Rishton ki Dor (SwaSan) – Episode 3

Maheswari House
Kavya- maa main kya soch rahi thi ki before enjoying this high voltage drama I should go and do some shopping
Kaveri- kya? Last week you went right?
Kavya- ma it’s already a week
Kaveri- beta pls buy something for me also
Kavya- okay mum!

Maheswari Enterprises
Sanskaar was staring at his family photograph on his phone when. Sujata’s name flashed on his cell
Sanskaar- yes Mom
Sujata- Sanskaar won’t you come for lunch today?
Sanskaar-(flatly) no
Sujata- Sanskaar…
Sanskaar- ma maine kaha na… I’ve work…bye
Sanskaar keeps the phone down  and tears well up in his eyes
“MOM I want to come my home bt to that home where the family members lived in harmony….where there was a sound of laugh rather than fights…where the nand-bhabi relationship was not that typical relationship…where there was no grudges among the brothers about the property”

Maheswari Mansion
Dp-(while reading a newspaper) Annapurna hum kya soch rahe the ki hum ghar pe ek party de in which we’ll call all the social activists and social workers…kuch der ke liye humare ghar ka mahaul theek hojayega
Annapurna- ji aap sahi keh rahe hai.. waise how did you get this idea
Dp- Arey Luk at the newspaper they are doing so much for the society let’s do something for them too
Annapurna- ok then Sujata and I willl make all the arrangements…when do you schedule to throw the party?
Dp- I guess day after tomorrow
Annapurna- Ok

Swara was reading a book on child psychology when someone blindfolded her with hands
Swara- Ragini Kavita
Ragini- Why the hell are you so smart?
Swara- there’s no smartness in this
Ragini- anyways which book are you reading today…
Kavita- Child Psycology! Swara why do you always read those books which dnt even hit my head enter karne ki baat to chod do
Swara- Oh! Poor Kavita…
Ragini- by the way why are you reading this book?
Swara- to knw a child’s Mann ki baat
Ragini- child? Why? what happened?
Swara tells the incident of that girl
Kavita- to clearly it seems that a new character has entered your life, maybe that would lead you to your love life. Wow! Ragini we need to go shopping…btw I was wondering how will your in law’s house will be I mean what will be the atmosphere…nd most importantly your husband? (Swaragini Luk at each other) and..
SwaRagini- shut up Kavita
Kavita- why shut up? Sometimes these unrealistic expectations become real..
Swara- might be
Kavita- accha till I am here can you just remove that girl from your perpetually busy mind?
Swara- ok
Ragini- so what you wanna talk about?
Kavita- love
Swara- Kavi you know I can right piles of page on that topic because…
Ragini-(mimicks Swara) everyday I am discovering something new abt love…omg Swara I guess I have heard this more than a zillion times from your mouth
Kavita giggles while Swara pouts.
Kavita- anyways tell me what sort of a boy do u want to marry, Swara?
Swara- oh gosh! Do u have anything else on your mind?
Kavita- obviously…food
Ragini sighs
Kavita- ok maybe you can answer this question when do you want to get married?
Swara- obviously when the right time comes
Kavita- Swara I know how boring you are so m pretty sure ki that Youll have an arranged marriage
Ragini rolls her eyes
Kavita- so Swara tell me what do you want your husband to be like
Ragini- ugh! Shut up…
Swara- he should be caring
Ragini raises her eyebrows and opens her mouth.
Swara-(luking at Ragini) I mean he should care about his family
Kavita- Ragini does it not looks like Swara also has a dream Prince
Ragini- haa now I am also getting some hint.
Swara- can you both keep quiet?
RagKav- no
Saying this they run away with Swara behind them

Maheswari Mansion
All except Sanskaar were seated in their respective seat on the dinning table.
Sujata- Adarsh dekh maine aaj thare  liye kya banaya hai thari manpasand palak paneer
Kavya smirks
Adarsh- Chachi stop showing you r fake love
Sujata was hurt
Kavya- bhaiyya kha lijiye na chachi has made it with so much love
Adarsh- and what if she has mixed anything in this
Kavya- yes, she has mixed something in this bt it is something abstract her love, pls eat it
Adarsh- if you say so, (to Sujata) Chachi don’t keep your hopes so high I am just eating for the sake of Kavya
Sujata- it doesn’t matters for whose sake you are eating.  I am happy that you are eating my hand cooked food
Adarsh was just about to take a bite when Parineeta barged into the dinning room.
Parineeta- Adarsh stop!
Everyone got startled.
AP- Parineeta what’s wrong?
Parineeta- why don’t you ask Chachi ji?
Sujata- kay hua Parineeta?
Parineeta- omg itna bholapan! To be honest accha nahi lagta aap pe
RP- Parineeta bologi what’s the problem?
Parineeta shows a bottle of food poison.
Parineeta- kuch yaad aaya Chachi ji?
Sujata- what are you saying?
Parineeta- oh come on don’t act innocent…accept your crime or I am gonna rip your dignity off
Uttara- shut up bhabi! If you rip of my mom’s dignity m going to rip of yours too
Parineeta- Uttara you’ll regret saying that after I’ll tell ur mum’s wrong doings
AP- Parineeta sujata ne Kiya kya hai?
Parineeta- she mixed food poison in that so called pyaar se banaayi hui palak paneer
Sujata felt that the whole house has fallen on her.
Sujata-(teary eyed) I can’t do this….nd I have not done…
Adarsh- dekha Kavya that’s why I wasn’t eating
Kavya-(sulking) I swear bhaiyya I had no idea
Adarsh- I know that…you always try to mend our relationship bt nahi inko to Manzoor hi nahi hai
Kavya gives an evil smile
Sujata- Parineeta main Bhagwan ki Kasam kha k kehti Hun ki usme kuch nahi hai
Parineeta- I am not interested in your talks just get lost
Parineeta leaves with Adarsh leaving behind everyone in shock except Kavya who has an evil smirk on her face
************************************Hi guys! What’s up? Hope everyone is doing well? nd ya apologies for the delay?
P.s a very happy new year to all of you?

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