noticed Sujata and AP standing there. At first she got an impulse to pretend not to see them but after that she thought of it as a good opportunity for apologizing. Swara greeted them and asked if everything is ok.
AP- haa beta sab theek hai
Swara- aunty wo I wanted to say sorry to for whatever I did at the party…I shouldn’t have slapped your DIL….I hope I meet her one day and ask for an apology personally.
Sujata- it’s ok beta
Swara- thanks you so much…I feel a heavy load has gotten off my shoulder…thank you
She bowed down to take their blessings and left
Maheswari Mansion
Ap- jiji sometimes I miss didi nd bhaiyya a lot
Sujata- ha… if Shona would have been alive I would have certainly got Sanskaar married to her
AP- I wonder how she would have looked like…anyways what do you think? Should we get Sanskaar married?
Sujata- ha jiji..I was also planning to ask Ram ji
AP- do you have any girl in mind?
Sujata- no..do you?
AP- yes
Sujata- who?
AP- Swara
Sujata- Swara? Are you serious? Jo usne Kavya ke saath Kiya uske Baad wo is ghar mein kaise aa sakti hai
AP- Sujata whatever she did was justified plus she has also apologize d then what’s wrong in this
Sujata- par
AP- Sujata do u like her? Pls leave aside all that
Sujata nods
Sujata- jiji she is a good girl… but we need to know her background…we know nothing except that she’s a social worker.
AP- obviously Sujata Sanksaar is my child too and I’ll always be his well wisher…but first let’s ask Sanskaar about it.
Next Day the Maheswari Family was seated at their respective places on the dinning table. Miraculously today Sanskaar was also present.
Sujata- Sanskaar take some more poha
Sanskaar- I will take. No need to worry about me
AP- Sanskaar she is your mum nd has the full right to worry about you…your life
Sanskaar- pls come directly to the topic.
All(Sujata and AP have discussed about Sanskaar’s marriage except revealing Swara’s name) were surprised.
Sanskaar- mom badi ma aap dono ka beta hi hun
DP- Sanskaar wo…
Sanskaar- whatever you have to say pls say it clearly
RP- do you want to get married?
Sanskaar- mere to koi plans nahi hai..shayad kabhi bhi na ho but if you all want I’ll adjust
AP- ek minute…. Sanskaar Marriage is not just about adjustment. It’s about getting tied in a relation for lifetime
Sanskaar- everyone in this world has their own interpretation of love, marriage nd all that
AP- but your interpretation is wrong totally wrong
Sanskaar- why is the topic changing? I guess we were on my marriage and not on interpretations and translations
Uttara-(whispers to AP) leave it ma isn’t it better that bhai has agreed to get married
AP- ok keep your views as they but tell me is it final that you want to get married?
Sanskaar- yes but I have a condition
Sujata- condition?
DP- what?
Sanskaar- the girl will be my choice
Lakshya- oh God Sanskaar you scared everyone…it will totally be your choice
Sanskaar- no…I meant I know who I want to get married to
AP- who?
Sanskaar- Swara
The spoon fell from Swara’s mouth.
Swara- Sanskaar Maheswari? Are you even serious?
Ragini- yeah he is adamant on getting married to you
Swara- who told you?
Kavita- his mom and foster mom telephoned us when you were at your office
Swara- but why does he wants to get married to me?
Kavita- that’s what is bugging me since the time I got their call
Ragini- maybe he had a liking for you from the beginning..you know love at first sight or secret admirer
Swara- it’s not that I don’t believe in marriage but such a proposal
Ragini- what’s the harm in giving a try?
Kavita- try? Are you kidding? Did you not see his behaviour towards us?
Ragini- it can be because of a work stress
Kavita- why are you working like an alibi for him?
Ragini- I am not…I am just saying that maybe Swara can spend some time with him, get to know his real motive that’s all
Swara- Ragini is right… I need to know the real reason
Kavita- nd what if he doesn’t has any bad motive then will you marry him
Swara- it’s up to me
Kavita- great! Your life your choice
Saying this Kavita goes.
Swara- Kavita
Ragini- leave her…she might just be having mood swings
Hello guys! I am glad that I am not so late this time though a little late?. Hope you enjoy this part? Do tell me in the comments below ?

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