Rishton ki Dor (SwaSan) – Episode 5

Kavita- Ragini I know who knocked Swara with that car….it is some Sanskaar Maheswari
Ragini- what? He is a very big business tycoon
Kavita- tycoon hai? Let me a bring a typhoon in this tycoon’s life
Ragini- how dare he do that to Swara? Come on let’s get the hell out of him.

Maheswari Mansion
Swara followed the girl and was about to approach her when she
Girl-(to Pari) Mumma I am going to my room
But Pari was too busy to even look at her and the girl sadly went to her room with Swara behind her.
In the girl’s room
Girl-(cryingly) teddy u know what that witch took away my parents…my mom’s doesn’t cares about me…my dad is also very busy
Swara knocked the door leaving the girl scared.
Swara-(smiles) don’t be afraid we met right? In the kindergarten…do you remember?
She clutched her teddy tightly. Seeing this Swara thought something.
Swara- You know what? I am a fairy
Girl- accha? Then tell me my name?
Swara gestures her to wait and pretends to read the girl’s face
Swara- ha! So your name is Ruhi
(She got to know her name by the manager of the kindergarten
Ruhi- how do you know?
Swara- because I am a fairy and guess what I can fight a witch too
Ruhi- sacchi?
Swara- yes! Would you tell me and who the witch is?
Ruhi- yes come sit here (points towards her bed)
Swara- by the way you don’t wanna know my name?
Ruhi- no I’ll keep your name it’s Cinderella
Swara- wow! That’s better than Swara….so now tell me who is that witch
Ruhi- that witch is my….
“Sanskaar Maheswari”

Swara and Ruhi got startled hearing that shout. Swara and Sanskaar immediately ran to the Maheswari hall nd Swara was shocked to see Kavita and Ragini there
Swara- Kavita, Ragini
AP- Swara you know them?
Kavita- Swara you here? Did you have to come here?
Swara- yeah but why are you both here and shouting like maniacs?
Ragini- because that Sanskaar Maheswari has knocked you with his car yesterday
Swara glanced at Sanskaar.
RP- yeh kis tarah ka mazak hai? Aur Swara ji aapke aise dost honge ye expected nahi tha
Kavita- excuse me this is not a joke…it’ll better if you ask the culprit..Kahan hai Sanskaar Maheswari bullaiye na
Sanskaar- ji main yahan Hun and I accept my mistake
Ragini- mistake? Mistake nahi accident
Sanskaar- look we have guests so please don’t create a scene here…
Kavita- scene? Aapko is scene ki padi hai aur wo accident scene…
Sanskaar- dekhiye I had my reasons to do that
Kavita- kya reason the…party mein Jaana tha? Party mein jaane ki itni jaldi thi?
Swara- Kavita stop it
Ragini- Don’t insult them in front of their guests
Sanskaar- what do you want? Money? Tell me how much? 1 lakh? 10 lakhs? Or do you three play in crores?
Swara- no sir…we don’t want anything it’s just that Kavita is quite short tempered and…
Sanskaar- and what? Main batata Hun kya…She uses her short temper to get money? Right?
Swara- look now you are crossing your limits
Sanskaar- limits to tum log cross karte ho paise aithne ke liye…I know people like you who are just money hungry
AP- Sanskaar pls don’t say like this
Kavya- Arey what wrong is Sanskaar saying? In Jaisi ladkiyan paison ke liye pata nahi kitno k saath raat bitati hai….blo*dy slu..

AP was about to scold her when Kavya felt a burning sensation on her face. After coming out of the shock she realised that Swara has slapped her.
Swara- what sort of a woman are you? You being a woman are maligning other women
Laksh- how dare you slap my wife?
Ragini- kyun? Aap koi prime minister hai kya? She deserved it and she got it
Kavya was extremely angry and vouched to extract revenge.
Kavya- level it Laksh…jo log sacchi baatein karte hai unhe aise hi treat Kiya jata hai
Kavita- Swara I can’t stay here anymore…
Swara- I too have no interest in standing here…(to DP) aap log bohot acche hai par aapki bahu aapke standard ki nahi hai.. namastey!
Kavya was angry as well as shocked cause no one has ever insulted her ever like that.

Next day went to kindergarten in hopes of meeting Ruhi.
Swara- hello ma’am! Did Ruhi Maheswari come here or will come today?
Manager- no Swara
Swara- thank you(Monologue) now what should I do? I have still lots of free time.
She was walking aimlessly when she saw some boys nagging a girl. A sudden anger gripped her. She fisted her hands nd spotted a bamboo stick nearby,picked it up went towards the direction. While the girl was pleading them to leave her one of the boys fell down holding his head. The whole group was shocked including the girl nd the boys’
Swara- kya? Dar lag raha hai? Why? Ab jo main karne ja rahi hun uske Baad kisi ladki ki taraf aankh utha ne se pehle sau Baar sochoge.
She beats them brutally with the bamboo until the police comes.
Police- u did a great job Ma’am…we really need citizens like you in our country.
Swara- thank You
The police goes and Swara turns towards the girl
Swara- don’t worry they are gone
Girl- thank you so much! Aap nahi aati to pata nahi kya hota?
Swara- shh! Don’t thanks me…go home and thank the Almighty for sending me to help you…if he didn’t want I would have never come to your aid. Anyways what’s your name?
Girl- Uttara (guys Swara hasn’t met Uttara yet because she wasn’t at the party) I know you have done a lot for me but still I want a small favour
Swara- yeah say
Uttara- if you don’t mind can you accompany me to my home?
Swara- sure! U know before this incident I was figuring how to spend my leisure time.
Uttara- great come
Swara- so? How many siblings do you have?
Uttara- my family is quite big..joint family u know. I have a real brother and two cousin brother.
Swara- how do you feel being a Ladli to three brothers
Uttara’s smile faded.
Uttara- that was the most proud feeling ever having three brothers to protect me
Swara- sorry? Was?
Uttara- ahh! Kuch nahi u tell me about your family
Swara- my family? I am a wandering singer to whom the world is a family
Uttara- I am sorry. Did I touch a sensitive point?
Swara- chill bro! Kab tak hum sach se bhagenge? I was never introduced to a concept of family. Yes I m a born orphan. But you know what? Uske(God) ghar me der hai andher nahi.
Now this statement of Swara struck in Uttara’s mind.
Uttara- you are seriously a inspiration
Swara- thanks!
Uttara- oh shit..how I wish I could talk to you more but my home is here
Swara-(shocked) you…you live..live here?
Uttara- yeah this is my home but why are you making a face as if you have seen a ghost
Swara- no actually…it’s…quite huge and beautiful
Uttara- oh why don’t you come inside?
Swara- no! I mean I have to go somewhere
Saying this Swara scurries off to the road leaving Uttara confused at her behaviour

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