Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 8th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Anami agrees for birthday celebrations

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 8th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Anami thinking of everyone’s words. Satrupa wakes up hearing someone knocking the door. She opens the door. Sher Singh runs inside the room. She asks you here, where were you, why are you afraid. He says Madhu and Murari’s spirits are haunting me, save me from them, I did a big mistake to kill them. She hears the door knock and gets tensed. She opens the door. She sees Baldev. She turns and sees Sher Singh gone. She gets shocked and cries. She says it was a very bad dream. Baldev says calm down, have water. She says I m very scared, stay with me tonight, please.

He nods and says okay, calm down, come with me, there is nothing to worry, I m with you. She rests on his shoulder. She says thanks for staying with me. He says you don’t have to thank me. He

sees sleeping pills. He asks since when are you taking these. She says since a long time, I was missing Vatsalya. He asks are you hiding something from me. She signs no. He says we can never get out of that pain, but we can have his memories to fight with the sorrow, these medicines will make you weak, if you want to fight with this sorrow, change your perception, everything will get fine, sleep now, its too late.

Its morning, Dadi looks for her spectacles. She gets Anami’s letter and reads…… During my childhood, even all the kids played with their Dadi, I had no one, I used to talk to you by heart, when all the kids had laddoos made by Dadi, I used to get upset, I saw my Dadi in every story, I used to cry hearing this word, you have loved me a lot, I will not turn you down, I will celebrate my birthday in a grand way, we will have two cakes. Dadi happily cries. She calls out Satrupa and Baldev. She says just prepare for Anami’s birthday. Satrupa says but Anami… Dadi says Anami agreed. Dada ji says I knew this. Satrupa asks how can we manage everything. Dadi says it will be done, Anami asked me to order two cakes.

Satrupa says for her and Vatsalya. Baldev says I m glad that Anami wants to accept us, we will do preparations together, I will also help you, we will celebrate her 18th birthday together. He goes to Vatsalya’s room and sees Anami. He says I felt Vatsalya is sitting in front of me. She says I shouldn’t come here. He says Vatsalya was your brother, you have right on everything, your words always remind me of Vatsalya, he wrote it so good, don’t run so fast in the race of life, that you leave your happiness behind. She says sleep shouldn’t get so deep that you stop dreaming. He says I didn’t do anything that I m proud of, it was just Vatsalya, I feel proud to be his dad, but after seeing you, I feel life doesn’t snatch everything, it returns something some times, I feel proud seeing you. He goes.

Anami calls Adhiraj. She asks him to meet, she has to tell something. He says I will come. Dadi calls out Anami. Adhiraj smiles seeing a gift box. Designer says we don’t waste time, we have presentations with us, you have to say yes or now. He shows the gowns to Anami and boasts. Satrupa and Dadi smile. Designer asks Anami to decide, no issues if its no, we have more options. Anami says I have made a decision. He asks did you like all designs. She says its no for everything. She says I know you are doing this for my happiness, I have no intention to hurt you, I will wear my normal clothes, I don’t want to change my identity, please accept this request. She goes. Dadi says I have to convince her to get ready. Designer says forget her, why don’t you see this gown. Dadi asks me, I love that, its very funny. They laugh.

Anami comes out of Lal Mahal and meets Adhiraj. He sees her and says you look like a heroine in jacket, tell me, what happened. She says Lal Mahal members are after me, they want to celebrate my birthday, they said it by love, I couldn’t refuse. He says its good. She says but I have to compromise, they want me to wear designer clothes and jewelry, I turned them down, I don’t like all this, am I not good the way I m. He says you are very good, they are not trying to change you, birthdays are special, special dress would be good, if your small steps gives them happiness, you can do this for loved ones. She recalls Murari’s words.

She says Murari also used to say this, if life gives you a chance, you should share happiness with everyone, I m angry on Satrupa, its not the family’s mistake. He says I got a gift for you, its your birthday, this is advance gift. She says give it on birthday. He says I want to gift you first, I will give something else that day. He gives her the box. She asks what’s this. He says that’s piece of a shining star, its shining even today just like that, I went to hill station with my friends, I got it from there, this is one of the most special things of my life, and today I m giving this to you, I pray that you shine like this star. She says your words always touch my heart, thanks will be a small word for this gift, still thanks. He says I will take a leave now, take care. Tujhme meri jaan….plays….. Satrupa sees Adhiraj……

Satrupa scolds Adhiraj. She says you are not invited in Anami’s birthday. He leaves. Anami tries a dress and screams. Satrupa and Dadi worry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Is show ending in feb by last week????

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Hi shraddha, I’d missed few episodes of RKC.
      Is Anaami still in her revenge mode?
      Who had tried to kill her family? I thought it was sudha, but is Sher Singh also involved in that?

      What recording of satrupa does sudha have??

      & Also in one episode, dheeru asked anaami to stay away from adhiraj as he didn’t want history to repeat. What did he mean? What relation does he have with Lal mahal?

      Sorry for too many questions???
      & Ya RKC will be changed to 10:30 pm?


        I am sorry but even i do not watch as they dragg and slow… I even don’t know whats happening in show…
        I just saw new show time at 8 pm, so commented to ask if show is ending?? As if its true, i shall start watching in last week


        To know happy or sad ending or love story b/w adhiraj and anami

    2. Shraddha-DBO

      Ya, even I too stopped watching due to too much grey shade of Anaami.
      But then when I watched after a gap , I was bit confused with the plot.

      Let’s see, may be everything might be made clear soon, in case if the show will end.

      Thank you shraddha, for replying??
      In case, if you’re gonna watch previous episodes, then please do clear my doubts if you can??

  2. srddha,r u sure rkc off air nehi horaye?sirf time change ho raha hein?o god,agar aisa ho toh bohot bohot khush hongi hum.kiyu ki yeh serial meri bahat fvrt hein..isse itne jaldi off air nehi hona chaye.meine shuna off air ho jayegi this month!vogoban kare aisa na ho
    10.30 ho tab bhi chalega.par off air na ho bas…

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Hi mukta, I came to this conclusion after I read the article posted in telly updates regarding new show.

      It says that RKC might go off air as trps are dropping, but there is a chance for giving the show a time slot of 10:30. So I’m not very sure about this??

      Even I loved this show very much. In fact, me & my family used to follow RKC, from very first episode. But we stopped after Anaami became negative & now have started following it again but got confused with certain plots.. Hope show will gain back trps with good plots.

      Bum Bole Shankar????

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