Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 7th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Dheeru wins in voting

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 7th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Adhiraj and Dheeru getting ready. They get their files. They come face to face, while news about Royal steels plays. Tania says I will make something new today. Adhiraj says you won’t stop now. Dheeru says nothing stops, who stops for anyone, I m going where I should. Adhiraj says you are very stubborn. Dheeru says I know, I gave this trait to you, I will fight my war, you do your duty. Adhiraj says fine, you have your fire and I will shower like water. They wish all the best to each other. Tania looks on and comments on them, thinking who will have the food now.

Anami and Tania have food in canteen. The gang comes there and thanks Anami. The guy says we can have tea and start our friendship. Anami says poison also looks sweet if fed by heart. They say we

did wrong and came to say sorry. Anami says I have a condition to become friend, there should be some story of friendship, make the day memorable, do Naagin dance. They all dance. Anami smiles. Narottam comes there and calls her out.

Dadi thinks of Anami. FB shows Dadi saying you are lucky for us, I want you to pray to Mahadev for us, we are going to give test for Royal steels. Anami asks her not to worry, worry lessens cleverness, sorrow lessens body and sins lessens money. She tells Kabir’s doha. She gives her lucky coin given by Murari. She asks Dadi to keep it, it will become her strength. Anami hugs her. FB ends. Dadi sees the coin and cries.

Dheeru comes in the board meeting. He talks to Oberoi and tells about Dheeru’s deal. He asks everyone if they will choose Oberoi or Dheeru. Few board members say we want a new morning than your family issues, and give votes to Oberoi. Dadi gives vote to Dheeru. Dheeru gets surprised. Dada ji asks Satrupa. Pujan says she will die, but not give her vote to Dheeru, she will give vote to Oberoi. Satrupa says my vote goes to Dheeru. Baldev gets shocked and argues. Baldev says my vote…. Dada ji says you are not part of Royal steels, you can’t vote. Baldev says no father would have made a son so handicapped as you made me. He leaves.

Anami says your mum in unwell and you took 2 days to tell me, who am I. Narottam says my friend. She says friend is one who supports in good and bad times. He says but, if Lal mahal people know this. She says ghat is by ganga, ganga is not by ghat, come. She sees Sudha hurt. Sudha starts her drama and says you are Lal Mahal’s heir, don’t come to meet me again, they don’t want you to meet me, you leave and don’t come again if you care for me and Narottam. She asks them to leave and shuts the door. Anami says I m not one to lose, I will come, don’t worry for Narottam. Sudha smiles. She thinks how she made the maid beat her. She then injures herself.

Pujan says Royal steels will go to Oberois. He signs Gupta and asks Kamini to get ready, her dreams will get true. Dheeru looks at Gupta. Gupta gives his vote to Dheeru. Pujan gets shocked. He asks Kamini to do as he says. Kamini gives vote to Dheeru. Pujan says my opinion is never different than Dada ji, I will also give my vote to Dheeru. Oberoi looks shocked. Oberoi taunts Dheeru and says you will always be their puppet, I was making you 70% partner, but you chose to become 50% partner of Royal steels, you can never become businessman, you will always be an employee. Dheeru says don’t dare to see Royal steels from today, now I m partner here. Dada ji says the decision is clear, Dheeru is our company partner. They all clap. Oberoi leaves. Pujan says Dheeru can do anything, it could be our last day in Lal mahal today. Dadi sees the coin. Driver tells Satrupa that Anami went with Narottam. She gets angry.

Satrupa scolds Narottam and raises hand. Anami comes in between. Baldev threatens to kill Dheeru.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Really enjoyed the episode. So curious to know the background story of Dheeru’s relationship with various members of Laal Mahal. Sudha is terrifying! Waiting for Monday’s episode.

  2. Hi! I am writing a comment here for the first time. I too enjoyed the episode and the previous episodes too… It’s really a good show! I like the storyline, very interesting,curious… I also like the way how each actor portrays his role in show, very good cast! Anami and Adhiraj are so cute and the chemistry between them is visible (in my opinion, of course). In fact, whole team is doing a great job! Keep going on this way!!! By the way, Diyaa, i am curious to know how Dheeru is related with members of Lal Mahal too. The time will show (i hope it will be soon).

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