Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 6th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Anami and Adhiraj share a talk

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The Episode starts with Pujan saying Dada ji asked us to choose between two enemies. Baldev says its better to choose enemy than Dheeru. Adhiraj says I can smell cheat from you. Dheeru says I can just advice you, do anything, but do not to come in my way ever. Adhiraj says you can also do anything, but don’t go the way where you find me. He taunts Dheeru. Tania says if mum was here today, she would be glad seeing this. Adhiraj goes. Tania says Adhiraj has trust issues, we have to teach him to trust people. Adhiraj asks her to teach her dad, who is cheating, a criminal is always a criminal, even if its your dad. Dheeru angrily slaps him. Adhiraj leaves.

Adhiraj cries and drives. He thinks of Anami’s words. Poonam asks Anami to be careful of those guys. Anami says if anything happens,

Bholenath’s third eye can open anytime. She gets Adhiraj’s call. Poonam teases her. Anami answers. Adhiraj says I have to meet you and talk. Anami says you will feed me pakodas and talk to find out things, I don’t want to meet. He says I will either meet you, or go somewhere to drink. She says don’t blackmail, tell me where to meet. He says I m outside your house. She goes and meets him.

He tells her words. She says I gave this gyaan. He says I can’t give you credit. She says I will snatch my credit. He says saying truth is tough. She says living truth is tougher, knowing less is good, I knew a selfish woman has given birth to me, see I came here to spend one year of vanvas. He asks did you know this before DNA. She eats pakodas. She says Banaras is my house, this Lal Mahal is just for some days, I was going to run, but my brother stopped me.

He asks Vatsalya… She says I used to get restless, Madhu told me the birth truth, I thought I have anger for that woman who has thrown me, it became an incompleteness, I got to know here that was for Vatsalya, not a selfish woman. He says my mum used to tell about twin babies, who have different bodies but one soul. She says she was right. He says I don’t know my dad is such I feel or not. She asks him not to ask himself. He says there are many confusions in life or is life a confusion. She says you became a poet. She jokes. He asks how can you stay so cool.

She says whatever happened was not in my hands, what’s happening is also not in my hands, I can’t control what will happen, just enjoy life. He says you atleast have a house in Banaras, I don’t have it. She says person has to make a house, don’t go home wearing this CBI shoes, it has doubt dust which will break home, trust and see. He says I will try. She says I know I talk a lot, don’t think much. He says I just came here to listen to this bouncer. He goes, and drops some papers there. She sees him and runs to stop him. She picks the paper and calls him. She is about to check it. Poonam takes it and says love letter. Anami asks her not to open it. She runs after Poonam and takes it. Anami keeps paper back in envelop. She keeps it in cupboard.

Adhiraj comes home and recalls Anami’s words. He removes his shoes and enters. He sits to have food. Dheeru comes there to dine. He asks Adhiraj to pass food. Adhiraj does and asks what do you want to show by waiting till long. Dheeru asks him to talk slow, Tania may wake up, she gave much lecture. Adhiraj says good night and gets up. Dheeru tells his childhood story, when he slapped him, I couldn’t sleep thinking how I gave you pain, when you came in morning, you collided with me. Adhiraj says I was scared and said sorry, you got me on shoulders. Dheeru says you didn’t call me Papa till I got a new cycle for you. Adhiraj says my that Papa was my friend, you are just a suspect criminal in my case. Dheeru says till blame is proved, its a crime to call anyone criminal. Adhiraj says you know why I left shoes out, my special friend told me to remove CBI shoes before entering home, I tried, I have to see what you do.

Kamini comes to Pujan and jokes. Pujan says if Oberois get more vote, we will win, tell me whom will you vote. She says I m thinking… He says beautiful girls don’t think, just do what I say, just raise finger in Oberoi’s favor.

Anami comes to meet principal. He asks do you know them, I got a complaint that they tried to do ragging, they insulted you, is this true, you are my responsibility here, you can file official complaint, I will rusticate them. Anami looks at the gang. She says they are Vibhishan, not Raavan, they all helped me, let them go. He gives them a warning and asks them to leave.

Anami and Tania are in canteen. The gang comes there and offers friendship. Anami asks them to do Naagin dance. She makes them dance.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What a girl is Annam fantastic and adhiraj u too

  2. Awesome episode. Great acting. My expectation was fulfilled, soulful talk between Anami and Adhiraj. When he opened his shoes before entering his house, it was a touching scene. The friend ship between them is heartwarming. Hope they will hold off any romance until she is an adult. There is a lot to show anyway. Great going!

  3. Rishton ka chakravyu

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